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Design of rcc slab culvert Construction of 4.00mts span culvert Name of the work:-R/f R&B Road to Sariapalli SC colony Construction of 4.00mts span culvert me of the work:-R/f R&B Road to Sariapalli SC colony Design Philosophy:- The design of 1V-- 4.37m right span culvert is carried as per the procedure out deck slab as per MOST Dg.BD 1-74. In this video, he shows how to use excel based program to make the estimation of RCC slab culvert. Slab culvert alias bridge culvert belongs to certain type of culvert that is constructed as three-sided or simply a deck slab. It is implanted in the soil on both sides. The slab arranges a bridge over the distance deck slab (top slab). The impact depends on the class and type of load. Provision for impact or dynamic action shall be made by an impact allowance expressed as a fraction or a percentage of the applied live load. [8] For class A or class B loading, 1. Impact factor fraction for reinforced concrete bridges = 4.5/6+L 2

Culverts are generally classified as 1. Hume pipe culvert. - As the name suggests a Hume pipe is laid along the waterway and covered with soil and other road construction materials. Pipe culvert are provided with earth cushion to minimize load and.. Reinforced Concrete (RCC) Fig 3: Box culvert single or multiple 3.4. BRIDGE CULVERT Bridge culvert replace box culvert where the foundation is not erodible and the paved floor is not necessary. Fig 4: Bridge culvert 4. DESIGN PROBLEM DESIGN OF DECK SLAB CULVERT FOR DIFFERENT SPAN CASE 1-WATER PRESSUR culvert to facilitate the construction of roads and railways passing through water streams. A culvert is a cross-drainage structure having types such as box, pipe and RCC Solid Slab Culverts. RCC box culvert is the most common and its structural components are top slab (called, deck) The types of culverts are: Box Culvert Pipe Culvert RCC Solid Slab Culvert 1 f1.3 LOADS, FORCES AND STRESSES The loads and stresses considered in the design are as follows (as per IRC 6-2010): 1. Dead Load 2. Live Load 3. Impact factor due to vehicular live load 4. Vehicle Collision Load 5 Reinforced concrete bridges with different types of deck slab have been widely used for both road and railway bridges. The most common type is the slab deck used for short span bridges. For medium span in the ranges of 12 to 25 m T- Girder and slab deck is widely used

Slab culvert, a type of culvert, could be three-sided or simply a deck slab. It is embedded in the soil on both sides. The slab provides a bridge over the distance. Slab culverts can replace box culverts if no artificial flooring is necessary. Slab culverts do not have bottom slabs, therefore, the natural flow of water is maintained and natural. typical gad for single pipe culvert 600 1320 300 450 1470 150 1320 1470 150 1320 650 600 120 1200 120 1440 1200 1840 160 120 260 540 450 details of 'x' 750 300 450. 204.63 plan cl cl section a-a section b-b a b b typical section showing spalled out cocrete in rcc t-beam deck slab typical section showing spalled out conc in rcc solid slab. a culvert and extending upwards from the level of the top slab. Height - For box culverts this is the vertical distance measured from the top of the bottom slab to the bottom of the top slab at mid-span. For open footing culverts this is the vertical distance measured from the level of the top of the footings to the bottom of the top slab at. The Rectangular Portal Culvert is used in stormwater applications, primarily in providing a waterway underneath a road. The unit consists of a deck and two legs and is placed on a concrete base. This base can be cast in-site or prefabricated. The culverts are supplied in standard length and Special strength designs can be accommodated. The. Deck Slab Staging: After completion of the wall up to required height, staging for deck will start. Erect, vertical member in the form of props / H-Frame /MS Pipe/ Cup-lock pipe above the base slab of RCC Box in between the walls as per staging drawing. Brace the vertical members in both directions and diagonally

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Estimate of Slab Culvert in Excel RCC Slab Culvert | Quantity Surveying in Urdu/Hindi | Estimation and CostingExcel File Link (Download): http://bit.ly/2FobV.. Plates 7.7 to 7.16 give details of the RCC deck slab for span 1 .5 to 15 m and an overall width of 6 m, 6.4 m, and 7.5 m. RCC box type culvert Box section of size less than 2 x 2 m is not practicable to implement This is RCC Culvert which length is 57 meters and width is 7.5 meters for more details watch the video from start to End.My 2nd Urdu/Hind Civil Engineering C.. In the case of slab culvert, there will be rcc deck slab laid over abutments. They can be can be three-sided also. The size of box culvert for single span is normally 3 m and for double span is 6 m. Slab culvert can be upto maximum span of 3 m. It is usually constructed of precast RCC slabs A Comparative Design of Reinforced Concrete Solid Slab Bridge for Different Spans G. Krishna1, M.Tech (Scholar), Structural Engineering, Malla Reddy Engineering College (Autonomous), Secunderabad. This is not possible in case of slab culvert. 5. Right Slab Thickness can be used for flow Bridge Deck Analysis, Book by Damien L. Keogh and.

