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  2. Captured deep hollowing system for woodturning lathes. Hollow beyond 20 inches deep. Built tank tough and made out of the strongest materials to last you a life time. This system is smooth, easy to use, time-tested over more than 15 years, and with available accessories to optimize your hollowing experience
  3. The simple hollowing system is a lightweight and nicely constructed tool best for turning activities. It is ideal for any lathe from 10 inches to 16 inches of medium-sized length. It simply is the best hollowing system as it stabilizes and guides woodturning while hollowing

Oneway 10-12 Back Rest for the Hollowing System, No Clamp Block Oneway 10-12 Back Rest, for the Oneway Hollowing System without clamp block. The backrest is large, and easily adjustable for both overall height and height of the gate.The Oneway Laser-Guided Hollowing System has been designed to make turning hollow.. The patented, made in the USA Hollow Roller® system is a captive bar tool for safely turning hollow forms and bowls. The bar is completely captive, which allows the operator to focus on the work and art of the vessel being turned instead of on the complexity of the hollowing system From these techniques, Lyle was able to create the Jamieson Hollow Form Turning System. The Jamieson Hollow Form Turning System allows for more safety and in-control hollowing that is fun, too. Learn More. Laser Measuring System. Accurate, fast, and fun! Lasers help measure hollow form wall thickness

Rolly Munro is an internationally known turner and turning teacher. He has designed this excellent hollowing tool that is the result of over 15 years of experimentation and testing. The tool uses a round high speed steel cutter that has a shield over it that acts as a depth gauge (cut limiter) making the tool easier to control The base can be offset where center post is not directly between the ways. There is also a short articulating arm I'm hoping will give more mobility. One thing I wanted was a camera system being new to hollowing. I bought the complete camera system that included a 3/4 straight, 3/4 curved, round scraper and 6mm Hunter style carbide Hollow Fast System With Post Mount - Ideal for Mini or Midi size lathes without bed extensions. Reduces the bed length required because post mount is attached in place of the tail stock. Allows 8-10 of hollowing depth capability without a lathe bed extension. Mounting base can be pivoted to achieve various angles

Toy Lawnmower Project. 29th Jan 2021 Read More. 100,000 YouTube subscribe... Posted by Tim Yoder on 19th Oct 2020 Read More. Giant Skeleton Hand Proje... Posted by Tim Yoder on 18th Oct 2020 Read More. Welcome to our new websit... Posted by Tim Yoder on 4th Oct 2020 Read More Don't miss out! 2021 In-Person Workshops, register today to reserve your space! Product Categories. Select a category Trent Bosch Visualizer Hollowing Tool Stabilizers High Speed Steel Hollowing Tools 1/2″ HSS Hollowing Tools 5/8″ HSS Hollowing Tools 3/4″ HSS Hollowing Tools 1″ HSS Hollowing Tools Niclot Mini Hollowers Carbide. Hollow Roller® Lathe Boring & Hollowing. Hollow Roller® lathe hollowing system for all size lathes and projects from mini to full size. The Hollow Roller allows turning of vessels up to around 18 and easily adaptable to most lathes on the market, and manufactured with the same legendary quality that Carter Products has been know for in the Band Saw products for over 90 years Hollowing System with Laser for Woodturners | Simple Woodturning Tools. From $259.97. Simple Hollowing System for Shopsmith with Laser. Regular price $274.97. Laser Assembly for Simple Hollowing System. Regular price $89.00. Simple Hollowing System Bushing for 3/8 Tools. Regular price $23.95. 5/8 Tool Holder for Simple Hollowing System

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The Simple Hollowing System will accept any turning tool with a 1/2 round handle tang. The laser assembly and the carbide tools are optional. Tools with a 3/8 round handle tang can be used in this system with the addition of the SHS Bushing found HERE. Tools with a 5/8 round handle tang can be used in this system by replacing the tool holder. Elbo Hollowing System. The Elbo Hollowing Tool is the original articulated hollowing tool. It takes less than 60 seconds to install. In addition to the Elbo Tool we carry a full line of accessories that include a Laser guide, hollowing cutters, carbide cutters and adapters for different sized tool bars. (The Elbo Hollowing Tool is recommended.

