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The LITERAL Blood of Jesus Had to be Applied to the Mercy Seat in Heaven. The great Bible teacher, M.R. DeHaan, M.D. (pictured below), has it 100% correct when he states concerning the blood of Jesus.. Jesus' Liquid Blood Had to Be Applied in Heaven. By David J. Stewart | July 2014. Hebrews 12:24, And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel. Jesus ascended into Heaven and sprinkled His literal, liquid, blood upon the Mercy Seat, completely redemption (Hebrews 9:12,24; 12:24)

John MacArthur declares that the blood of Jesus was just liquid and was never applied in heaven. Apparently this is all a big mis-understanding. Apparently John MacArthur was deliberately taken out of context and has had to deal with the consequences ever since. Why John MacArthur's recent study bible says the blood of Jesus is liquid (on important verses) is another question But the blood was applied to heaven on the basis of His sacrifice alone. When He entered heaven, He did so already having obtained eternal redemption from sin (Heb 9:12).* So when Christ ascended the morning of His resurrection to enter into heaven, the purging of sin had already been completed by the blood shed at His death The blood of Jesus had to be applied to the heavenly mercy seat to redeem mankind. If Jesus' blood had soaked into the ground at Calvary, then the sins of humanity could not have been taken away. Hebrews 9:12, Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal.

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Heaven and all things in heaven were defiled by the rebellion of Satan and the fallen angels, who followed Satan in his rebellion against God. Revelation 12:4 shows that when Satan rebelled against God, one-third of the angels under him followed. Ephesians 6:12 says that these rebellious angels are forces of evil in the heavenlies 20 Saying, This is the blood of the testament which God hath enjoined unto you. 21 Moreover he sprinkled with blood both the tabernacle, and all the vessels of the ministry. 22 And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission Jesus Christ, the one perfect God-man, came to offer the pure, complete and everlasting sacrifice to make payment for our sin. Hebrews chapters 8-10 beautifully explain how Christ became the eternal High Priest, entering heaven (the Holy of Holies), once and for all, not by the blood of sacrificial animals, but by his own precious blood on the cross Aug 25, 2013. #6. Well the above text in Revelation shows that Jesus is in Heaven as our Ark of the Testimony, and that as the Temple on earth is now closed for business, the Temple in Heaven is now open for business. Romans 3:25 shows that He is our Propitiatory or Mercy Seat, as I John 2:2 and 4:10 show that He is the means of our.

Satan, look at the blood! You ask me to look at my failures and my sinfulness, but I demand you to look at the blood! This really gives us peace. We have the blood of Christ, and the blood gives us peace. Hallelujah! We do have an altar for the shedding of the blood, and we have the sprinkling of the blood around the altar The Bible is very plain that Jesus entered into the heavenly holy place after He arose from the dead. Jesus ascended into Heaven with His blood. The blood had to be applied. Hebrews 9:12, Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us Do you want to start pleading the blood of Jesus also? If so, the first step is to understand what the blood of Jesus purchased for us. Look at what the Bible says in Hebrews 10:19-23: Therefore, brethren, having boldness to enter the Holiest by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way which He consecrated for us, through the veil, that is, His flesh, and having a High Priest over the. The blood had to be applied afterwards. To me that's a beautiful picture. Jesus Christ presenting his blood in Heaven to God the Father. The blood of a man who was fully man (as well as fully God) and being totally without sin The blood had to be applied. It was not optional. Likewise, the blood of Jesus had to be applied to the Mercyseat in Heaven. The death of Jesus was not enough. When the Old Testament high priest entered into the holy of holies, he absolutely needed to bring the blood of a slain lamb with him (Hebrews 9:7)