ASTRA Pro is the software for Engineering Design of RCC 'T' Girder Bridges, Composite Bridges with Steel Plate/Box Girder and RCC Deck Slab with single and Multi-Span in Straight or Curve layout, PSC 'I' Girder Bridges, PSC Box Girder Bridges, Continuous PSC Box Girder Bridges, Steel Truss Bridges, Arch Suspension Bridges, Rope Cable Suspension Bridge, Cable Stayed & Extradossed Bridges for. (b) Slab Culvert: The culvert having its superstructure consisting of RCC slab which carries the bridge floor , is known as slab culvert. Inthis type of culvert, the RCC slab of suitable thickness is provided as simply supported over abutments and piers which are constructed of any suitable type of masonry 2.4 Reinforced Concrete Slab Culvert Deck. The super structure part of slab culvert is a reinforced concrete deck which is mostly cast in place. Sometimes precast reinforced concrete deck is used during the construction of slab culvert in Ethiopia. Cast-in-place concrete structures are often constructed monolithically and continuously the program for the structural design of reinforced concrete slab culvert deck. The input data for at grade and at fill slab culverts are saved on Page 1/3. Access Free Rcc Box Culvert Bending Structural Load a note pad in the external file folder which constitute the material properties, geometric features and proposed diameter of. PropertiesTop slab thickness -300mm Side wall thickness -300mm Bottom slab thickness -300mm Grade of concrete -M30 Grade of steel -Fe550 5.3Loads on culvertsDead load:: Self weight of culvert RESULTS AND GRAPHS IntroductionThe RCC box Culvert with angle of internal friction Φ = 18,22,25,28,30 and L/H ratio = 1, 1.5, 2 2

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  1. Chapter 36 - Box Culverts January 2021 36-5 36.2 General Box culverts are reinforced concrete closed rigid frames which must support vertical earth and truck loads and lateral earth pressure. They may be either single or multi-cell. The most common usage is to carry water under roadways, but they are frequently used for pedestria
  2. Removal of RC Box Culverts EA LS Removal of Bridge Railing Whole FT FT Removal of Pedestrian Rail Whole FT FT Removal of Curb Whole FT FT Removal of Concrete* Whole CY or Whole SY . LS SY CY . 206-Excavation and Backfill for Culverts Trench Subexcavation 10 CY CY Culvert Subexcavation 10 CY CY 209-Watering : Water . Whole MG : MG . 211-Culvert.
  3. 11. RCC T-BEAM BRIDGES • T-Beam construction consists of a transversely reinforced slab deck which spans across to the longitudinal support girders. • T-Beam bridges are economical for spans 12m to 18m. • Optimum lateral spacing of longitudinal girders is typically between 1.8 m to 3m. 12

A. Top Slab Top slab of Box Culvert forms the deck slab which will be in direct contact of moving traffic. Live Load makes the use of this top slab. B. Bottom Slab Bottom slab of Box Culvert is in direct contact of soil and resting over it. It is act as a raft foundation over the soil and transmits the load to the earth surface. C. Side Wall 14:00-17:15 Design of Slabs Different types of loads coming from superstructure including Live loads for different deck width as per IRC:6-2017 Design Principles for Voided slabs Design Principles for RCC slabs Worked out design example for voided slab and RCC slab Day 5 09:45-13:00 & 14:00-15:3 culvert, the top slab is required to withstand dead loads, live loads from moving traffic, earth pressure on sidewalls, water pressure from inside, and pressure on the bottom slab besides self-weight of the slab. Fig. 1: Typical view of RCC BOX structure B. Solid slab bridges This is the simplest type of bridge deck slab used for shor A rectangular reinforced concrete slab is simply-supported on two masonry walls 250 mm thick and 3.75 m apart. The slab has to carry a distributed permanent action of 1.0 kN/m2 (excluding slab self-weight) and a variable action of 3.0 kN/m2. The materials to be used are grade C25 concrete and grad Slab Culvert = 2270: Total Number of Culverts = 6122: Number of Bridges Unknown = 3: Arch Masonry = 378: RCC Bridge = 1381: RCC Girder Bridge = 1238: PC Girder Bridge = 93: Steel Beam & RCC Slab = 284: Truss with Steel Deck = 153: Truss with RCC Slab = 42: Bailey with Steel Deck = 1005: Bailey with Timber Deck = 82: Total Number of Bridges.