This fully articulating hollowing system will fit virtually any lathe with split ways, even mini lathes. Note: If you own a Nova DVR be sure to let us know and we will ship a mounting base clamp specifically for that lathe. All Full Size (1/2 round tang) Simple Woodturning Tools™ (see them here) can be used in the system or any other tool. Better yet is to use scrapers for hollowing your woodturning projects. I get as much out as I can (after drilling) with a gouge and then I use scrapers to finish up the hollowing. One of the easiest methods to hollow is to use carbide tools. Use a 1/2″ or 5/8″ bar with a 1/2″ or 5/8″ carbide cutter mounted to it In this video I introduce the hollowing system I made from scrap iron, close up views of the parts and a demonstration in use I answer some important questions that have been asked regarding The Simon Hope Hollowing SystemSimon Hope Website:http://hopewoodturning.co.uk Robert Sorby RS2000 Hollowing System Slicer Tool Wood turning Wood Lathe Chisel. Pre-Owned. $46.95. Buy It Now +$12.79 shipping. Watch; S p o n s o r e d. Simple Hollowing System Fully Articulating Carbide Woodturning Lathe Vessel Bowl. Brand New. $199.87 to $469.94. Buy It Now. Free shipping. 23+ watchers

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The Lyle Jamieson All-In Hollowing System, with ergonomics for safe and fun hollowing, includes a carbide cutter assembly and a jumbo bar for deeper more efficient hollowing. In this bowl turning demonstration, I will demonstrate the turning of a bowl [] 0 events, 22 0 events, 22 0 events, 23 0 events, 23 0 events, 24 0. The Hunter Tool uses a very fine grain of carbide specifically engineered to meet the sharp tooling requirements demanded by the woodturning community. If you use manufactured handles, the Hunter Tool shanks are turned to fit standard handles. Be sure to check out the Retrofit Section for tools to fit into the popular captured hollowing systems At TSDr, LLC , we manufacture tools for wood-turning lathes featuring; the Clark Steady Rest, the patented Clark Deep Hollowing System, as well as the Clark Sphere Turning Jig! Have peace of mind in The Dr's systems, we will work with you to make you happy and will not settle till your are 100% satisfied

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Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This Is The New eBay. Find Great Deals Now! Buy Top Products On eBay. Money Back Guarantee Lathe Hollowing System For Wood Turners - Wood Working Tool The system was inspired while attending woodworking classes while talking to one of my classmates (in his 80's). He expressed concerns that he did not know how much longer he would be able to turn because of decreased hand strength and shoulder problems

Our Wood Turning Hollowing Tool is made from 5/8's cold rolled steel and is offered in two configurations; one designed for the lathe running in forward rotation and one for the lathe rotating in reverse. Our Wood Turning Hollowing Tool is made with an outrigger to counteract rotational forces and comes with an adjustable thickness gauge to give a visual representation of wall thickness Robert Sorby RS2000 Deep Hollowing System. The RS2000 System was developed from an original idea by American woodturner, Dennis Stewart. It is a flexible system which enables deep vessel hollowing with the minimum of timber wastage. Indeed several bowls may be produced from one blank thereby saving money on expensive timbers Homemade Deep Hollowing Tools Homemade Tools Richard Hicks on October 28, 2013 In 2003, we (Earl, Richard, Steve and Pete) attended a Saturday club meeting about wood turning presented by Lyman Frugia. During that meeting, Lyman demonstrated his homemade Deep Hollowing System. We decided that we would like to do some deep hollowing, so we.

The Woodcut Pro-Forme hollowing system includes a hardened M2 high speed steel cutter that is open on the side to prevent clogging, which is common with other end grain/hollowing tools. The adjustable safety gauge determines the depth of cut and prevents dig-ins. Each cutter can be sharpened using a diamond hone 24 Straight Handle $60 - Pictured with the #1 Hooktool - (not Included) *We have 3/4 tools available that fit into the Monster Hollowing System.*. If you are interested, please call 615-941-1247. #1 HOOKTOOL $80 Woodturning Carbide hollowing tools are an important thing needed for turning jobs. So, you need to have a proper hollowing tool for exploring hollow forms and deep hollowing. Having the perfect and right tool would make the job much easier and more pleasant. Moreover, if you get the right hollowing tool, your turning job becomes much safer too

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TRADESMAN 8 GRINDER. The TRADESMAN 8 GRINDER features 80 and 180 grit CBN Wheels and a DC variable speed from 400 to 2900 RPM. High Torque Motor has 5 times more power than comparable AC motor grinders Well, I've been back from SWAT and thought some of you might be interested in this new hollowing system by JT Turning Tools. I was helping a friend of mine, Mike Smith, in his booth Century Tree Turnings. Tom Steyer's booth was close bye and his new hollowing system caught my eye. I took the opportunity to play around on the Gizmo, actually.

