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Telangana Population 2020 - 40.61936 Million. (estimated). DEMOGRAPHY OF TELANGANA: Telugu is the main language spoken here, with Urdu being the second most prominent language. Although Urdu is orally spoken by a lot of Muslims over here, the language is long been lost, and standard Urdu is rather spoken Telangana is the 12th most populous state in India, with a population of 35,003,674 as per 2011 Census, with a population density of 312 per km 2.The state has male and female population of 17,611,633 and 17,392,041 respectively with sex ratio (Females per 1000 Males) standing at 988. Decadal Growth Rate (2001-2011) Rate is 13.58% Telangana is a newly-formed state in India located in the middle-south strategy of the Indian peninsula. Telangana borders Maharashtra to its southeast, Andhra Pradesh to its north, Karnataka to its east, and Chhattisgarh to its southwest.. Telangana has a population of 39.64 million people, up from 35.19 million in 2011. On June 2, 2014, Telangana was separated from the northwestern part of. Telangana i s the 29th state of India, formed on the 2nd of June 2014. The state has an area of 1,12,077 Sq. Km. and has a population of 3,50,03,674. The Telangana region was part of the Hyderabad state from Sept 17th 1948 to Nov 1st 1956, until it was merged with Andhra state to form the Andhra Pradesh state In one decade, Muslims population grew from 12.4 per cent (38,53,213) of the population in Telangana in 2001 to 12.7 per cent forming a population of 44,64,699 in 2011 — an addition of 6.11 lakh

Wikimedia list article Main category: Religious demographics Size of Major Religious Groups, 2020 Religion Percent Christianity 31.11% Islam 24.90% Unaffiliated 15.58% Hinduism 15.16% Buddhism 6.62% Folk Religions 5.61% Other Religions 0.79% This is a list of religious populations by number of adherents and countries Hyderabad District Religion Census 2011. As per official census 2011 and population data 2021 of Hyderabad district, Hindu are majority in Hyderabad state. Total population of Hyderabad district is 3,943,323 as per census 2011. Hinduism constitutes 51.89% of Hyderabad population

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Total SC population in Telangana - 54,32,680 (20% approx) Total ST population in Telangana - 32,86,928 (10% approx) Total BC population in Telangana - 40% appro Hyderabad District is the most populated district in Telangana. Its Population as per census 2011 is 39.43 Lakhs. Mulugu District with a population of 2.58 Lakhs is the least populated district in Telangana Hyderabad Population in 2020 is estimated to be 10 Million (1 Crore). Religion wise Hyderabad Population Hyderabad is home to many religions, Hinduism and Islam are the major relgions, According to 2011 census, Hindu population is 4.5 million, followed by 2.1 million with Muslim population

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  1. Hyderabad: The Muslim population in both Telangana State and Andhra Pradesh grew faster than the Hindu population between 2001 and 2011.While Muslims constituted 12.43 per cent of the population.
  2. Population Of India. Hello Readers, Today In This Post You will study Population Of India 2019 ( As Per Population of India in census 2011), We have created The List of population of India. State Wise Population of India.Population of India By Religion.This Post Will Share Comparison Of Population Of India 2017 and Population Of India 2018 and Population Of India 2019 along with Total.
  3. The 2011 Census puts the Muslim population at 17.22 crore, or 14.22 per cent. The Hindu population grew in the decade of 1991-2011 at the rate of 1.55 percent, while the Muslim population growth.
  4. Hyderabad is the largest city and capital of the southern Indian state Telangana.Hyderabad is located on the banks of the Musi River around artificial lakes. In 2014, the estimated population of Hyderabad is 8.7 million in 2014, which makes it the 4th most populous city in India.The 2018 estimates based on prior growth percentages push this number to over 9 million residents within the city
  5. In all Hindu form majority religion in 20 out of 21 districts of Haryana state. The data for 2020 & 2021 is under process and will be updated in few weeks. Muslim Population in Haryana is 17.81 Lakhs (7.03 percent) of total 2.54 Crore. Christian Population in Haryana is 50.35 Thousand (0.20 percent) of total 2.54 Crore