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  1. We are not saved by some mystical heavenly application of Jesus' literal blood. Nothing in Scripture indicates that the literal blood of Christ is preserved in heaven and applied to individual believers. When Scripture says we're redeemed by the blood (1 Pet. 1:18-19), it is not speaking of a bowl of blood in heaven
  2. The blood is of no effect until it is applied by testimony (Rev. 12:11; Heb. 3:1) 5. Our Passover lamb is Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 5:7) II. How To Transfer Blood From The Basin To Your Life A. Sevenfold application of blood of Jesus 1. Redemption: being bought back a. We must be in Christ (Eph. 1:7) b. Redeemed by Christ's blood (1 Pet. 1:18-19) c
  3. g Blood Blood. For as for the life of all flesh, its blood is identified with its life. Therefore I said to the sons of Israel, 'You are not to eat the blood of any flesh, for the life of all flesh is its blood; whoever eats it shall be cut off.'. Leviticus 17:11
  4. I rise to walk in heaven's own light, Above the world and sin; With heart made pure and garments white, And Christ enthroned within. 4 Amazing grace! 'tis heaven below To feel the blood applied, And Jesus, only Jesus, know, My Jesus crucified
  5. blood in Scripture has become associated with the name of B. F. Westcott (1825-1901). His viewpoint is summed up in the statement that the blood poured out is the energy of present human life made available for others.12 Applied to Christ, this means that by His death and blood-shedding He made the virtue of His life accessibl
  6. Gospel, Transmission Of The Spirit Of Truth Revelation, In Nt The Witness Of The Holy Spirit. This is the One who came by water and blood, Jesus Christ; not with the water only, but with the water and with the blood. It is the Spirit who testifies, because the Spirit is the truth. Hebrews 9:12-14. and not through the blood of goats and calves.
  7. Bible verses about Cleansed By The Blood. Leviticus 14:1-57 ESV / 10 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful. The Lord spoke to Moses, saying, This shall be the law of the leprous person for the day of his cleansing. He shall be brought to the priest, and the priest shall go out of the camp, and the priest shall look

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The Blood of Heaven is the story of Angel Woolsack, a preacher's son, who flees the hardscrabble life of his itinerant father, falls in with a charismatic highwayman, then settles with his adopted brothers on the rough frontier of West Florida, where American settlers are carving their place out of lands held by the Spaniards and the French. Nothing but the blood of Jesus. This is all my hope and peace, Nothing but the blood of Jesus; This is all my righteousness, Nothing but the blood of Jesus. It appears that, if you are Washed in the Blood, you will have a Crown of Righteousness waiting for you in Heaven! The Crown of Glory - ( 1 Peter 5:4) And when the Chief. Jesus ascended into Heaven and sprinkled His literal, liquid, blood upon the Mercy Seat, completely redemption (Hebrews 9:12,24; 12:24). If Jesus' blood had never made it to Heaven and been sprinkled on the Mercy Seat in the Holy Place, then Christ's sacrifice on the cross would HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY VOID!!! The blood had to be applied The blood of Jesus Christ is at the very core of Christianity. It is the most powerful substance in the universe. The blood of Jesus is so powerful that is completely decimating the enemies attacks and strategies against us--if we know how to apply it! These prayers are taken from my new book The Go

The Bible calls John MacArthur a liar and false prophet, because the blood had to be applied in Heaven, just as the Old Testament high priest had to apply the lamb's blood once a year to the mercy seat in the earthly tabernacle. The Death of the Passover Lamb Was NOT Enough. When the Lord was going to pass over Egypt and destroy the firstborn. A. Blood applied to the horns (speaks of power) of the Altar teaches that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. B. Sprinkling blood on the Altar speaks of Christ propitiating the Godhead on the Cross. C. Pouring the blood out at the base of the Altar portrays unlimited atonement One is that the blood of Christ was divine, the other is that the literal blood of Christ was physically transported to Heaven after His death (by an angel or some other means). The first of these leads, albeit unwittingly, to a heretical view of the person of Christ. The second is an unscriptural superstition, due to a misapplication of Old. Blood was applied to the Mercy Seat in Heaven for all our sins. Heb 9:12 Of course we may face Satan's accusations every day , but it happens only right here on earth, and never in Heaven for true believers , ever since the finished Work of the Cross. God allows Satan's accusations against us o

