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Fstoppers Reviews the Intrepid 4x5 Film Camera. by Hans Rosemond. October 31, 2016. 14 Comments. 14 Comments. This one hurts. I don't think I've ever written a review for a product that I wanted. The New Intrepid 4x5 MK3 - Field Test and Review. November 12, 2018 Alex Burke. The new Intrepid MK3 4x5, looking good in red in the wild. After a year of backpacking with the intrepid 4x5 camera, I realized I was really falling in love with the idea of just using a lightweight wooden box to create images The Intrepid camera is likely one of the most popular film cameras today. It became that way through offering a good product at a low price. In this video, Kyle McDougall reviews the Intrepid 4x5.

Review : Intrepid 4x5 Generation II . Here is the 20s version of this article : This camera is a fantastic alternative for an experienced large format user who needs a light weight alternative for backpacking. Inexperienced or people new to large format may get frustrated by lack of precision in some movements INTREPID CAMERA 4X5 Gen 2 Users & Reviews. The first batch of 123 Gen 3 INTREPID 4X5 camera has shipped, with one received here. Took about 10 weeks from order. It seems to be a big improvement over the Kickstarter Gen 2 which I have not seen in hand. Just unboxed and it is impressively lightweight, yet both sturdy and fragile Advice purchase of 4x5 field camera: Intrepid mk4 vs Shen-Hao (HZX45-IIA) vs Chamonix Discussion in 'Large Format Cameras and Accessories' started by Photopathe, Feb 19, 2020. Share This Page Just did a review/comparison on two related cameras: the Toyo CF45 and the Nagaoka. Different cameras but same issues and tradeoffs No. Jun 4, 2019. #1. I've been interested in trying 4x5. The mk4 intrepid 4x5 has a 6 week wait time and obviously no lens. With a lens and a film holder or 2 probably looking at £500. Is that a good buy or would an speed graphic type camera on eBay (providing it's good quality) be a better buy Hello, I have a bathroom the size of a matchbox. I would like to make 8x10 enlargements out of 4x5 negatives, and the Intrepid Enlarger Kit seems like a decent enough option. However, I cannot find a longterm user review. I did an advanced search on the forum, and that turned up empty. Please share your experiences with using this product

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The Intrepid is a superb camera, consisting of the right compromises of design and cost, and ideal for those who are looking to make a first foray into large format. It is, in essence, a great 'learning' camera: affordable, light and straightforward to use. I write this review as an experienced photographer, especially a 35mm one My first images using the Intrepid 4x5 MK4 large format film camera. This is not a paid review. Yes, they sent me the camera, but I chose to do this video.Ch..

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  1. The Intrepid 4x5 MK4 and 8x10 MK2 are two new large format film cameras at a fraction of the price and weight of their traditional counterparts. Both models offer features only usually seen in the high end market, and they are incredibly refined and precise but still affordable and super lightweight
  2. Weights for these cameras can range from 900 grams (just under 2 pounds) for the ultra-light Intrepid 4x5, up to 3 to 4 kilograms (6-8 pounds) for some of the heavier metal 4x5's such as a Toyo Field and Linhof Technika. There are also press cameras which sort-of fall into this category. These are the old 4x5 cameras that news photographers.
  3. Intrepid 4x5 Camera 3rd Generation. Perfect or Like new Condition. Intrepid Ground Glass Protector Black. Clear Ground Glass Protector. Level mounted on Rear Standard. Nikkor W 150mm f.56. Excellent Condition. No scratches, no dents no fungus or no cleaning marks. Shutter works perfect (T, B, 1-500) Shen Hao lensboard. Front and Rear Cap
  4. A return to 4x5 photography.#intrepid4x5 #intrepidcamera #largeformat #filmphotography #landscapephotographyMy return to the 4x5 film format with the purcha..
  5. After launching its affordable 4x5 large format camera in 2014, Intrepid is back with a new product called the Intrepid Enlarger. It's an attachment tha
  6. Intrepid mk3 4×5 Camera Review. After more than a year using the mk2 version of the Intrepid, I recently picked up the new mk3 version. Many people have been curious about the new camera so I wanted to put a video together showing the features. I HIGHLY recommend that you read my written review here as I was able to go into greater details on.