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1″ 3 Piece Super Set $ 355.00 Add to cart 1″ Bent Hollowing Tool $ 165.00 Add to cart 1″ Replacement Tips $ 14.00 Add to cart 1″ Set of 2 Tools $ 275.00 Add to cart 1″ Straight Hollowing Tool $ 115.00 Add to cart 1/2″ Total Access Hollowing Tool Ben The Robert Sorby HollowPro Hollowing System provides support when hollowing on the lathe however the woodturner will find it has additional uses. Use with some of your existing Robert Sorby modular tool rest stems. The HollowPro uses a cantilever action to easily adjust to most sizes of tools. Robert Sorby provide this system with a lifetime. The Oneway Laser-Guided Hollowing System has been designed to make turning hollow forms easier and safer. Back arresting the hollowing bar reduces the strength needed to control the bar and controls twisting forces which allows the use of offset bars. The backrest is large, and easily adjustable for both overall height and height of the gate Laser guided hollowing systems allow the turner to easily gauge the wall thickness of a vessel while it is being cut. The Oneway Laser-Guided Hollowing System has been designed to make turning hollow forms easier and safer. A laser pointer is set so the laser light is offset from the cutting tip by the desired wall thickness of the vessel 3- having a hollowing system helps maintain control so you can concentrate on making a lot of light cuts using small high speed steel or carbide cutters. Digest that and we'll go from there

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Contact. Olivers Woodturning, Little Singleton Oast, Goldwell Lane, Great Chart, Kent, TN26 1JS. 01233 613992; sales@oliverswoodturning.co.u Hollowing out a vessel or bowl just got a lot safer and easier with the Carter Hollow Roller™ Vessel Turning System! The patent pending system uses a captive bar tool allowing you to focus on your work, and safely turn hollow forms and bowls using your own gouges and scrapers The Robert Sorby SteadyPro is a very easy to use jig that gives additional tool support when hollowing as well as many other woodturning operations. The versatile SteadyPro fits a wide range of woodturning lathes by utilising the stems from the Robert Sorby modular tool rest system Hamlet deep hollowing and multi-turning tool system with cutters developed by Nikos Siragas: This system, originally designed for deep hollowing with its swivel tips, is extremely versatile and with its many interchangeble tools, can be used for almost any turning project. Used and recommended by professional woodturners worldwide Bowl Coring Tools from Craft Supplies USA. Bowl coring is a safe and effective way of stretching your woodturning budget and materials. Not only can you save money by coring several bowl blanks from a single blank, you also save time by not having to turn away the material from inside the bowl

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Woodturning » Hollowing tools There is something so very enticing about exploring hollow-forms and deep hollowing, and as anyone who has ever tried with their traditional tools will tell you, this is one of those tasks where the right tool for the job makes the job a whole lot more pleasant, not to mention a whole lot safer too Revolution Hollowing System The 'Revolution' is a highly versatile multi- use Hollowing System designed to give maximum flexibility and usability to wood turners. The Revolution can be configured in many different ways, allowing the woodturner the flexibility to configure the tool for almost any hollowing situation

Hollowing, in the woodturning world is how one removes the material from the inside of urns, vases, closed forms, etc. Because of the depth or sharp angles of these items, a normal gouge or scraper, should not be attempted for safety reasons. There are several different hollowing systems available today. The first one that I purchased was a. Crown Revolution Turning Tool System From the cryogenically treated cutting tips, to the end of the beautifully weighted handles, the Revolution Turning System is built to be the finest hollowing system on the market. The modular design matched to articulated tool blades gives the turner the freedom and flexibility to configure the tool for. End grain hollowing can be a chore with the high speed steel cutters that come with most hollowing systems. The Pro-Hogger™ a 3/16 round bar that holds a Hogger 6 shear cup cutter (RD6S1). The system also comes with an adapter and a 10/32 screw. This allows you to retro fit this system to almost all captive hollowing systems 207 Posts. #2 · Jan 22, 2016. I'm using a fixed captured bar system and intend to make my own articulated system before too long. I haven't actually used any of the other systems other than just playing with them at symposiums. My favorite is the Monster tool. They make a quality system Hope Easy Hollowing Jig. Jig takes 19mm (3/4) tools or 16mm, (5/8) tools with the reducing sleeve included. Main stem is ground stainless steel with bronze phosphor main knuckle. Each other joint has sealed bearings for easy movement. All steel parts are black zinc coated