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Redemption through His Blood 11 But when Christ came as high priest of the good things that have come, He went through the greater and more perfect tabernacle that is not made by hands and is not a part of this creation. 12 He did not enter by the blood of goats and calves, but He entered the Most Holy Place once for all by His own blood, thus securing eternal redemption. 13 For if the blood. Colossians 1:20 - And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself; by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven. 1 Peter 1:2 - Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through sanctification of the Spirit, unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus. The Tribulation Martyrs are killed, specifically John tells us in Revelation 20:4 that they are beheaded, because they refuse to worship the beast, the image of the beast or have the mark of the beast applied to their body. We know the Tribulation Martyrs go to the third Heaven because John tells us they do in Revelation 7:13-1 (5) From Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten (or, firstborn) of the dead, and the prince (or, ruler) of the kings of the earth. —The triple title applied to Christ corresponds to the three ideas of this book. Christ the Revealing Prophet, the Life-giving High Priest, and the real Ruler of mankind And through the blood of Jesus Christ the Mediator of the new covenant, which is applied on the mercy seat over the ark of God's covenant in the sanctuary in heaven, obtain remission for our past transgressions, and finally with the redeemed stand upon Mount Zion. ARSH May 13, 1862, page 189.19 R F Cottrel

Here's why: Although Jesus' blood was shed on the cross in the past, it is now given and applied to us in the present. That's why the book of Hebrews can speak about Jesus' blood being applied to us in the present tense. For it is. But instead of the blood being sprinkled on us, as in the Old Covenant, we receive it in the Supper By David Wilkerson April 15, 1996 _____ Without a doubt, the blood of Jesus Christ is the most precious gift our heavenly Father has given to His church. Yet so few Christians understand its value and virtue. Christians often sing about the power of the blood

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The blood was to be applied to the door's side posts and top beam, thus making the shape of a cross! b. The home's entrance was to be covered by the blood of the Lamb God help us as Christians to have our home and the entrance to it covered by the Lamb of God's blood too! 6 The point conveyed by this imagery is that it is only through the offering of blood that the condemnation of the Law could be taken away and violations of God's laws covered. The Greek word for mercy seat in Hebrews 9:5 is hilasterion, which means that which makes expiation or propitiation. It carries the idea of the removal. When He hung on that cross, His blood was shed, and when a person comes to Christ, in repentance and faith, the shed blood is applied to that person to make him or her clean. The people in heaven are washed in the blood of the Lamb. What a statement that is! Blood usually makes horrible stains, but this blood takes our stains away

The following sermon is adapted from one given by the prince of preachers, C. H. Spurgeon (1834-1892). It is shortened from the original, but it is Spurgeon's sermon, only slightly edited to make it more understandable to people today. And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things. 55 For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink. 56 Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them. 57 Just as the living Father sent me and I live because of the Father, so the one who feeds on me will live because of me. 58 This is the bread that came down from heaven. Your ancestors ate manna and died, but whoever feeds on this bread will live forever. 59. You cannot be saved without the blood; you cannot enter Heaven without the blood applied to your soul. You must be blood washed. We are strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness (Colossians 1:11)

Job regularly made a sacrifice and applied the blood (Job 1:5), and the results echo throughout history. So must we do under the New Covenant, but the sacrifice has been made once and for all through Jesus Christ and His shed blood. However, there is a major, life-changing difference. In the Old Covenant, the blood was applied with the hyssop. C. Is the blood of Jesus preserved beyond His death? D. Can the blood of Jesus be applied to people today? E. Is the blood of fallen mankind sinful blood? F. Does the Christian get a blood-transfusion of Jesus' blood? G. Will we be dipped in a vat of Jesus' blood in heaven? II. Biblical usage of the word blood

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For the blood applied Thank You Jesus It has washed me white Thank You Jesus You have saved my life Brought me from the darkness Into glorious light Time. 4/4 . CCLI. 7172456 . BPM. 61. Scripture. Ephesians 2:12-13, Ephesians 1:7. Credits: Bryan McCleery, Charity Gayle, David Gentiles, Ryan Kennedy and Steven Musso. He rose to heaven with this same flesh and blood body because he is GOD and can do such because he is GOD. Those 24 elders ,identified in Hebrews 11,by their names and heroic acts , went to heaven as living souls,whilst their dead flesh and blood bodies putrefied in their graves,as at the time they died during the generation of the OLD TESTAMENT