The Intrepid 4x5 camera is a modern marvel - a large format camera that costs less than some digital point-and-shoots, and weighs less than a Hasselblad 500, or even a digital SLR with a medium-sized lens. This means there is now a truly portable, hand-luggage friendly 4x5 camera Intrepid 4x5 Mk 4 camera - new adventure. October 16, 2020. It took me only two years to get back to large format photography. And I mean here - camera with the lens as I am continually using my incredible pinhole cameras with perspective correction ( 4x5 and 8x10 ). After selling Sinar F2 (in 2018), which I had been using for many years, I. The Intrepid Enlarger is the ultimate DIY photography tool, converting your 4x5 camera into a darkroom enlarger. It's so compact and lightweight it could fit in a coat pocket, use it in your bathroom, darkroom or anywhere you can squeeze into and make dark. The light source fits to the back of the Intrepid 4x5 (or most other 4x5 cameras) and. Intrepid 4×5 MK4 Camera. ₾ 1,160.00. Now in its 4th generation, the Intrepid 4×5 is a modern rethink of the traditional large format field camera. *Camera only. Lens not included. color. Choose an option Red. Choose an Option Clear. Intrepid 4x5 MK4 Camera quantity

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The prototype Intrepid 4×5 camera is designed to be easily folded up for compact storage. Made of birch plywood and milled using a CNC router, the camera weighs a mere 2.6lbs and features. MPJ #111: Intrepid Camera 4x5 Review + Giveaway. February 14, 2017. You, you heard me right, I'm giving away a 4x5 camera. A very cool company based out of the UK is building lightweight, sturdy, and very reasonably priced large format cameras. They currently have a 4x5 camera on the market, and are working on an 8x10

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Intrepid 4X5 just came in. It's a crappy shot but the amount of detail in the negative is incredible. Ilford FP4+ // D-76 1:1. Photo. 0 comments. share. save. hide Coccinelle !! [Intrepid 4x5 + Fujinon W 210mm f/5.6 + Fujifilm FP-100C] f/8 - 1/125s : largeformat. Coccinelle !

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The new Intrepid enlarger and timer kit, which launches in October on Kickstarter (Pic: Intrepid) Intrepid, the company behind a range of large-format cameras, has launched an enlarger kit which turns any 4×5 camera into a photographic enlarger.. The enlarger and timer kit was launched via Kickstarter on 4 October and run for 30 days - and had raised almost 300% of the funds needed by. Of course, the biggest benefit to the Intrepid has nothing to do with the Intrepid camera itself but rather the 4x5 format and the tilt and shift capabilities which are common with view cameras. Firstly, 4x5 sheets have a surface area which is 14.9 times larger than 35mm film (known in the digital world as full frame) which means that the. Intrepid 4×5, SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH Symmar - S 135mm f/5,6, Ilford HP5+, Rodinal It was a great experience to try the large format way of shooting. Looking through the ground glass, sliding in the film holder, removing the dark-slide, and operating the shutter is a greatly meditative process Intrepid Enlarger launches. Richard Pickup. July 19, 2019. The Intrepid Camera company is now selling a kit that converts their 5x4 camera into an enlarger. In their own words: The Intrepid Enlarger is the ultimate DIY photography tool, converting your 4x5 camera into a darkroom enlarger to make prints from your 4x5, 120, and 35mm negatives Be the first to review this product. $95.00. SKU. Plate Holder, 4x5. Qty. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Here it is, our very own, 4x5 Plate Holder! If you're shooting 4x5, this is a must have

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INTREPID 8X10 VIEW CAMERA TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS. The very first thing that jumps out to me is the weight (or lack of weight more exactly). Coming in at less than 5 lbs./2.2 Kg is really pretty amazing for an 8x10 view camera. A 4x5 reducing back is available via the Kickstarter page too, but no 5x7 reducing back at this time. I would. Ultra Light 2 in 1 Integrated Ground Glass Fresnel Focusing Screen for Wista Toyo Horseman Sinar Shen Hao Tachihara Linhof 4x5 Large Format Camera 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 $105.99 $ 105 . 9 Mounting the LS45. 4x5 film is near 4x5 inch, but smaller. In addition, it is held around the edges so there is less of an active area. The LS45 digital sensor is a bit larger than 4x5 inches. 5x7 Cameras are the best option for the 4x5-inch LS45 digital back to allow full coverage. This is also the easiest to mount