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Hope Woodturning. 25mm HSS Scraper Disc Sold Out - $20.95. Complete Hollowing Rig Kit with Camera System and 19mm Straight and Swan Neck Heavy Duty Bars w 6mm Cutter and 25mm Scraper, Simon Hope $995.00 CAD. Extra Spindle for Easy Set Threading Jig, Simon Hope Sold Out - $137.95. Quick Click Kit, 6 x 47mm Heads w Interface Pads, Quick Click. Coring and Hollowing. Clamp Blocks. Easy-Core Coring System. Laser Hollowing System

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Deep Hollowing System Cutters Hollowmaster Cutters Multi-Tip Hollower Cutters Shear Scraper Cutters Sovereign Ultima Cutters Connect with us on social media to keep up to date with all the latest tools, tips and woodturning techniques. We have a wide range of woodturning videos available on our YouTube channel Das MiniMonster (captured hollowing system). Here's the MiniMonster captured hollowing system I purchased in April of 2008, for $330 plus $30 for shipping. As you can see, relative to some of the other captured hollowing systems, it's relatively compact, and as you will see, comes with a pretty good set of diffrent cutters often extra (for extra cost) with other captured hollowing systems. Purchase the Revolution Hollowing system and other turning tools from Crown Tools from Mark Sanger and received one to one advice on the options best for you. Tools are now only dispatched to UK and Republic of Ireland Gouges M42 Razor Edge. Revolution Hollowing systems. New Carbide attachment. The Simple Hollowing System is available with a variety of options to suit many woodturners. When you begin hollowing the laser points mostly to the middle of the vessel. As the vessel is hollowed and the cutting tip moves outward the laser light follows Chapel Woodturning. April 9 ·. This is my homemade hollowing rig based on the Simon Hope designed system. It incorporates a video camera system which helps to achieve consistent vessel wall thickness and the rig helps to take out the rigours to your body whilst deep hollowing. 77

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Simple Woodturning Tools. 544 likes. Simple Woodturning Tools is a line of full & mid size carbide tipped woodturning lathe tools, Hollowing System & other accessories for Woodturning When requests for the improved tools grew, Steve joined forces with Jerry Sergeant, another experienced turner, and created Advanced Lathe Tools, LLC in 2007. Steve's designs are simple and strong, but their greatest value lies in their ability to make difficult turning jobs easier and safer. • Strong, simple design. • Ease of use. Turning the inside of the bowl. Remove the bowl from the lathe, fix the chuck to the lathe with the appropriate jaws for your spigot / recess and mount the bowl in the chuck. Ensure the bowl is centred and firmly held by the chuck. Position the toolrest and again rotate the lathe spindle by hand to ensure the toolrest does not hit the bowl 5/8 Total Access Hollowing Tool - Bent $50.00 5/8 Total Access Hollowing Tool - Extreme Bent $50.00 5/8 Total Access Hollowing Tool - Straight $35.00 Priced parts list from Home Depot Item Size Type Cost Qty Total Square Tubing 3/4 X 36 Steel $7.86 1 $7.86 Square Tubing 1/2 X 36 Steel $5.24 1 $5.2