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Today: [Hebrews 8:] The Altar in Heaven: in this chapter, the writer of Hebrews reveals that there is an altar in heaven and a temple that Moses was shown when He received the law in the wilderness. The earthly tabernacle and priesthood was only a facsimile of an original altar in heaven whereupon Jesus as our high priest offers not the blood. No, the blood had to be applied on the doorposts of the house. When I see the blood, I will pass over you. Not, When I see the carcass, I will pass over you. When I see the blood, I will pass over you. You say, Why do you make such an issue out of this? Because if you're not washed in the blood, you're not going to go to Heaven when you die Blood is the only currency recognized in the spirit world. When Adam sinned, the Lord clothed the first couple with animal skins; that is, blood was shed to cleanse them from their sins. Their two sons sought to worship God. Cain placed beans, broccoli, and beets on the altar. Abel placed the shed blood of a lamb on the altar

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3 Old Testament Antitypes of the blood of Christ. The antitype is the real thing. The type is an image of the antitype. The hammer on an old typewriter, was the antitype. When this hammer hit the paper through the ink ribbon, it left an image of the antitype. This image is called the type. When you pulled out the paper, the letters were mere. Then he applied this blood to the altar of incense and to the altar of burnt offering which on every day of the year had been sprinkled with the blood representing confessed sins. The high priest thereby made an atonement for the sanctuary, as well as the people, and brought about cleansing of both (Lev. 16:16-20, 30-33)

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The Concepts of Heaven and Hell in Ancient Greece. The Hades Amphora, depicting Hades (right) and Persephone (left). Painted by The Oionokles Painter.. Detail from an Attic red-figure amphora, ca. 470 BC. Louvre Museum. Credit: User:Jastrow / CC BY 3.0. The Ancient Greece concepts for Heaven and Hell are of course different in many ways. Also to be found among the saints in heaven are Hymenaeus and Philetus (Dillow, p.336) and Demas (Dillow, p.339). The apostates described in 2 Peter 2:20-22 will also be in heaven (Dillow, p.467)! Hodges seems also to imply that Esau was a saved man (Heb. 12:16-17), and that his life is a warning to true believers lest they forfeit their.

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Father because of the blood. Therefore, let the blood be applied. dan dan jutawan. that Let it because of the blood. Let us experience your presence each and every day. We meet in your presence We are hungry for your presence. We are hungry for your presence Jesus, the Delight of Heaven And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation; and hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth The old covenant was the law, by which no man is saved. The blood sprinkled on the mercy seat, covered the sin of the person for one year. It did not do away with sin, it just covered it. Jesus precious blood completely did away with sin. Matthew 26:28 For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins Blemishes, or cuts, cause blood to flow in the wrong places. Cuts cause blood to flow outside the body, broken bones and other internal injuries cause blood to bruise under the skin. Under the same laws of magic discovered by ancient humans to believe blood has magic, that blood is necessary to appease stubborn and irascible gods, Yahweh included Praying by the blood of Jesus is highly crucial in spiritual warfare. The power in the blood of the Lamb is the ultimate. No power supersedes it. The blood has been shed. But it must be appropriated and applied. You have the checkbook but you must write the check, This book will teach you how to apply this principle and technique. FREE BONUS

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Binding and loosing is originally a Jewish Mishnaic phrase also mentioned in the New Testament, as well as in the Targum.In usage, to bind and to loose simply means to forbid by an indisputable authority and to permit by an indisputable authority. One example of this is Isaiah 58:5-6 which relates proper fasting to loosing the chains of injustice.. The poseks had, by virtue of their. They washed their robes in the blood of the lamb. Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. When He hung on that cross, His blood was shed, and when a person comes to Christ, in repentance and faith, the shed blood is applied to that person to make him or her clean


In fact, Scripture does not ever say that His literal blood is found in heaven. Nor is the physical blood of Christ applied to a believer. The statement in 1 John 1:7, the blood of Jesus his son cleanses us from all sin, does not mean that the blood is physically applied to us but rather that the blood shed on Calvary is the righteous ground. When He hung on that cross, His blood was shed, and when a person comes to Christ, in repentance and faith, the shed blood is applied to that person to make him or her clean Flesh and Blood cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven Many cult groups and cultic interpretations of the Scriptures deny a physical resurrection of Christ as well as a physical ascension. In doing this, they also deny that we too will have a physical resurrection