Amaravati is the new formed capital of Andhra Pradesh with the regions in Guntur and Krishna district. Andhra Pradesh population in 2021 is estimated to be 54.6 Million (5.46 Crores), According to Unique Identification Aadhar India, updated 31, May 2020, by mid of year 2020 the projected population is 53,903,393 Haryana population in 2021 is estimated to be 28.6 Million (2.86 Crores), According to Unique Identification Aadhar India, updated 31, May 2020, by mid of year 2020 the projected population is 28,204,692. Chandigarh is the state shared capital for Haryana and Punjab 2018 - 53.612 Million. 2019 - 54.0944 Million. With the population data of Andhra Pradesh shown above from 2015-19; it is seen that the population has jumped up by 2.1944 Million in the last 5 years. On average, each year the population increases by 0.43888 Million. Hence, the population of Andhra Pradesh in 2020 according to estimates is.

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Andhra Pradesh (English: / ˌ ɑː n d r ə p r ə ˈ d ɛ ʃ /; Telugu: [ãːndʱrʌ prʌdeːɕ] listen (help · info)) is a state in the south-eastern coastal region of India. It is the seventh-largest state by area covering an area of 162,975 km 2 (62,925 sq mi) and tenth-most populous state with 49,386,799 inhabitants. It is bordered by Telangana to the north-west, Chhattisgarh to the. The data figures of Aurangabad as a city are shown above from 2015-19; it can be seen that the population has gone increased by 1.0288 Million in the last 5 years. On average, each year the population increases by 0.20576 Million. Hence, the population of Aurangabad in 2020 as per estimates is 3.0288 Million + 0.20576 Million = 3.23456 Million Tamil Nadu population in 2021 is estimated to be 78.8 Million (7.88 Crores), According to Unique Identification Aadhar India, updated 31, Dec 2020, by end of year 2020 the projected population is 77,841,267, Its area is 130,058 sq km. Chennai is the capital of Tamil nadu. Tamil is the main language is most widely spoken and official language in. Meerut Population 2020 - 2.399328 Million (estimated). DEMOGRAPHY OF MEERUT: As per religion, Hinduism is the main religion with a following of almost 71%. Muslims comprise of a hefty 26% out here with rest of the other religions comprising of the remaining numbers To conclude it, the population of Guntur in 2020 as per estimates = 788,261.6. Guntur Population 2020 -788,261.6 (estimated). DEMOGRAPHY OF GUNTUR: Hinduism is the religion in the city of Guntur with 78% following. Islam is the second most prevalent religion in the city with roughly 18% following

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Hyderabad: The Telangana Forest Department has said there are 14 tigers in the Amrabad Tiger Reserve as against 12 recorded in 2019. The Amrabad reserve is home to the highest population of tigers in the State. The latest findings on the presence of the big cats cameout during the phase-IV monitoring carried out in 2020- 21, according to an official release The Demographic Yearbook census datasets cover a wide range of additional topics including economic activity, educational attainment, household characteristics, housing characteristics, ethnicity, language, foreign-born and foreign population. The available Population and Housing Censuses' datasets reported to UNSD for the censuses conducted.