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Woodturning - Deep Hollowing System by Simon Hope. I go through the set up and demonstrate the Simon Hope Hollowing System, including the 6 mm Pro Carbide Tool, The Easy Arm hollowing Jig, and The Hope Lase... Saved by Bill Miller. 2. Woodturning Lathe Project Ideas Deep Youtube Wood Turning Computer Case Ideas For Projects Turning When normal hollowing tools will just not hit the right spot, an articulated one is needed. Making your own makes sense and makes cents. One of the difficulties I have run into as some of the hollow forms I have been turning have gotten a little more complicated, is the reaching into certain areas, especially around the rim Re: Don Derry's Hollowing System () eliot d. >I love the Don Derry Hollowing system -- but not for anything too big. For large work I prefer Dr. Keith Clark's Spin Doctor rig. If the piece is not too big, I reach for the Derry first because it's a snap to set up and the laser x-y adjustment is superb (there's no lash back so the laser dot stays. MODULAR QUICK-RELEASE WOODTURNING SYSTEM. A complete departure from what is in the market today. You can say goodbye to the Allen wrenches, set screws and cam lock adapters. Tool Changes happen in a matter of SECONDS! Consists of 9 tools encased in our worldwide patented adapter holding system. Extremely lightweight, unique holding device hollowing systems for your mini. The green unit fits lathes of10, 12, or 14 swing. Details and pricing can be found by emailing Ray Thompson at rayt@indy.net . Thanks for your time. AL CRANDALL. Ray Thompson sent me this about the Green Kobra Jr

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  1. Location: southeastern VA. #9. 12-30-2018, 02:31 AM Re: RE: Vessel Hollowing Systems / Tools Recommendations by Arlin Eastman (John I like the Lyl...) (12-29-2018, 05:55 PM)Arlin Eastman Wrote: John. I like the Lyle Jamieson hollowing system for deep turnings but my go to and what I use mostly is Tim Yoders Elbow system. It is so easy to use.
  2. The Robert Sorby HollowPro™ is a very easy to use jig that gives additional tool support when hollowing as well as many other woodturning operations. The versatile HollowPro™ fits a wide range of woodturning lathes by utilising the stems from the Robert Sorby modular tool rest system. The easy to adjust cantilever action of the clamping.
  3. More Woodturning/November 2004/Page 6 An Opinionated Survey of Hollowing Tools-Part IV Torsionally and Vertically Restrained Systems by Lyn J. Mangiameli Anytime the tip of a hollowing tool contacts the wood off the linear axis of the tool shaft some torsional force is produced. Therefore many tools, even highly curved ones, are carefully de
  4. PicClick Insights - Simple Hollowing System Fully Articulating Carbide Woodturning Lathe Vessel Bowl PicClick Exclusive. Popularity - 31,381 views, 16.9 views per day, 1,859 days on eBay. Super high amount of views. 46 sold, 77 available

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  1. utes of the fabulous Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas. Fully equipped shop with everything you will need
  2. Product Description. The Robert Sorby RS200KT is a multi-purpose turning tool that comes packaged with three replaceable cutters - two for hollowing, one for scraping. Of the two hollowing cutters, the one with the rounded end is designed for general roughing out and will create a flowing curve as in the bottom of a vessel
  3. imum vibration. · Complete system includes blade with handle, 6ea HSS interchangeable cutters, hardened set screw with Allen wrench
  4. Hunter Tool Systems 3223 Old Highway 8, Minneapolis, MN 55418 Phone 612-718-792
  5. This , of course is my lathe. What I want you to notice is the hollowing system I installed on the lathe to hollow out the vases I recently posted to this forum. You can notice there is a collar attached around the quill and tightened. All the system is a series of elbows as the name implies..
  6. i tools from Easy Wood Tools: The Mini Easy Rougher, Mini Easy Finisher, and the Mini Easy Detailer
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This is a first cut at surveying the hollowing systems out there. If you're the maker of any of these systems and feel I've left something important out, or don't want your product on this site PLEASE - e-mail me.If you know of a hollowing system I've missed - PLEASE - e-mail me. Since putting this compendium together I checked them all out and decided - given that I'm turning on a JET mini. Product Description. This is a wonderful tool for smaller hollowing operations. It is primarily a tool for end-grain hollowing with such projects as lidded boxes, goblets, smaller end-grain bowls and vessels. It has a limiter over the cutter to regulate the amount of cutting action--helpful in hollow turning Hamlet Big Brother Hollowing Tool Modification Modifying the cutter to improve the cut Using the Hamlet Siragas hollowing tool (I have the Big Brother version) with the standard grind can give a tendency for the cutter to become clogged and there can also be a tendency for the tool to chatter, especially when the cutter is well. The Crown Revolution Hollowing System is a NEW system from Crown, well known manufacturers of woodturning tools. With it's beautifully weighted handle and it's crygogenically treated cutting tips, the Revolution is designed to be the finest hollowing tool on the market. The modular articulated design allows the woodturner the freedom and flexibility to configure the tool for any situation.

