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Take a look at this video of one of our clients using Infaco's power saw to clean up the trunk of this palm tree in Southern California. Since the head of In.. A pruning saw is usually the best tool for cutting back fronds on your palm's trunk. Trim at the base close to the trunk but never make contact between your saw's blade and the trunk itself. Any cuts on your palm's trunk won't heal and will leave an easy access point for diseases or pests This video is not how I prune a roebelenii palm but how I clean the the roebelenii palm. This video is not how I prune a roebelenii palm but how I clean the the roebelenii palm Tools for Trimming Palm Tree Trunk. How to Trim Palm Tree Trunk. Step 1: Sterilize the Tools. Step 2: Prepare to Climb the Tree. Step 3: Get Rid of Dead Leaves. Step 4: Get Rid of Loose Petioles. Step 5: Trim Developing Fruits and Flowers. Step 7: Discard Trimmed Fronds Properly. Conclusion

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  1. Thank you for watching my video. This shows you how to clean up a sago palm with a chainsaw thank you for watching and I hope you like i
  2. Cleaning up a Sylvester palm helps keep it a tidy and healthy long-living tree in your yard. 1 Pour one part bleach to 10 parts water into a bucket. Place pruning shears in the solution so the..
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  4. Last year as a palm novice (I'm still a novice), I asked about my Bottle Palm on another forum. I wasn't sure why my Bottle Palm didn't look like others I'd seen. MattyB replied saying that the 'Other's' trunks were cleaned and he gave a brief description of how to clean them
  5. Recently visiting a reputable nursery I witnessed a worker cleaning the trunks of a 15 ft palm tree with a brush and staining the trunk with transparent oil type carmel colored stain in a 5 gallon bucket. I actually walked over to the bucket to see if I could identify the brand but could not. They tree he was working on looked super
  6. Using your gloves, pick up any debris from the palm tree underneath the tree and around the trunk area. Gather fallen fronds (leaf part of the palm) with a rake and place them in a wheelbarrow. This will allow you to have a clean workspace for pruning the palm
  7. Mix equal parts bleach and water in a plastic bucket until the liquid will cover the blade of the spade. For example, mix 2 gallons of bleach with 2 gallons of water in a 5-gallon bucket. 3 Wipe..

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Since the trunk still feels hard, you might notice other symptoms first, including older fronds that droop and wither, falling parallel to the palm trunk. When new growth appears, it's often stunted or has a pale color. Eventually, the trunk can collapse. The palm tree often dies within three to four years Trimming the trunk of a palm that holds onto faded fronds or just the stiff leaf stems, or petioles, is called peeling, skinning or skirting a trunk. A carpet knife, staight-edge saw or other.. Over-pruning will also make the palm's crown more susceptible to damage during winter cold spells and freezing temperatures. Fronds should be cut off close to the trunk. As the palm tree ages and the remaining frond debris falls away, the pygmy date palm will reveal an attractive, knobby textured trunk You can clean off dirt and rust with a wire-bristle brush, for example. You can disinfect the tools with a household cleaner like Lysol, 70% alcohol, bleach, or disinfectant wipes. You can sharpen your blades with a whetsone, oilstone, or a bench grinder. The first step in pruning palm trees is sterilizing the palm tree shaving tools. Clean the dirt from the tools before placing them in a disinfecting bleach solution. To sterilize chain saws, remove..

I have a pair of Washingtonia Robustus in my yard and I didn't know how to prune them. When I learned how, I decided to make a video and have some fun with t.. Avoid cutting into the trunk as this will negatively affect the health and growth of the palm tree. Pull the dead leaf down with one hand and cut at the base with your other hand. You want to cut as close to the trunk as possible. Continue cutting off each dead leaf one at a time If you can pull a little away at a time so that air can get in under all the burlap and left over stem material, it will start to harden off. Once you have a ring around the base of the trunk, the rest will slowly pull down by gravity and you can tear them away when the loosen. Over a period of a couple years you can work your way upward