4x5 Cameras. *NEW* Intrepid 4X5 MK-IV Camera w/ 75mm + 127mm lenses +HOLDERS +FILM $1,295.00. Stenopeika Hyper 4X5 MKII Camera w/ 150mm + 210mm lenses +holders +fresnel +film $1,695.00. Toyo 4X5 metal field camera with 165mm lens + holders + Fresh Film *NEW BELLOWS* $1,198.00. Calumet CC400 4X5 Camera with 127mm Lens + FRESH FILM + Holders #2. Review of Olympus Zuiko 35mm/f2.8 SHIFT lens. lympus Zuiko 35mm/f2.8 SHIFT lens has been used by the photographer for various landscape photography assignment. 2017 Intrepid, 4x5, Large Format, Intrepid Camera, Review, Film, Ben Horne, Ilford, FP4+, Ilfosol,. The Intrepid Camera Co., based in the UK developed a wood platform 4x5 camera. They aim to change the face of the large format photography scene by making it transportable and much Oct 22, 2014 - If you've been wanting to make the jump into large format photography on a budget, the Kickstarter for The Intrepid 4x5 may be your ticket intrepid MK IV 4x5 Large Format Camera. Intrepid MK IV 4x5 Large Format Camera. for sale is linhof technikardan 4x5 large format camera with standard bellows, bag bellows and linhof tripod mounting plate. For your consideration is this 4x5 camera . It's in beautiful, like new condition with only a small amount of wear and tear View Details. K B Canham 4X5 DLC 4X5 View Camera Body. $1,486.10. 254431. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. View Details. View Details. Wista 4x5 Field 45DX Folding View Camera, Cherry. $915.18

One lucky winner will be chosen by Alan Ross from the photographers selected for this group exhibition to receive an Intrepid 4x5 MK3 Camera courtesy of Intrepid Camera!. The 4x5 MK3 camera is the third generation of the Intrepid 4x5 which is a modern take on the classic 4x5 format that combines traditional carpentry with state of the art modern manufacturing The Zoom fits into the the Intrepid Mk3 4x5 well with some care. My Intrepid spring back has a problem where it can come loose from one pin if stretched too far. This means I have to be extra careful loading the Zoom back into it. Composition I had not gotten around to making a retention clip for the composition insert

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Homesteader is a manufacturer of quality trailers to travel all of America's beautiful roadways! Founded in 1985, Homesteader has grown into one of the nations leading manufacturer of enclosed cargo trailers, hydraulic dump trailers, motorcycle trailers, enclosed car hauler auto trailers and horse trailers Pentax Zoom 105 Super features: bells and whistles, bells and whistles. All the usual, plus multiple exposure, intervalometer, and a super macro that's accessed through a sliding panel on the camera's side. The macro is decidedly un-super, maxing at a distance of a foot and a half. Exposure compensation. Portrait mode Cambo C-242 Overview. The Cambo C-242 Roll Film Holder is designed to fit in standard spring-loaded or Graflok-type 4 x 5 camera backs and enable the use of either 120 or 220 roll films. The slim profile of the holder enables it to slide into the camera back similar to a 4 x 5 sheet film holder, without the need to remove the ground glass frame Most relevant reviews See all 11 reviews. by antonlonnerbro 04 Jan, 2018. A must have for any 4x5 camera user! I use this product for my Intrepid 4x5 camera. It seems this is generic size and it works great, made a huge difference in brightness. The quality is as expected great Toyo-View 180-726 Overview. Can be inserted into any standard 4x5 camera back without removal of the focusing frame, just as when using an ordinary cut film back. Toyo-View 180-726 Specs. Packaging Info

Most relevant reviews See all 8 reviews. by antonlonnerbro Jan 04, 2018. A must have for any 4x5 camera user! I use this product for my Intrepid 4x5 camera. It seems this is generic size and it works great, made a huge difference in brightness. The quality is as expected great Ultra Bright 4x5 Fresnel Screen Feature: High bright, accurate and clear, 1 to 2 stops brighter than general fresnel screen. Compatibility: For Arca Swiss, Tachihara, Technika III camera Size: 101x125mm Material: Acrylic (PMMA) Package: 1x Fresnel Screen (Note: The roll film shown is not included.) Installation: The Fresnel is put in front of the ground glass, the matt surface towards the lens. Adorama Exclusive: ProOptic Lens Wrap, 19x19 (530x520mm), Black MFR: M6325-6899369 Large format 4x5 film is not cheap so I don't want to screw up any of the photos! Luckily, I got a how to shoot 4x5 large format tutorial from my friends put me on the right track. This is my first time with the Intrepid 4x5 camera as well. It was a really fun experience using the Intrepid for making my first 4x5 negatives Jan 24, 2021. #1. Hopefully I'm wrong about this and someone can call me a noob, but I think there's a problem with my shiny new toy. One of the features of the intrepid mk4 is the magnets which locate the ground glass when rotating between landscape and portrait position. I think mine are missing or installed incorrectly

