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  1. Typically, you would now insert the crochet hook into the slip knot and pull it tight. However, you are using your finger as a hook, so instead you will insert your pointer finger into the slip knot. Point your nail towards the working yarn (left), just like you would the head of your crochet hook
  2. Knit Without Needles Off the Hook yarn is a loop yarn, meaning that all the loops are already formed for you and held in place with a thread. It's fuzzy and soft, so stitches don't pull out easily on their own. This means you don't need a needle to hold your stitches in place
  3. Locate a clean or unused set of chopsticks from your last Chinese dinner to replace your usual crochet needles. Lightly bend to see how durable they will be as a crochet needle alternative. Cut off any tapered ends and proceed to size the entire down to a comfortable size or approximately 5 inches in length Click to see full answe
  4. Yarn is, of course, the most popular material to use for your crochet patterns. There are a variety of different yarn weights to choose from, ranging from thin crochet thread to super bulky yarn. But don't forget there are a variety of other innovative materials that you can crochet with, too! Learn how to crochet without yarn with this collection of unconventional crochet.

It's basically having to do what a hook does without one. Now make a slip knot near one end. Now take the longer end and push a loop through the slip knot (photo). Pull the loop through Hold crochet hook with dominate hand needle facing toward you hold dreadlock with left hand. You can leave the two ends loose or twist them together to make them one thicker loc. 4510 945 AM. Check out my tutorial below to see how I attached the crochet hair to my natural hair without the use of a Crochet hook There's a lot to love about giant yarn. It's super cozy, knits up really fast and has to-die-for texture. Which is why it's perfect for making a throw pillow. Plus, there are no needles required for this project — you just knit the super-sized material on your fingers Hand crochet has become really popular for a reason — it's a quick way to work giant stitches into all kinds of projects. Here, you'll learn how to form a basic single crochet stitch with your fingers, and use it to make a small lap blanket You can try the ergonomic crochet hook from Prym. They are available in sizes 3 to 15 mm. If you need a smaller hook, I would recommend the Aluminum Crochet hooks from KnitPro. The hooks are available in many sizes and have an ergonomically designed handle

Wrap the working yarn over your finger and then pull it through the slip knot. This makes your first chain stitch. It can be tricky to use your finger the same way you use a crochet hook, so it helps to grasp the yarn with your finger and thumb as you draw it through. Pull the loop up on your finger, keeping it loose and open The cables whizz past without all that messing around with a cable needle. You may also find your cables look tidier. To do this, you'll be slipping and knitting the stitches that make up your cable and then doing the 'pinch and pull' manoeuvre: pinching the stitches with finger and thumb while pulling the needle out and then sliding it. Insert your finger into the stitch It is now time to make a single crochet stitch. You have to insert your finger through the second chain. It is the same thing you'd do with a regular crochet hook for a single crochet stitch To bind off, begin by knitting the first two stitches. Pull the second stitch through the first stitch. The first stitch has been bound off. Knit the next stitch and pull it through the loop to the right, binding off another stitch Crochet. Knitters world. Knitting tips. How to join pieces without a tapestry needle. April 15, 2020 April 15, 2020 jorge. Surely as a good knitter, who goes everywhere with their project under their arm, you have at some point forgotten to put a tapestry needle in your bag to finish your garment. Don't worry

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How to maintain dreads without using a crochet hook. While a crochet hook is great for pulling in loose hairs and tightening up dreadlocks, it's not for everyone. Here's 3 tips to keep your dreads looking good in between maintenance sessions. 1. Separating your dreads at the roots This would be the number 1 thing to k Others learn to crochet while never having seen yarn or a hook before and do so purely by touch. I found a very informative thread on Crochetville.com that spoke about teaching crochet to a person that is blind. The original poster wanted tips on teaching her sister, who was almost totally blind to crochet

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  1. Yarn is, of course, the most popular material to use for your crochet patterns. There are avariety of different yarn weights to choose from, ranging from thin crochet thread to super bulky yarn. But don't forget there are a variety of other innovative materials that you can crochet with, too! Learn how to crochet without yarn with this collection of unconventional crochet.
  2. It should be about a 1 1/2 to 2 inch loop, slip the yarn you want to join pieces with into the loop, you can either knot it on or just leave it hanging with a bit of over lap and sew as normal the thread on the needle will pull the yarn along behind it like a big eye needle. level 2. hebejebez
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  4. Finger crochet works best with bulky yarn including roving, fabric yarn, T-shirt yarn and double-stranded worsted weight yarn. You have to pick patterns that use a large hook. This goes hand-in-hand with hook type: Crochet patterns calling for small hook sizes may be difficult to replicate with finger crochet
  5. Using a size 5 or 6 bulky yarn instead would create a larger crochet heart. Modification 3: Make a Smaller Crochet Item. You can use the reverse of the above enlarging techniques to make a smaller crochet product than the original pattern. In other words, you can use a thinner yarn and/ or a smaller hook
  6. Working in a spiral means that instead of slip stitching to the top of the first stitch of that row, you'll instead place a stitch marker and keep on crocheting without joining. Spiral rounds are most often used in amigurumi (a.k.a. stuffed crochet). Invisible Join in Crochet *video tutorial below. 1. Finish the last round as usual
  7. To do this, pull the loop a bit taller than normal. Put a bead on your tiny hook, grab the yarn and pull it through the bead. Then re-insert the regular crochet hook to complete the stitch. 3. Pre-string the beads. For this you will take the yarn, or crochet thread, and string as many beads as needed for your project