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  1. The technique I used before used the same tool but left lots of fibers on the trunk. The trick is to cut around the whole palm about once per centimeter and hold the blade at 90 degrees. My brother has become a gun at cleaning washies, trachies and Livistona and goes about it as you have described
  2. Pruning palm trees is simple: Remove dead fronds (leaves) and old fruit stems. Once the old fronds turn completely brown, it's safe to prune them from the palm. Just make sure you wait until there is no green left on the frond. When removing a leaf, cut it as close to the trunk as possible
  3. Great palm choice. Royal. TOO BIG!!! This palm can only be used on large estates. Maturing to a height of 70 feet, the falling fronds can damage most plants and people. It is native to south Florida. Montgomery. Similar look to the Christmas palm but the fronds stand out straight from the trunk and the Montgomery grows taller, faster
  4. Bottle Palm Care. Bottle palm (Hyophorbe lagenicaulis), an attractive palm tree, has a stout, bottle-shaped trunk and feathery leaves. Although the tree reaches heights of only 10 to 12 feet, the.
  5. Many tree growers paint the trunk with a latex based paint for sun bleach prevention, but where trees haven't been treated the bark will lighten, dry and can crack. You can, however, darken bleached out trees' bark and protect the plants from sunscald, moisture loss and even insects with paint or tree wrap
  6. The starch of the trunk is a staple food for many Pacific Islanders, but the pulp is carefully processed to remove toxins. All parts of the sago palm are poisonous to humans, dogs, and cats, but the seeds are the most toxic. Sagos Are Poisonous! All parts of the sago palm are extremely poisonous. Most breeds of dogs stay away from these plants
  7. Skinning refers to the act of removing dead remains of fronds from a tree trunk. Many palm owners believe in a misconception that palm skinning helps them grow but instead, it leads to stunt growth. These fronds protect the tree from severe cold winter

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summer; the fierce summer sun will scorch the previously shaded trunk. In the same way, the old leaf bases clasp the trunk and give it protection. For the tree's sake, it's better to leave them. Palm trees need to have a lot of green leaves on top. If you don't like the idea of a palm tree in a skirt, it's easy to cut the dead leaves off Remove all groundcovers and shrubs within two feet of the palm trunk. Apply a mulch of organic matter about three inches deep around the base of each palm. Pruning and Sanitation: Over zealous leaf removal and trunk skinning with a chain saw can leave gaping wounds through which diseases can enter the trunk and cause decay Making horizontal lines on the trunk that all go in the same direction will create a natural looking pattern. Because many homeowners like the reddish brown color of the trunk on Mexican Fan Palms, nurseries skin the trunk of the palm removing all the old bases and exposing the trunk before selling it Make sure you do not clean the trunk all the way up to the crown. You should probably leave the top 2 feet (at minimum) of trunk alone since you don't want to get too close to the crown where the palm is growing Place the crowbar between each trunk part and use it to split them up into smaller pieces. You can then continue removing the stump altogether by using an ax to remove the trunk and root ball from the ground. Prepare some muscle pain medication because you're going to need it after this power-draining palm tree stump removal method

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I realize many here will find the idea of staining palm trunks to be unseemly, but I really like the look. Many of the resorts here in Las Vegas use some sort of spray (I have seen them applying it) on the trunks of Washies to keep the trunks looking reddish/brown. My washies looked great when I. Drill three good evenly spaced holes around the trunk, up to 1/2-inch in diameter, and with a slight downward angle toward the center of the palm trunk at the waist to chest height. Wear rubber gloves, and then fill all the holes with a 41 percent glyphosate herbicide solution (or roundup). You may need to use a plastic funnel or another method.