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In this Article Data about the Muslim Population in Districts Of Telangana is given In Table Format. Demographics, Percentage & Key Insights About Muslim Population also Provided. District Name Total Population Muslim Population Muslim Percentage; Adilabad: 708972: 89208: 12.58: Bhadradri Kothagudem: 1115724: 62672: 5.62: Hyderabad: 3943323. Telangana lies at a crossroads between northern and southern India, and it has a diverse population. In general, the state's various communities are identified more readily by a combination of language, religion , and social class or caste than they are by specific ethnic affiliation

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Caste. Politics. 07/Nov/2020. The by-poll in Dubbak assembly constituency, Telangana, seems set to show the political mood of the state even before the elections to the legislative council and the. Published B-Series Tables related to Population by religious communities, state wise religious communities, UT wise religious communitie

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Socio Economic Outlook 2020 1 An Overview CHAPTER1 Developmental history suggests that the foundation laid when a new state or country is formed determines to a significant extent its developmental trajectory. The state of Telangana is formed after decades of people's movements. True to the spirit of the public sentiments, the Government o Telangana has a population growth rate during 2011-2021 of 12.45%. Its estimated population in 2021 is 3.98 Crores* an increase of around 46 lakhs from 2011. Population of Telangana in 2021 - 3.98 Crores (Approx) Telangana. Census 2011 Population of Telangana in 2018 As per the census in 2011, the population of Telangana stood at 35.19 millions. Also as the census indicates, it has the twelfth largest population in the nation. Right from the year 2012, the population has increased by 0.52 million. As the density in population goes, 307 persons reside in every square kilometer Telangana Zone Rice 3.700 Rice 2.670 Cotton 5.850 Maize 0.850 Soybean 1.660 Jowar 0.170 Maize 1.210 Bengal gram 0.390 Redgram 0.507 Green gram 0.064 Greengram 0.240 Sesame 0.130 Turmeric 0.340 Groundnut 0.117 -- -- Sunflower 0.086 Sub-Total 9.460 4.830 2 Central Telangana Zone Rice 3.670 Rice 1.50

950 girls for 1,000 boys against national average of 925. The female sex ratio in Telangana has shown a marginal decline till January end in 2019-20 as compared to the 12 month period of the. Knoema, an Eldridge business, is the most comprehensive source of global decision-making data in the world. Our tools allow individuals and organizations to discover, visualize, model, and present their data and the world's data to facilitate better decisions and better outcomes The Telangana administration is estimating that over 1,000 people from the state might have attended a religious congregation in Delhi's Nizamuddin area. A search is on to identify people who came in contact with them following the death of 6 coronavirus patients who attended the meeting between March 13 and 15 died An analysis of the religion-based census data in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana reveals that the population of Sikhs saw a significant increase in the two states. At 29.92 per cent increase, Sikhs. Poverty in the state of Telangana is widespread and of the 3.5 crore population, more than 2.75 crores fall under the poverty line, as of the latest data from 2017. As per the NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant in an online webinar on the 28 th of September 2020, the real-time data The success of the aspirational district programme is key to.

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Hyderabad: After fighting the Covid-19 pandemic for several months and succeeding in flattening the virus curve, a majority of European countries including UK, France, Spain and parts of Italy and Germany are now experiencing a second wave of Covid-19 outbreak.In India, at present Kerala is witnessing a second wave of Covid-19 outbreak. A few days ago, Kerala Health Minister K K Shailaja, who. National population and religious composition data are available from the 2011 census of India. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were still a unified state. age, education and religion. 05/14/2020. What We Know About Gen Z So Far. 02/16/2021. Faith and Religion Among Black Americans. Get Pew Research Center data by email

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Sangareddy District Demography Demographic Label Value Area 4,464 Sq Kms No. of Revenue Disivions 3 No. of Revenue Mandals 26 No. of Revenue Villages 601 Population (Census 2011) 1527628 No. of Mandal Praja Parishads 19 No. of Municipalities 4 No. of Gram Panchayats 647 Literacy Rate 64.08 Population as per Samagra Kutumba Survey (SKS) 156986 A multicultural province, the cultural history of Telangana dates back almost 5,000 years. Popular as the South of North and North of South, Telangana is home to diverse cultures, traditions, arts, and religions. Keep reading if you wish to know more about the society, culture, heritage, arts and literature of Telangana 28 November, 2020. OpIndia Staff. Telangana CM KCR (Source: India Today) In what can be termed as an unabashed use of public exchequer for minority appeasement, the Telangana government in the state has so far spent a whopping Rs 5,639.44 crore in the last 6 years towards minorities-centric benefits in the state