2 m Span RCC Deck Slab Culvert @ Km 0/6,0/8 & 0/610 802 , 803 1202 , 1203 Cubic Metre 17 Providing Reinforced Cement Concrete M 25 (1 : 11/2 : 3 Mix) grade for Deck slab including reinforcement and formwork complete as per drawing and technical specifications Clauses 800 and 1211 cum 2 m Span RCC Deck Slab Culvert @ Km 0/6,0/8 & 0/610 800 1211. Manual Changes for 2017 1. Added clarification for R/C Deck and Slab elements to include R/C Precast Deck Panels with or without Post-Tensioning

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penetration grade bitumen and 50% light solvent (Benzol) to be laid over the deck slab. The insulation layer of 6 mm thick mastic asphalt with 75% limestone dust filler and 25% of 30/4 Reinforced Concrete Slab Coated Bars 1 Reinforced concrete bridge slabs constructed with epoxy coated or galvanized reinforcement. 809 Precast Reinforced Concrete Slab 1 Reinforced concrete bridge slabs precast using conventional reinforcement and then post-tensioned. 54 Timber Slab 4 Timber bridge slabs. Timber running planks shall be included. 2. Slab Culverts: The culvert, having its superstructure consisting of an RCC slab that conveys the extension floor, is known as a slab culvert. In this sort of culvert, the RCC slab of appropriate thickness is given as basically upheld over projections and docks which are developed of any reasonable kind of stonework Reinforced Concrete Unit Weight = 0.150 kcf Soil Fill Unit Weight = 0.120 kcf Culvert Backfill Angle of Internal Friction = 30 degrees Water Unit Weight = 0.0624 kcf Geometry The minimum wall thickness for all box culverts is 8 inches. The minimum slab thickness for culverts with spans of 6 to 8 feet is 8 inches. The 12.2.2 Cast-In culvert & bridge Introduction to culvert, types of culvert, parts of a culvert & difference between culvert & bridge 2 Detailed study of plan and sectional elevation of RCC deck slab culvert with right angled wing wall 3 Calculation of E/W in excavation , cement concrete work in foundatio

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RCC slab on RCC Beam. Steel toughing carried on plates girder. Balanced cantilevered bridge. A balanced cantilevered bridge consists of a span simply supported over cantilevers. It can be used for spans varying from 35 to 60 m. They are also provided over deep gorges to be crossed by a single span where the use of centering is not possible bd-635m design tables for metal culverts bd-636m reinforced concrete pipes bd-641m overhead sign structures-bd-643m overhead sign structures-bd-644m overhead sign structures-bd-645m overhead sign structures-bd-647m monopipe sign structures and pipes culverts bd-601m concrete deck slab bd-632m r.c. box culvert

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approach slab table 1: concrete schedule for left abutment type rcc abutment rcc return wall no 1 2 size abutment return wall volume 48.62 6.70 material m25 m25 manufacturer cast in place concrete cast in place concrete rcc dirt wall 1 dirt wall 7.09 m25 cast in place concrete notes general 1. all the dimensions are in millimeter unless. Analysis of Bridge Deck by Grillage method, Analysis of Bridge Deck with Moving Loads IRC Class A, 70R Tracked and Wheeled, Class AA etc, Design of RCC Slab Culvert, Design of RCC Pedestrian Underpass, Design of RCC Vehicular Underpass, The designs are produced with Detail Report and Reinforcement Detailing drawings

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to 8mx7m, double cell box culverts of 2mx2m to 3mx3m and triple cell box culverts of 2mx2m to 3mx3m Right angle and skew angle of 150, 200, 300, 400, and 450. 5 RCC T beam and RCC deck slab 12 to 32 m at the interval of 2 m Right angle and skew angles of 150, 200, 300, 400, and 450. Package 6 PSC T beam and RCC No. 2 slab composit Box culverts are also constructed in individual spans for length from 1 to 4m. These are provided in single or multiple units. For span ranging from 2 to 6m, arches and slab culverts are the best choices. While constructing box and slab culverts, a wearing course is directly placed on the top of the slab without the need for any earth cushion.