I'm actually looking for someone to clean mine up in Southern California. I prefer the straight smooth trunk vs a pineapple. There is a really cool video on you tube if you type in palm tree classic cut How to Clean Smooth Bark. Cold, soapy water and a light scrubbing is usually enough to remove most deposits on smooth-barked trees. Step 1: Soften Deposits. Begin the cleaning process by by spraying the tree trunk with cold water. This will loosen and soften deposits on the bark. Step 2: Mix the Washing Solutio A damaged trunk will weaken the tree and leave it susceptible to insects and diseases. Step 2 - Lay out Tarp. Lay a tarp on the ground to make the cleanup of the old fronds easier and to protect any flowers or other nearby plants. Step 3 - Cut Fronds. With your safety gear on, approach the palm tree and begin cutting

The clean base is best shown by your link's Peter Pacific, post 21. creates that. Obviously can't use the trunk as a cutting board, so have to pull the spent petiole away to not cut beyond, causing damage. That alone leaves a mess as the edge doesn't pop back to the trunk after a row is done. fav non-palm plant, my Wollemia nobilis. I like the look and will leave them be. Here is another little fern called the Resurrection Fern growing on a palm trunk. Often seen growing on the limbs of the Live Oak. First pic taken in its dry state of life. The second pic taken a few hours later of same fern after a little water 6. Apply insecticide. You can prevent insects such as palm weevil from causing damage to the tree by applying insecticide on the trunk and base of the Canary palm tree. 7. Trim and prune the tree. Remove dead fronds by using a chainsaw or a set of shears. You should regularly trim and prune your tree

When you see an old trunk at a garage sale for $10, don't ask questions. just buy it! You can figure out the next steps (like how the heck to clean it up!) after it's yours. At least that's what I thought when I first saw this old, GOLD trunk at a garage sale for $10! No, it's not actually gold Algae, moss and lichens are the three main types of green growth that can appear on tree branches and trunks. All look similar at first glance but have a few subtle distinctions. See which your tree has below. Tree Bark Fungus Identification. Algae, moss and lichens aren't harmful to trees, so don't fret if you spot any of their green growth Remove loose, tattered trunk covering, or boot, from the tree by hand. If it's not loose enough to pull away easily, leave it alone. Don't ever trim or cut it. The tree will shed the boot as needed. Use a clean, sharp pole pruner to cut off any broken, damaged, yellow or brown fronds at least a foot from the trunk Learn how to care for the Majesty Palm and other palm varieties! The Majesty Palm is a robust, tropical palm with graceful, feathery fronds that originates from Madagascar. This palm is typically found along river banks and likely got its name due to its majestic quality. Its leaves tend to grow from the trunk in an erect fashion before arching at the ends forming a large crown. While.

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  1. Thielaviopsis Trunk Rot of Palm 3 Stem bleeding is a common symptom of Thielaviopsis trunk rot observed on Cocos nucifera (coconut). This stem bleeding is a reddish-brown or brown or black stain that runs down the trunk from the point of infection (Figure 6). Since any trunk wound may result in stem bleeding
  2. Mexican palm trees can suffer from Gandoderma butt rot, a soilborne fungus that can infect all palm species. The fungus spreads upward from the soil until it destroys 80 to 90 percent of the bottom 3 to 5 feet of the trunk, causing leaves to drop and the tree to eventually die. There is no known cure or prevention for this fungus
  3. The boots add support, protection, and covering for the actual trunk to develop fully underneath. When you see a Queen palm with hourglass waves in the trunk you are seeing a tree that was improperly trimmed wherever you see the narrow places. The trunk never fully develops. The trees also hold their fullest landscape value with the boots on.
  4. But when you use a pressure washer to clean a tree, the force removes the tree's outermost layer. Depending on the PSI and type of tree, your tree can lose chunks of its bark. And if you continue to spray, you can damage the tree cells under the bark. Pressure washers, even when set to their lowest setting, are just too strong for trees