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Charitable lands, Religious lands, and educational institution. Lands whose extent does not exceed 100 Square meters and are exclusively used for residential purposes. Documents Required for Land Conversion in Telangana: If you are planning to apply land conversion in Telangana state, then you have to keep the following documents with you BJP's Dubbak by-poll win serves a warning to TRS in Telangana. While the result of Dubbak by-poll will have no impact on K Chandrasekhar Rao-led TRS's dominance in the state assembly, a loss. Hindus comprised just about 66% of the population of India before partition in 1947. It is interesting to note that the projected figure shows a slight increase in the share of Hindu Population in 2021 as compared to 2011: 80.3% versus 79.8% (Table 1). The population growth rate of various religions has come down in the decade (2001-2011) Mon 13 Apr 2020 08.33 EDT. Telangana and Madhya Pradesh. political parties and other religious groups who also flouted the coronavirus restrictions and gathered in large numbers.. The Telangana Legislative Assembly has opposed the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Population Register (NPR), and National Register of Citizens (NRC), alleging these formed part of.

Population of Jammu and Kashmir - Located near the great Himalayan Mountains, Jammu and Kashmir is one of the beautiful union territories in India. In a country dominated by Hindu Religion (79%), Jammu and Kashmir is only union territories in India where Muslim population exceeds the Hindu religion 98.8 percent of Telangana's population eats meat — a higher fraction than famously meat-loving countries like the U.S. or Australia. That number highlights a curious contradiction about India. Sri Lanka: Administrative Division Contents: Provinces and Districts The population of the provinces and districts of Sri Lanka according to census results and latest official estimates. The icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, urbanization, age groups, age distribution, ethnic group, religion, place of birth)

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  1. A Single Bench of Justice Samit Gopal granted bail to a man booked under the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Religion Conversion Act, 2020 who has been accused of committing rape upon the.
  2. United Nations population projections are also included through the year 2035. The current metro area population of Hyderabad in 2021 is 10,269,000, a 2.65% increase from 2020. The metro area population of Hyderabad in 2020 was 10,004,000, a 2.7% increase from 2019. The metro area population of Hyderabad in 2019 was 9,741,000, a 2.73% increase.
  3. Execution Of a Monkey, Telangana. In a disturbing incident of animal cruelty in India, the villagers killed a monkey by hanging the animal. Reportedly, several monkeys were raiding the teak plantation, fields, and houses in a Khammam village, Telangana, over the last few days. The villagers tried to chase the animals away
  4. 4 Recorded a higher growth rate than the national average in IT exports in 2020 4 World's Marquee corporates made Hyderabad their second home 4 Policies of Telangana State are a role model to.

Malayalam is Kerala's official language and is spoken by at least 96% of the people of Kerala; the next most common language is Tamil, spoken mainly by Tamil workers from Tamil Nadu and the local Kerala Iyers. Tulu and Kannada is spoken in most parts of the northern district of Kasaragod, adjoining Karnataka. Details about the population of Kerala based on India Census 2011 Hyderabad district of Andhra Pradesh has total population of 3943323 as per the Census 2011. Out of which 2018575 are males while 1924748 are females. In 2011 there were total 849051 families residing in Hyderabad district. List of all Mandals in Hyderabad District of Andhra Pradesh. Population, Religion, Caste, Literacy, Sex ratio data of Hyderabad District as per Census 201 Religion plays a central role in the lives of Indian Americans but religious practice varies. This section provides a snapshot of the Indian American population in the United States, as captured by the IAAS. —the latter is the primary language of the southern states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. 22 Eight percent of respondents.