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Culvert is used for drainage purpose. It is constructed to carry vehicles over a small stream or canals. Culvert can be constructed by RCC, plastic concrete, steel, high density polyethylene, aluminum etc. it is embedded by soil. culvert are simpler and includes pipes, slab, top decks, wing wall, bottom plate, top plate, crown, corner. The work consist of construction of Road Over Bridge i.e. Jogeshwari (South) between Km 23/14 - 24/1 on pile foundation consist of RCC substructure / superstructure with steel composite girder, RCC deck slab, PTFE bearing as per Railway's approved drawings in lieu of level crossing no. 24 & 25 between Jpgeshwari & Goregaon stations The most common forms are boxes and arches. Small bridge structures are also commo\൮, utilizing concrete slabs or a concrete deck on steel girders, for example, to span the 20 feet or less openings found with C‐對Structures. Reinforced Concrete Culvert\r · 242 - Timber Culvert\r\rOther possible culvert elements include:\r · 243. by steel girders acting compositely with a reinforced concrete deck slab. The first example is of multi-girder form, the second is of ladder-deck form. The examples cover the principal steps in the verification of the Composite Highway Bridge Design: Worked Examples Design of beams in composite bridges. From SteelConstruction.info BridgesOne Piece Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert DesignThe Design of Highway Bridges of Steel, Timber and ConcreteInternational Conference on Transportation Engineering, 2009How to Structurally Design a Concrete Slab Culvert? RC Slab Deck

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Re: Cost Estimation of I-Girder Bridges, Deck Slab Bridges, and Single Barrel Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts Cost Estimation Approach Date: June 27, 2018 Kimley-Horn, Inc. (KH) has estimated costs for the following structures: I-Girder Bridges For the purpose of this task, we determined dollar per square foot cost for bridge construction base Dismentalling of earlier deck slab has not yet been completed. 2: Constn. of RCC bridge on the road from Dharmanagar College road near water supply plant at Ch.1.14 km Agency:-EDCL: RIDF-XV: 30-06-2010: June, 2012: 2 abutments and 1 pier completed. Piles of another pier completed: 3: RCC Bridge over river Deo at Buraighat on Gachiram to Tuisama. SD1131 - R C slab deck culvert - 2500 span - Construction of foundations, aprons, walls and wings - WITHDRAWN refer to Amendment Register; SD1132 - R C slab deck culvert - 2500 span - Construction of reinforced concrete deck and kerbs - WITHDRAWN refer to Amendment Register; SD1145 - Standard P.V.C. Scupper - Details for Cast Insitu Deck (PDF.

There is RCC slab deck bridge is at a rural village area in Liberia (western Africa) We are doing a mini Hydro electric project at a nearby Village and our heavy machinery etc to be transported over this bridge once we receive the shipment. (such as RCC culverts)I can provide solutions for the RCC culverts but I am having no proper idea. 2 m Span RCC Deck Slab Culvert @ Km 0/6,0/8 & 0/610 1204.3.8 Cubic metre 22 Random rubble Stone Masonry Work in cement mortar 1:5 in sub structure and super structure complete as per drawing and technical specification Clause 702, 704, 1202, 1204, 1208.4 & 1109 Cum Single Row 900 mm RCC Pipe Culvert @ Km 0/4 1100 & 700.

Bridge Description Avg. Cost (S.F. Deck Area) Single Span PCI Beams on End Bents $225.00 Single Span Spread Box Beams on End Slab) Avg. Cost Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert Construction Costs. Case studies are provided which include the structural detailing of the following bridge structures: a) a reinforced concrete beam/slab bridge deck; b) culvert bridge super and substructures; c) continuous reinforced concrete girder deck; d) reinforced concrete box bridge deck; e) open spandrel arch bridge (reinforced and prestressed); f. Kansas Department of Transportation Bridge Construction Manual Version 10/11 KDOT Bridge Section 1.0-Introduction - 2 General: This Manual is intended to better communicate the intent of the plans, Standard Specifications for State Road and Bridge Construction, Special Provisions, and Project Specia Joist Bridge With Rcc Deck Slab Bridge Over River Dahuk At 12Th Km Of Fatapukur - Gadra Road , Construction Of Joist Bridge With Rcc Deck Slab By Replacement Of Weak And Damaged Bridge Under Jalpaiguri Highway Division In The District Of Jalpaiguri . Project Id Pd 202133780S000 . - 05-03-202