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  1. g is key to keeping these treasures healthy and thriving. Scroll on to learn how to prune palm trees - step-by-step. Step 1: Inspect the Tree. Old or dead palm tree leaves—called fronds—should be at the top of your pruning list
  2. The pygmy date palm is a type of little palm tree with spiky trunk As its common name suggests, the pygmy date palm ( Phoenix roebelenii ) is a small-sized palm tree. Repeat this process to trim and clean the entire crown
  3. Fertilize your pindo palm tree in the spring and again in midsummer, using a slow-release palm fertilizer in a 12-4-2 formulation. Apply it to the soil in a large ring starting at least 2 feet from the trunk and extending out to the drip line, which is the place where rainwater drips from the outermost fronds, at the rate of 8 ounces per inch of trunk diameter
  4. Even a mature palm tree needs a special palm fertilizer to keep its fronds looking bright and green. A palm fertilizer usually has the label 8-2-12 with a special focus on magnesium. The Canary palm tree needs magnesium to fight off diseases. Spread the fertilizer on the soil making sure it doesn't touch the trunk of the tree

Therefore you must start with cleaning and then diggings. After cleaning and digging the root ball. Locate the junction point of the parent sag palm and its pups. Use a sharp shovel or a hex saw to cut the pups out. Mark clean vertical cuts in the rootball section between both plants. They must be separated before shifting Thin crown, thin trunk. The over-trimming and reduction in food manufacturing efficiency of a palm can also result in a reduction of the trunk's width But if the clean, manicured look is required, let's prune cabbage palms correctly. The ones I saw along the causeway were pruned back too severely. To prune properly, look at the canopy of a palm as the face of a clock with the trunk going through the number 6 and the 12 position How to Shape a European Fan Palm Inspect the base of the palm every two to three months for suckers. Suckers resemble small branches or stems growing from the base of the tree. Cut the suckers off the fan palm with a sharp, clean knife. Prune the fronds when they are more than half brown to maintain the health and shape of the foliage

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The bases of royal palm leaves are tightly overlapping and form a smooth green five-foot-high region above the trunk called the crownshaft. Royal palms are considered self-cleaning: naturally dying old leaves will cleanly drop off by themselves, at a rate of about one leaf per month In cold climates, these dry leaves covering the trunk of the palm tree are a good protection for the cold, but except in these exceptions, it is important to prune the palm trees to ensure that they remain beautiful, healthy and clean. In addition, with pruning we will avoid the risk of falling dry leaves at high altitude Marilyn Barton on Sep 09, 2018. It depends on the tree. But this is normal for palm trees. Some will reveal a smooth trunk as the bark peels off. Here in Palm Desert CA, the lower bark is removed as the tree grows. Helpful Reply

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Growers rely on the trunk height for measuring and pricing palm trees by the trunk foot. The trunk height runs from the soil line up to the base of the newest emerging leaf in the crown. This means that the top end of the measurement includes the portion of the trunk holding the crown of leaves Palm tree wood is not very strong because the plant is technically not a woody tree. It is neither a hardwood or a softwood, but it can be burned as firewood and used for making wicker furniture. The wood appears as a fibrous bundle that has a light density The Bismarck Palm has exceptionally large, fan-shaped, silver-toned fronds. These are self cleaning once the palm reaches maturity, leaving a split base, or boot, at the top of the trunk. Over time, these detach, leaving a clear trunk that retains a slightly textured ring where the base had been GDY CONSULTING 1/2/2020 CITY OF INDIAN WELLS PALM TREE GUIDE Prepared By: Gregston D. Young GDY Consulting Cell-760.250.1229 GDY@earthlink.net IA Certified CAIS, CIC, CID, CIT, CLIA, CLIA, CLWM-8696