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Chhattisgarh was formed on 1 November 2000 by partitioning ten Chhattisgarhi and six Gondi speaking southeastern districts of Madhya Pradesh. Chhattisgarh is the 9th largest state in the country, with an area of 135,194 km2 (52,199 sq mi).It is the 16th most-populated state in India with a population of 27,928,015****. The northern and southern parts of the state are hilly, while the central. 'Read New IT Rules' : Supreme Court Asks Petitioner Seeking Action Against Islamophobic Content In Social Media The plea was filed in wake of the hashtags trending on Twitter which communalised the COVID spread in the light of the Tablighi Jamaat meeting held in Delhi's Nizamuddin Markaz in March 2020 The remaining 10 data points, giving religious composition of Indian population from 1901-1991, provide a sufficiently long time-series to statistically project the trend into the near future. In Figure 1, we attempt such a projection by obtaining the best possible fit for the available data points and letting the resulting trend-line extend.

Today's Message: For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, & the strength of the Wolf is the Pack. Do you want to know which caste is more powerful in Andhra Pradesh? Get here the details and statistics about the people of Andhra Pradesh. Table of Contents1 Caste Wise Population in Andhra Pradesh1.1 List of OC [ This story is from August 13, 2020. which is non-SC/ST/OBC population groups, at 91% for men and 81% for women. Among religious groups, 88% of Christian men and 82% of women were literate.

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  1. While the Hindu population grew by 16.76 percent, Muslims grew by 24.6 percent compared to the data from the previous decade, when Hindus grew at 19.92 percent and Muslims at 29.52 percent
  2. World Suicide Prevention Day 2020: Human Life is Very Precious. World Suicide Prevention Day is observed every year on September 10. The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) with the World Health Organization (WHO) commemorates the day. The aims are to generate awareness about the prevention of committing suicide
  3. HYDERABAD — The Telangana state government offered to help the Modi government build an intrusive, searchable system to build and track 360-degree profiles of India's 1.2 billion residents without having to rely on Aadhaar, documents reviewed by HuffPost India establish. On October 19, 2018, Jayesh Ranjan, Telangana's Principal Secretary.
  4. As of July 2020, there are 28 states and 8 union territories in India. The first formed Indian states were Bihar and Odisha (previously Orissa) on April 1, 1936. Since then, the central government went on adding many new states and Union Territories and sometimes merge them based on specific requirements

Hyderabad, Jul 16 (PTI) TRS president and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Friday directed the party MPs to forcefully fight for the state's rightful share in river waters and to realize the promises made to Telangana during bifurcation of undivided Andhra Pradesh in the Parliament session beginning on July 19 In 2020, the state recorded 66,394 lymphoedema and 1,329 hydrocele cases across the endemic districts. One of the major reasons has been attributed to increasing in population leading to deforestation. And with monsoons setting in, the country will be seeing a spike in vector-borne diseases. Government of Telangana geared up to. Following is the distribution of Muslim population in Telangana region. These figures are based on the census of 2001. It is likely that the population of Muslims must have increased at the rate of 4% during the next decade. According to this calculation Muslims constitute nearly 16% in Telangana region Sl No. Name of District: Christian: Hindu: Muslim: Sikhs: Buddhist: Jains: Religion not stated: Others: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 1: Aizawl: 303893: 14508: 5185.

Format B11- StateWise Number of Rural Population AsOn (01/04/21) Financial Year:-2021-2022 State:-All Stat Per the 2011 census figures, the population of Telangana stands at 35,193,978. The number of the male and female population is 1, 77, 04,078 and 2, 46, 48,731 respectively. The state has a total. March 5, 2020 May 17, 2016 by Siliveru Rakesh. Festivals of Telangana state describes the Telangana culture and interest of Different Religions. We know that India is mixed with different Religions, Caste, and languages. In Telangana, different religions festivals are conducted by Telangana Government which gives equal importance to All. History of Telangana that everyone born here must know, but sadly don't! Few Hyderabadis know the true history and depravity of the Nizams. Similar to the Mughals, they are glorified to no end, conveniently ignoring the suffering of the Telangana people under their rule. The uprising and peasant protests against the autocratic Nizam were long