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A good set of woodturning tools is a must for any woodurner. But quality turning tools shouldn't cost you fortune. At Penn State Industries you'll save money and improve performance with high quality, top value Benjamin's Best woodurning tools Why is the Oneway system better? The Oneway Laser-Guided Hollowing System has been designed to make turning hollow forms easier and safer. Back arresting the hollowing bar reduces the strength needed to control the bar and controls twisting forces which allows the use of offset bars A laser based hollowing system would work since there was no constant exterior surface to focus the laser on. So, I developed a template based hollowing system. With my system, the process is so much easier and relaxing because while hollowing, you don't have to imagine where the cutting edge is

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The Vermec Ultimate Deep Hollowing System has been designed for fast easy hollowing of all timber from soft wet wood to very dry species such as burl. Its main advantages are that it will not clog up, does not dig in and is safe and easy to use up to its maximum depth of 350mm. Set Includes- Handle, Side Handle, Extension Shaft,Tool-Holder,10mm. Jesse Engineering Pty Ltd's Unique 5/8th Hollowing Tool. This precision made woodturning hollowing bar allows increased flexibility through the built in cutter mechanism. This Hollowing Bar comes complete with cutter attachment, sharpening jig and spare clamping grub screws. $125.00. $ 125.00 Add to cart Robert Sorby Midi Multi Tip Hollowing Tool RS100KT. £67.52 £56.27. View Product. Robert Sorby Midi Hollowmaster SOV-RS130. £51.49 £42.91. View Product. Robert Sorby XL Multi Hollowing Tool SOV-RS300 Captured deep hollowing system for woodturning lathes. Hollow beyond 20 inches deep. Built tank tough and made out of the strongest materials to last you a life time. This system is smooth, easy to use, time-tested over more than 15 years, and with available accessories to optimize your hollowing 5/5(7) 3 Pro-Forme Hollowing Kit (Handle, Straight head, bent head and slight bent) $644.95 $620.00. Compare. Add To Cart. a: Woodcut Cup Tool (Little Wonder) Handled HSS. $118.54 $110.00. Compare. Add To Cart. b: Woodcut Cup Tool (Little Wonder) Un-Handled HSS

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  1. Mar 19, 2021 - The Robert Sorby HollowPro™ is a very easy to use jig that gives additional tool support when hollowing, as well as many other woodturning operations. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with.
  2. Woodturning is a type of woodworking used to create wooden objects on a lathe. A lathe is a power tool that rotates a piece of wood on an axis and allows you to shape it using various carving tools
  3. Robert Sorby Sovereign System Handles. From £57.05 £45.64. View Product. Sovereign Ultima finishing cutter head small, inc cutter. £27.12 £22.60. View Product. Sovereign Ultima Hollowing System small shank only: cutter & blade, torx key, allen key. £115.44 £96.20
  4. Jesse Engineering Pty Ltd's Unique 5/8th Hollowing bar to suit the Vermec Ultimate Deep Hollowing System. This precision made woodturning hollowing bar allows increased flexibility through the built in cutter mechanism and unique snake head formation. The tool comes complete with cutter attachment, sharpening jig and spare clamping grub screw
  5. So whether you're looking for your first bowl gouge or the latest hollowing system, you're in the right place. In choosing to work with, and to supply tools from some of the best suppliers on the planet, we are both making a statement about our values and giving you the opportunity to purchase and to enjoy using these fine tools
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Woodturning ranks among the great passions in woodworking - we have all the woodturning tools turners need. Crown, Robert Sorby, Oneway and Bodger Turning Tools anchor our wood turning tool offering. Be sure to check out Easy Wood Turning Tools and our Woodturner's Bandsaw Blade! Free Monthly Woodturning Tips: Woodturner Magazine Catalogue » Woodturning Tools » Robert Sorby Tools » Robert Sorby Hollowing Tools Robert Sorby Hollowing Tools Robert Sorby have a range of of hollowing tools which enable you to do very small to very large holow forms My turning ability is bound by my lathe - it has a maximum diameter capacity of 16. That means all my accessory tools, such as my hollowing system and 50cc 20 chainsaw, were acquired because they are designed around those size limitations. The largest bowls I make with these constraints are in the 14-15 range