Home > Tree structure basics > Structural defects > Hollows and cavities. Hollows and cavities. Cavities and hollows in trunks and branches are typically the result of decay that followed injury. The injury often occurred many years ago (see photo). Injuries could include removing a branch with a pruning cut made too close to the trunk, removing a large branch, large branch breakage, topping. Examine Your Palm Tree . If you know what kind of palm you have that's great news, some palm trees don't need to be pruned. These are known as self-cleaning palms. Some popular self-cleaning palms are the Royal palm, Christmas palm, King palms, and Kentia palms. You'll just need to do some ground clean up and wait for fronds to drop Remove the plant from the pot and use a clean and sharp knife to remove the affected parts. Repot the plant in a new container. The new pot should be well-draining, with a hole at the bottom and preferably made of clay. If your dying Ponytail palm is a landscape plant, perform step i. above and replant it in a new location With time, Christmas palms can grow as tall as 25 feet with a canopy spread of 5 to 8 feet and a 6-inch diameter trunk. But Christmas palm's main attraction is the fall and winter appearance of very showy clusters of glossy, bright red fruits. For increased visual interest this single-trunked palm is often planted in groups of two or four The Florida thatch palm is a small, shrub-like tree with a straight, erect trunk and fan-shaped leaves that are yellowish-green. Most of these trees reach around ten feet in height. They have a moderate growth rate and work well as a shrub around homes

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The date palm's grayish trunk sports diamond-shaped marks from old fronds and creates lines in the landscape with its vertical height. The bluish green fronds may reach lengths of 18 to 20 feet. Occasionally, fronds will die and require removal to keep the date palm looking clean The Pygmy Date Palm or Dwarf Date Palm, Latin name Phoenix roebelenii, is a very popular single trunk palm that is most often sold as multiple plants in the same pot. However, in the wild, it often suckers naturally. It is also called the Dwarf Date Palm and often (misspelled) as the roebelenii palm The Tree Planters Presents Our Triple Trunk Sylvester Palm. The Tree Planters Presents Our Washington Palm. Gorgeous Magnolia Trees from The Tree Planters. The Tree Planters Presents Our Sycamore Tree. How to Clean the Nut On a Pygmy Date Palm. Crepe Myrtle-Natchez-White 30′. American and French antique trunks, wardrobe trunks, coffee table trunks, steamer trunks are what we work on, every day of the week. Why not turn that dusty and rusting old trunk in your garage or attic into a usable, clean and beautiful piece of furniture that will last for centuries to come, to be passed from generation to generation

When you remove the pups from the trunk of a sago palm, make sure you get the entire stem. You may have to go into the trunk a little to get the base of the stem. ANSWER: Yes, you can carefully remove the pups from the original plant, and you can do it now Use lopping shears to saw the leaves off of the trunk of the palm. Leave the base or boot of the palm frond attached to the tree. Use a linoleum knife to cut all of the boots down to the same level with a linoleum knife. In dry climates, these boots often fall away on their own How To Remove Palmetto Palms: Remove palmetto leaves from the palm trunk with a machete, lopper, sharp shovel or pole saw. Remove loose debris from the palmetto trunks such as fibers and fallen leaves or pine needles. Either cut the palmetto trunks into large chunks and leave these to dry for a few months or

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  1. The W filiferi is a semi-self-cleaning palm having lost all but the most recently deceased leaves near the top of the palm. Pruning some palms can also require a lot of care and skill, not just to get the trunks clean, or even carved to look like a sculpture, but to avoid being seriously injured by the sharp leaf base spines or petiolar teeth
  2. Ganodera palm disease, also called ganoderma butt rot, is a white rot fungus that causes palm tree trunk diseases. It can kill palm trees.Ganoderma is caused by the pathogen Ganoderma zonatum, and any palm tree can come down with it.However, little is known about the environmental conditions that encourage the condition
  3. Polyurethane for my sylvester palm. I had a few sylvester palms planted about 5 months ago, The thing that sold me was the way the nusery polyurethaned the trunks, GORGEOUS looking trees. (I think it was polyurethane) Well the poly,shellac or varnish is fading. The guy at the nursery is not giving up his secret formula and is playing dumb
  4. Within a year or so, virtually all of the old dead leaves and leaf bases will have been shed, leaving a clean trunk with a canopy of living leaves at the top. Once this stage of maturity is reached, the palm becomes largely self-cleaning, that is, old leaves will fall off naturally as they die rather than having to be cut off manually