The caste/religion population in telangana is as below Muslim - 13% Madiga - 10% reddy - 9% yadav - 6% Banjara 6 % mala - 5% Goud, Mudiraj both around 4.5 to 5 % Velama, munnuru kapu and padmashali each around 3 % The population for most of the ot.. Sixty five percent of the country's population will be below 29 years by 2020 and unless sufficiently skilled to get jobs, they will be a liability 2011 Census Important Statistics for Telangana State - తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్ర 2011 సెన్సస్ గణాంకాలు. We have compiled important statistics of Telangana State from 2011 census. These statistics will be very useful for candidates preparing for TSPSC Group -1, Group -2, Group -3 and other exams.

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Telangana has conducted 19,278 tests as of April 30, which amounts to 551 tests per million. The number of new cases remained less than 15 per day in the past week, which the doctor's body. On January 13, 2020, in a case of deliberate, large scale violence, a Muslim mob attacked Hindus and burnt their property in Bhainsa town of Nirmal district, Telangana. The trouble began when a Muslim youth was admonished by elders for his rash driving and for using abusive language against the residents of Korba Street Top 10 Telangana Tourist Places You Must Travel in 2020 Telangana Tourism / By Anjaneyulu Naini Telangana in South India is the newly christened state holding beautiful tourist destinations for everyone- whether it's the history, heritage, commercial sites, and soon you're interested in The population of Muslims in Hyderabad district stands at 17.13 lakh compared to 20.46 lakh Hindus. Khan, who was a member of the post-Sachar evaluation committee explained: What we are seeing is. On October 19, 2018, Jayesh Ranjan, Telangana's Principal Secretary of Department of Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, told his counterpart Ajay Prakash Sawhney, Secretary at the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, that Telangana had already implemented such a system that live-tracked 30 million residents in the state, and was happy to help the.

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], December 22 (ANI): The Dharma Swatantrya (Religious Freedom) Bill 2020 is set to be tabled before the Madhya Pradesh Cabinet for approval on Tuesday, ahead of the. Telangana Public Service Commission Application Process is the main important part for the applicants who want to apply for Telangana PSC recruitment. After the announcement of detailed notification, Telangana Public Service Commission accepts applications from eligible and interested candidates who are willing to participate in the recruitment Medchal-Malkajgiri is a district in the state of Telangana. Medchal district is one of the 31 districts in the state of Telangana. Medchal was carved out of Rangareddy district and was made as a district on October 11, 2016. Medchal district has an area of 1,039 square kilometers and has a population of 25,42,203 as per 2011 Census data The estimated change in the population size worldwide from 2010 to 2050 is projected to be 73 percent for Muslims and 34 percent for Hindus. Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in terms of population currently. By 2050, India will have the largest populations of two religions in the world: Hinduism and Islam

In absolute terms, however, the population of Hindus at 96.63 crore is 5.6 times that of the Muslims (17.22 crore) as per the latest census. There is no cause for alarm, though, because the. In case you missed it, you can read Part 1 here.. 11/06/2020 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) - Religious freedom is a fundamental right promised to all Indians by their founding fathers. This promise is enshrined in India's constitution. Article 25 gives Indians the freedom to profess, practice, and propagate the religion of their choice

The Telangana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB) is a statutory authority entrusted to implement environmental laws and rules within the jurisdiction of the State of Telangana, India. The Board ensures proper implementation of the statutes, judicial and legislative pronouncements related to environmental protection within the State Incidentally, Rayalaseema, especially in Tirupati, is known for its considerable population of Balijas, a sub-caste of Kapu community. In 2019 elections, YSRCP bagged 23 MP seats out of 25. Brunei to face ageing population from 2020: minister. BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (Rahnuma) — Brunei will move towards an ageing population after the year of 2020, Haji Aminuddin Ihsan,the sultanate's Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, said on Sunday. According to statistics from the Department of Economic Planning and Development in 2016, the age group of those over 65 is approximately 6.