4x5 135/1.8 a7r3 a7riii a7rm3 Adapter art lens blossoms Canon Cats Film film scanning flowers FP-100C FP-3000B FujiFilm Instant Film instax Intrepid Large Format Lens Macro mc-11 Nature petals photography sigma Son Intrepid 4x5 Mk iii I've purged most of my Pentax gear to put toward a business venture (unrelated to photography) and recently that trajectory has moved - just about in-line with my luck really. So, I decided that medium format > full frame > APS-C > M43, etc (I know I'm generalizing here)

Developed Film From Afternoon With Intrepid 4×5 Large Format Film Camera So this is a followup post from the Afternoon with Intrepid 4×5 Large Format Film Camera.I got the film back from The Darkroom, after having mailed the 4×5 negatives in their film holders over for processing.I get my film holders and developed film back in about a week, which is great Out today shooting this old house in the field. Thanks to Steve & Bob for there help in this production. Intrepid 4x5 Camera, Kodak tri-x 320, Sekonic L 858 light meter. Shot with the Nikon D-750. I am a Landscape & Portrait Photographer & Videographer Vintagelens is a oneman company run from the small town of Baambrugge in the greater Amsterdam area in The Netherlands. Edwin Molenaar, the owner, is a driven photographer with a passion for photographic technique and photography equipment

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I love that large format seems to be coming back in fashion. I really do. In the last couple of years we've seen some great new large format cameras come into existence, like the Intrepid, and the Chroma - the latter of which we saw in person at The Photography Show.. Now we have a new one, The Standard 4×5, which is made from 3D printed parts.It's is being billed as a DIY 4×5 large. Posted in Diary Tagged 35mm, 4x5, 6x9, Agfa 100, Fuji GW 690, Ilford HP5, Intrepid, Intrepid 4x5, Kodak Portra 160, Kodak Portra 400, Large format, Leica M2, medium format, SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH Symmar - S 135mm f/5.6 Reviva Now, most people don't think of 5x7 when they think of large format. They think of 4x5, or of 8x10 or larger. But the devotee of 5x7 will tell you: 4x5 doesn't really deliver much better quality than roll film, but is a lot less convenient, and you still have to enlarge it. With 5x7, on the other hand, you have a perfect size for a contact. Intrepid 477 Evolution. 2021. Request Price. To say there is nothing like it is an understatement. This jewel of the Intrepid family is the 15-year byproduct of tirelessly chasing perfection in a luxury sport yacht. Each innovation and every upgrade was inspired by our best designers: Our customers

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Edit: I have made a lens board for the MPP Mk8 since they have gotten so expensive. Check it out in the shop. For about a year I have been thinking of getting a large format camera. Or a medium format camera that has tilt/shift, OR getting a Flexbody for the Hasselblad lenses I already own. Bu Rev 4: SP-445 Compact 4x5 Film Processing System. Description. The SP-445 film processing system: Process up to four sheets of 4x5 film at a time. Uses only 16 oz (475ml) of solution. Daylight safe. Fills and drains fast. Inversion agitation, Stand development or anything in-between. Built-in liquid level indicators

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The CHAMONIX View Camera manufacturer is actually a small workshop of eight experienced craftsmen located in Haining city of Zhejiang Province, China. The founder of the company is himself a Chinese photographer and mountaineer. There is an old Chinese saying: A journey of ten thousand miles starts with the first step The Intrepid Enlarger has been launched thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised over £100,000 thanks to over 400 backers and allows you to create incredible prints from your 4x5. This week I have been exploring beautiful Slovenian Alps with my Intrepid 4x5 Large Format Camera loaded with Fomapan 100 film. After one week of rain and fog I was blessed with stunning weather and views over the highest snow-covered peaks. To finish things off I also show you how I develop the Foma 100 film using home made D-76 developer Posted by James Cockroft 2 Jun 2021 30 May 2021 Posted in Film, Photography Tags: Fuji Astia, Fujinon W 125mm f/5.6, Intrepid 4x5 mk. IV, Intrepid Pinhole lensboard, Kodak Ektachrome 64T Leave a comment on Arkansas 2021 - Pinholes (2) & Panoramas (1