Box Culvert. 9441. Slab Culvert. 3991. RCC Girder Bridge. 2387. PC Girder Bridge. 405. RCC Bridge. 244. Arch Masonry. 318. Truss with RCC Slab. 30. Truss with Steel Deck (Description of in place structure) In place centerline Sta. 10+00.60 to centerline Sta. 10+71.40 is a 70.8' 4 span continuous concrete bridge with a 20'-0 clear roadway. The superstructure consists of a reinforced concrete slab with concrete pigeon hole railing faced with steel W-beam continuous across the bridge

(Deck slab) 6.48: Cuim: 6: 5.1: Abutment Cap. 1.68: Cuim: 7: 5.2: Dirt wall: 1.44: Cum: 8: 6: RCC work of M-30 grde with 20mm down grade black hard granie (Crusher broken) stone chips including hoisting and laying etc with all labour materials T&P royalty taxes and cess etc complete asper direction of Engineer in charge. 2.61: Cum: 9: Due to the predominance of reinforced concrete decks on the ODOT system, this Manual will only discuss this type of deck. Background: Most reinforced concrete decks in Ohio on steel beams or prestressed I-beams are 8 ½ thick and may or may not have a bonded concrete overlay (1 3/4 or 1 1/4) thick or an asphalt concrete overlay (2 ½) thick Prestressed Precast Reinforced Concrete Voided Slab . Prestressed Precast Reinforced Concrete Box Girder . A deck design that places a concrete topping slab over the precast deck to distribute the wheel load across the longitudinal joint. The topping slab may be top slabs of concrete box culverts or stifflegs 10 80 Crossbeams, caps, box.

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Rcc Box Culvert Bending Structural If the discharge in a drain or channel crossing a road is small, and if the bearing Capacity of the soil is low, and then the box culvert is an ideal bridge structure. This is a reinforced concrete rigid frame box culvert with square or rectangular openings are used up to spans of 4m. The height of the vent. This simplest method is based on the type of structure and the volume of the reinforced concrete elements. Average values for typical concrete frames: Heavy industrial = 130 kg/m 3 Commercial = 100 kg/m 3 Institutional = 90 kg/m 3 Residential = 85 kg/m 3 However, while this simplest method to check on the total estimated quantity if.

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Reinforced concrete is also used for deck slabs and substructures for bridges with main elements of steel or prestressed concrete. The key design criteria and checks required by codes are the same regardless of the form of construction. These are for ultimate strength in flexure, shear and torsion and for serviceability issues including crack. SD1132 RC Slab Deck Culvert - 2500 Span - Construction of Reinforced Concrete Deck and Kerbs SD1148 . RC Slab Deck Culvert - 2500 Span - Steel Schedule for Reinforced Concrete Deck, Foundations, Aprons, Walls and Wings SD1179 : RC Slab Deck Culvert - 2500 Span - Construction of Base, Aprons, Walls and Wing Two-Way Slab Design Based on ACI 318-11 using Finite Element Method. Design of Slab(Two Way) Excel Sheet. Concrete Mix Design Excel Sheet. Design of stair case with central stringer beam. Check List for Block / Brick work. RCC Dog-legged Staircase design Excel Sheet. Daily work report Excel Sheet. Sample Detailed Estimate Excel Shee Design of Sample Supported Bridge slab. Short Description: this excel sheet is based on the design of sample supported bridge slab upto 40 ft long span. the calculation is based on ACI code. Submitted By: zaidkhan 3 m. The deck slab overhang should be provided as required to provide the desirable aesthetic effect and to reduce transfer moments. Different types of girder bridges as shown in Figure 2.1 a. Cross section of T-Girder with cast in situ deck b. I-Girder with cast in situ deck c. Box girder with cast in situ deck Fig2.1

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SLAB CULVERTS: The culvert, having its superstructure consisting of RCC slab which carries the bridge floor, is known as slab culvert. In this type of culvert, the RCC slab of suitable thickness is provided as simply supported over abutments and piers which are constructed of any suitable type of masonry The notations used for the box culvert and the type of loadings to be considered are shown in Fig. 6.1 (a) to (f). 5. 2. Uniform Distributed Load The weight of embankment, wearing coat, and, deck slab and the track toad are considered to be uniformly distributed loads on the top slab with the uniform soil reaction on the bottom slab. 3