The palm in your video appears to be a Queen palm with some scale on its trunk. Queen palms are very needy. They need lots of water and fertilizer to be healthy and a healthy palm is much less likely to attract insect pests. We have many tall King and Queen palm trees in our back yard, and we haven't water them Palm trees with crownshafts are considered self-cleaning, which means that aging leaves fall off, including the crownshaft. Brown tips are evident on this species after hot, dry, or cold weather. Simply trimming it, or giving it a haircut, will make the plant look neater. Ideally, this palm prefers a region with humidity palm trunks many different appearances a pictorial presentation thick or thin smooth or spiney swollen or tubular bizarre shaped or uniform crown shaft or not shaggy or clean single or multiple colorful or dull white rings or checkered and, yes, pretty or sort of ugly almost anything you can imagine

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Alice on Mar 05, 2018. I found someone with the same problem and here is a Plant Expert Reply: Spray with a permethrin or pyrethrin based insecticide, depending on whether its outdoors or indoors, to prevent insects. If there is sponge-like or slimy tissue, it may need a fungicide, otherwise it should heal over Growing with a smooth, concrete pylon-like trunk, a royal palm matures 50 to 100 feet tall. Horticulturists regard this palm as self-cleaning, meaning it will drop old, dead fronds from the leafy canopy. This is dangerous since each 12- to 18-foot-long frond is heavy and can damage property or hurt people as it crashes to the ground with a.

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A cracked palm tree is not necessarily a lost cause, and there are ways to treat unhealthy trees that have cracks in the trunk to help them get better. However, when cracks appear, it's a bad sign and there's an even higher risk of these kinds of damaged trees getting infected or infested, so removal might be required Remove moss from tree trunks and branches by performing the following steps: Spray with a non-toxic moss killer. Let moss killer work for 1-2 days. Remove dead moss with a soft broom or brush. Use a hose or gentle pressure washer to remove moss residue from the tree. Prune tree branches to allow more sunlight to reach previously mossy areas

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Another benefit is the way the palm plants clean and purify the air in your household. They remove toxins from the air and help you breathe cleaner and fresher air even without using air fresheners. According to a study by NASA, houseplants like palm trees remove air pollutants at a high rate. Palm trees are known for their longevity. They last. Water your newly-planted sabal palm tree two or three times per week for the first six months, soaking the soil around the roots to a depth of 1 ½ feet. Apply a 12-4-12 or 13-3-13 NPK slow-release palm fertilizer two to four times per year to your established sabal palm tree. Feed the palm tree ½ pound of the fertilizer per 1 inch of trunk. Palm trees are pretty recognizable, as they have unique feather-shaped or fan-like fronds. However, there are thousands of palm species, and telling one from another can get tricky. To identify a palm, note features such as frond shape, color, trunk coverings and number, and size. What are the parts of a palm tree? Palm tree anatomy Pressure washers often include a separate reservoir for cleaning solutions. If you forget to turn off the valve to the cleaning chamber, you can inadvertently spray the trunk with a chemical solution designed for cleaning concrete. Lower Trunk and Root Damage. The most sensitive area of a tree's trunk is the lower section above the tree's.

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Proper feeding is one of the important aspects of queen palm tree care. This palm tree requires fertilizers with minerals like magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, copper and manganese. Feeding must be done twice a year, during spring and summer. Care must be taken not to apply fertilizer near the trunk of the tree Fopamtri Artificial Areca Palm Plant 5 Feet Fake Palm Tree with 17 Trunks Faux Tree for Indoor Outdoor Modern Decoration Feaux Dypsis Lutescens Plants in Pot for Home Office (Set of 2) 4.6 out of 5 stars. 964. $159.99. $159. . 99. Nearly Natural 5033 6ft. & 4ft King Palm Archontophoenix alexandrae. Its multi-colored trunk, clean appearance, and dark green fronds have made this palm a popular choice for.. The pineapple palm tree, as its alternate name suggests, is native to the Canary Islands. These islands are situated near the coast of Africa's mainland. It is an extremely hardy palm variety that can withstand even harsh cold climates. This is the reason it is used in areas that experience cold winters. The structure and appearance of this.

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