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Affordable cameras from 297€ up to 799€ from 4x5 to 8x10 format, very light and easy camera, with all magnetic parts. view more. Folding cameras classic. Classic folding cameras from 4x5 up to 20x24 format, very strong and precise cameras with very large movements, customizable and with the possibility to choose the carbon fiber base. Nov 4, 2014 - If you've been wanting to make the jump into large format photography on a budget, the Kickstarter for The Intrepid 4x5 may be your ticket. The Intrepid Camera Co., based in the UK developed a wood platform 4x5 camera. They aim to change the face of the large format photography scene by making it transportable and muc

The Toyo 4×5 field camera includes a versatile tapered bellows, which provides extensive front standard movements while enabling compact bellows compression for portability. A full range of focal length lenses ranging from a 90mm wide angle to a 400mm telephoto, are fully compatible when mounted on a flat lens board with the 45CF Shot this with my 4x5 Intrepid camera on expired Kodak plus-x aerographic 2402 aerial reconnaissance film wich i cut to sheets in my darkroom. Intrepid 4x5 view camera. Fujinon-w 150mm/f5.6. Yellow filter. Plus-x aerographic 2402 exp 05/2000 ei200. Rodinal 1:50 13mi The Wheel and cycling trade review . t con-sists of a mahogany camera, made of well-seasoned wood, nicely polished and finished. Pictures 4x5 inches can be made with it. Ithas a folding bed, and is furnished with a goodachromatic lens Michael Strickland is a born and raised Kanasas large format landscape photographer. Michael focuses his work on peaceful images of the United States including the Kansas landscape, the desert southwest and the California Big Sur seascape Analog Photography Equipment. CatLABS Shop Now. info@catlabs.info / 617-971-8695. Online Store by Big Carte

Ultra Bright 4x5 Fresnel For Large Format Camera Ultra bright Fresnel lens, Size 101x127x0.85mm, fits almost all 4x5 camera, like Linhof, Toyo, Sinar,Wista,Horseman, Deardorff, Shen Hao, Intrepid, etc..... Installation guide: place the Fresnel in front of the ground glass, the matt surface towards the lens, the bright surface towards the ground glass Thanks for your review of a fine camera. I have the later EOS 1n version. It uses 4, AA batteries in the base, and 1, 2CR5 battery in the grip with a selection switch. I normally use the AA batteries due to the cost and availability of the 2CR5 NEWS: Intrepid Launch 4x5 Black Edition - Limited-Run 3D Printed Large Format Camera. Support.

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You define the image. Swings, tilts, shifts - with the adjustable Sinar p3-df you have full control over your images. Influence and dynamize the perspective. Set selective sharpness and blur. Get correct proportions and undistorted angles every time. Use these adjustment options directly on your view camera Reviews. Photos. About. Community. See more of Jaffa Graves on Facebook. Log In. or. Intrepid 4x5 Fomapan 100. Jaffa Graves. March 22 · # photographer # greensboroartist # triad # largeformatphotography # 4x5film # 4x5 # 4x5photography # intrepidcamera # intrepid # homedeveloped # filmphotography # analogphotography # flowers.

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Attribute Blurb Lulu Size 13x11 (330 x 280 mm) 8.3 × 11.7 (210 × 297 mm) Cover Imagewrap Hardcover Softcover Pages 90 104 Paper Lustre Premium 100# (148gsm) Coated White 80# (118gsm) Price US $147.87 US $19.03 Before I go into more detail I must reiterate what I said in the earlier post. My experience with Blurb in the pas Staff Review: Fed 2. Coming from the (Ukraine-based) Fed factory that's known for its well-crafted cameras, The Fed 2 is a series of rangefinder cameras with six variations - Fed 2a, Fed 2b, Fed 2c, Fed 2d, Fed 2L, and Fed 2e. The differences between these models are minimal - only a few adjustments, mostly design-related At a bare minimum to start in 4x5 you need a camera body, lens, film holder, dark cloth for focusing, meter and a tripod. Camera. The camera is built with teak wood and stainless steel. The Shen-Hao comes in a natural wood finish (seen here) and also comes painted black. I first had a black model but it shows wear a bit more The Standard 4x5 Kit. Build your own large format camera. SHOP NOW. YouTube. Drew Nikonowicz. 269 subscribers. Subscribe. The Standard 4x5 1.0 Assembly Time Lapse. Watch later