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The slab culvert was poured with C30 concrete; the net width and height of the culvert were 4.0 m, the thickness of the top slab and bottom slab were 0.32 m and 0.9 m, respectively, and the thickness of the foundation was 1.0 m under the bottom slab. At the same time, the reinforced concrete downscale culvert was poured. The test geometric. It is lightweight and has superior rigidity and durability, and can reduce thickness by half compared to conventional reinforced-concrete deck slab. Moreover, although conventional box culverts required an embankment of at least 50 centimeters above the deck slab, pavement can be placed directly on top of the new type Width of culvert c/c of side walls = 2.5 m. Height of culvert c/c of top and bottom slabs = 2.0 m. Length of wing walls = 2.12 m. Thickness of all elements = 300 mm. Thickness of asphalt layer = 75 mm. Materials property. Angle of internal friction of fill soil = 30°. Unit weight of water = 9.81 kN/m 3 3 RCC in sunshade Volume RCC Volume 4x 3x6 05x 34 x15 x7 1371 ft 3 Inside from CE 208 at Ahsanullah University of Sci & Tec 420.04.04 Parapets (including end posts) on bridges, wing walls, reinforced concrete box culverts, and retaining walls; or concrete median barriers on bridges and top slabs of reinforced concrete box culverts will not be measured but will be paid for at the Contract lump sum price for the pertinent Concrete Parapet or Concrete Median Barrier items

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Deck, Super, Sub, Culv FHWA Converter Elements 38 Reinforced Concrete Slab AREA 54 Timber Slab AREA 65 Other Material Slab AREA Elements - NBEs August 2013 Lesson 2a 10 241 Culvert, Reinforced Concrete LENGTH 242 Culvert, Timber LENGTH 243 Culvert, Other LENGT 215.40 Deck plate girder/open deck 90' Beckley Road 216.15 6' Concrete pipe 6'x6' Concrete Box Culvert 216.20 Reinforced Concrete Slab 70' Sylvan Street 217.00 OH Viaduct 217.43 OH Viaduct Hampton Road 218.70 6'x7' Concrete Box Culvert 10'x7' SPPA Arch 218.90 6'x4' Concrete Box Culvert.

Box culvert. ulvertis a structure that allows water to flow under a road, railroad, trail, or simi ruction from one side to the other side. Typically embedded so as to be surround oil, a culvert may be made from a pipe , reinforced concrete or other material Components of box culvert 1.Top slab 2.Side walls 3.Bottom slab esign Load Composite Beam Design with Verco Floor Deck Based on AISC-ASD Prestressed Composite Section Design Concrete Beam Design Based on ACI 318-99 Rectangular Concrete Column Design Retaining Wall Design Based on ACI 318-02 Culvert Design Slab on Metal Deck Analysis Design Design of Isolated Slab & Beam Type Footing Connection from Diaphragm, Ledger. BD Deck 1: A New Precast, Pre-stressed Concrete Panel Bridge Deck System SAMA AHMED NUSRAT JAHAN AVISHEK CHOWDHURY DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERIN

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Fallout 2 unarmed attacks. ASTRA Pro is the software for Engineering Design of RCC 'T' Girder Bridges, Composite Bridges with Steel Plate/Box Girder and RCC Deck Slab with single and Multi-Span in Straight or Curve layout, PSC 'I' Girder Bridges, PSC Box Girder Bridges, Continuous PSC Box Girder Bridges, Steel Truss Bridges, Arch Suspension Bridges, Rope Cable Suspension Bridge, Cable Stayed. Decks / Slabs El. No. Element Name Units 12 Reinforced Concrete Deck AREA (sq. ft.) 13 Prestressed Concrete Deck AREA (sq. ft.) 15 Prestressed Concrete Top Flange AREA (sq. ft.) 16 Reinforced Concrete Top Flange AREA (sq. ft.) 28 Steel Deck—Open Grid AREA (sq. ft.) 29 Steel Deck—Concrete Filled AREA (sq. ft. Skew deck slab is perpendicular to the supports and as such the load placed on the deck slab is nonlinear finite element analysis of a reinforced concrete skew slab and reveals the skew angle and concrete grade had a significant influence on the overall behaviour of the slab. Sindhu et al • Construction of One new Bridge with RCC deck slab and steel girder having two spans of 20.6m each. • Construction of new Six cell Box culvert 35m long. • Rehabilitated and repaired two bridges each of 312m length will steel girders and RCC deck slab and with maximum Span of 75m

The valley gutter plate roof section drawing defined inGrading for Close Graded Granular Material | Construction