Share of caste demographics India 2019. Published by Statista Research Department , Oct 16, 2020. The population of India is divided into several groups based on social, educational, and financial. New Delhi: Telangana Assembly on Monday passed a resolution against the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Register of Citizens (NRC) and National Population Register (NPR. Population: 13 million. Festivals: Pola, a cattle festival, Phag, Nagpanchami, and Dassera. Dance: Saila Dance, Karma Dance, Rina, Dadariya and Ahirai Dance, Ditong or Gedi Dance. Many Gonds worship Ravana. Cockfighting is their favourite pastime. Ghotul is a religious and social Center them and is a village dormitory for unmarried girls and boys A glimpse into the future of the West. Bhainsa: Journalist reports how Muslim mobs attacked Hindu homes amidst chants of 'Allah ho Akbar', Telangana govt targets him with FIRs, OpIndia, February 3, 2020 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): The Telangana Government has filed two FIRs against a Hyderabad-based journalist, Sridharan Siddhu, for exposing the truth about the Bhainsa violence Narsampet Elections Results 2018 - Know Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) election Live Updates and Latest News of Narsampet constituency, Current MLA, Candidate List, Previous MLAs, Previous Assembly Elections results with party, votes and candidates names

Telangana Intermediate Exam 2021 - TSBIE conducts inter exam every year in the month of March. Check more details about TS Inter 2021 such date sheet, syllabus, pattern, preparation tips, result etc Telangana in dilemma over fresh lockdown, city denizens rush to villages 03 Jul, 2020, 09.45 PM IST. Holding a high-level review on rising Coronavirus spread last Sunday, chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had hinted at imposing fresh lockdown in Hyderabad for 15 days with stricter curfew conditions, which includes shutting down flights and trains

Muslims make up 14.2% of the population, according to the most recent nationwide census, up from 13.4%, as the Hindu population has fallen to 79.8% from 80.5% in 2001 Though in an aside, Quraishi points out that the projected share of Hindus in India's total population in 2021 is shown as 80.3 versus 79.80 percent. Again taking recourse to the official data, the author writes, The population share of various religions has come down in the 2001-2011 decade

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  1. Cattle population in India 2016-2020. A large portion of the population across all religious groups, including Hindus consumed meat in one form or another. its southern state of Telangana.
  2. HYDERABAD: The anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Population Register() and National Register of Citizens (NRC) stir is set to intensify in Telangana as an umbrella organisation of various groups on Tuesday announced a series of protest activities.United Muslim Action Committee (UMAC), comprising All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM), Jamaat-e-Islami and others chalked out.
  3. Of the 30 persons reported to be present at the spot,.Telangana. Fire. 2020 12:27 PM IST According to the central government's IT rules, obscene or offensive statement made against a person, religion, community or nation is a punishable offense, and legal action would be taken against people who indulge in such activities..
  4. s HYDERABAD: The anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Population Register( NPR ) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) stir is set to intensify in Telangana as an umbrella organisation of various groups on Tuesday announced a series of protest activities
  5. Currently, Hindus account for almost 80% of the population, followed by Muslims at 14.2% and Christians at 2.3% with several other religions representing 1% or less of the population each. Freedom of religion is a fundamental right guaranteed by Article 25-28 of the Constitution of India, enacted in 1949

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Family Welfare of Kerala on 5th January 2020, much earlier than the first case detection in India. Importation and transmission-based approach for Testing Strategy On January 26th 2020, even before the first case of COVID-19 was reported in the state (9). It is made available under a CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 International license India is the second most populated country in the world with nearly a fifth of the world's population.According to the 2019 revision of the World Population Prospects the population stood at 1,352,642,280.. Between 1975 and 2010, the population doubled to 1.2 billion, reaching the billion mark in 1998

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