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Crochet hooks can be made using a variety of materials including wood, aluminum, plastic, and bamboo, among others. The majority of hooks range from 5″ in length (such as the Clover Soft Touch) to 6″ (such as Susan Bates, Radiant, and Boye ), to 7″ (such as the Furls Streamline Swirl ). Different hook manufacturers label their hook sizes. Cornrow all of your hair to the back or in a braiding pattern that you prefer.Add the crochet hair bit by bit using a crochet hook (or bobby pin if you don't have a crochet hook).Slide the needle under the cornrow with the latch closed.Once through the braid, open the latch and place some of your extension hair on the hook Using the Russian join for crochet is helpful for attaching a new color yarn but can also be used to attaching a new skein of yarn with the same color. The Russian join technique is putting the yarn into itself, making a loop, and putting the yarn into the loop and pulling it tight. To create the Russian join you will need a small darning needle Weave Through the Stitches. On the wrong side of the crochet, run the needle through a couple of stitches horizontally. Then thread it through a stitch vertically. Now thread it back through the stitches horizontally (opposite of the first direction). This technique is not ideal for double-sided items Loop the yarn over the crochet hook and insert it into the center of the ring. Then, yarn over the hook again and pull through 1 loop. Then, yarn over again and pull the yarn through all 3 loops left on the hook to complete 1 stitch. Repeat this for a total of 11 half-double crochet stitches worked into the center of the ring

Thread the needle. To begin: thread a tapestry needle with the long tail of a leg. As the first step, I like to hide the knot so I run my needle through the first stitch on the leg: I made one where I joined the legs together with a bridge of single crochet and tacked it centered on the nose and it kept all the guesswork on. Curl your other fingers over the hook to grip the shaft. Once your thumb is in place, imagine you're holding a knife and let your fingers curve over the length of the hook. Keep your hand relaxed so you don't strain your muscles. If your hand starts to cramp, loosen your grip on the crochet hook or try the pencil grip. 3 This throw is made without knitting needles. The stitches are formed with your fingers. Try to keep the size of your loops consistent throughout. For ease of handling, work with the blanket laid out on a table. As the piece grows, roll or fold it to keep it out of the way of the row being worked 11.50 mm. P/16. -. 15.75/16 mm. Q. -. Crochet hook sizes vary based on the material, brand, and country that the hook was produced in. You can usually find crochet needle sizes directly on your crochet hook. There will either be a number or a letter, sometimes both

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There are a few ways you can crochet through the fabric without sewing first- Use a LINK TO Sharp Crochet Hook- it's needle point head glides through the fabric without needing to prepoke holes. Once you create the base layer with the Sharp Crochet Hook, you can switch to a normal hook to complete the edging pattern 3. SHAFT. The shaft is where the yarn is wrapped around and held while working your crochet stitches. Because the shaft is the size of your crochet hook it will determine the size of your stitches. Eg. If your shaft measures 4.5mm this means you have a 4.5mm hook and your finished stitches will be sized as such. 4

One easy way to do this is to place the end of the chopstick or dowel into a pencil sharpener. Otherwise, simply use the knife to round the corners. 6. Carve a neck onto the hook. It does not have to be perfectly cylindrical, but you may want to round out the square end of a chopstick Yarn Needle and Scissors - We will use these to fasten off and weave in our ends. Size 5mm (Size H) Crochet Hook - We will be using this to crochet a border around one of our practice patterns. Pom Pom (Optional). We will be making a gathered at the top hat that can be left untopped or topped with a pom-pom

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  1. To crochet in the round, attach your yarn to your crochet hook with a slip knot, then crochet a chain of four stitches to form the center of the circle. Next, make a slip stitch in this first chain to form the four chains into a ring. Now, insert your hook into the center of the ring, yarn over your hook, and pull the loop back through the center
  2. Expression Fiber Arts. shows us how to get one using just our hands and the roving yarn without even buying the super big crochet hook. The roving yarn may cost you hundred, too, but you can crochet with this idea by using substitute materials such as recycled t-shirt braids. Get the written step-by-step instructions on her site, then watch her.
  3. Materials: 10mm crochet hook. Stitch Marker. 1″ Continuous Bias Tape (or virtually any cotton fabric strips cut in 2″ strips diagonally/on the bias). I followed this tutorial for making continuous bias tape from pieces of fabric. I used several one or two-yard pieces of fabric and multiple fat quarters and cut them into 2″ strips
  4. Kiss your cable needle buh-bye — at least for now — as you practice knitting cables without the cable needle. Knitting a cable without a cable needle For this tutorial, let's take a look at how to knit a C2B (Cable 2 Back)
  5. Crochet Hooks - How to Choose the Right Type and Size. A crochet hook is a tool consisting of a slender handle with a hook at one (or both) ends, which is used to pull thread or yarn through loops to create crochet stitches.You can also use a crochet hook to create hairpin lace, to pick up dropped knitting stitches, or thread beads onto string.Sizes, handles, and materials that make up crochet.
  6. Knowing how to do the basic stitches, such as single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet and treble crochet, as a chainless foundation chain can be so important. So many times, I create a huge project, but because I am designing it or adjusting another pattern for personal use, I do not know how many chains I need

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With a crochet hook and yarn, make a slip knot and chain any number of stitches. I used a traditional crochet hook and just 10 stitches. I used a traditional crochet hook and just 10 stitches. A longer hook or a hook with a cord will allow for a longer starting chain, but you can get started with your regular hook Knit cables without cable knitting needles. By Robin Mansur. 10/17/08 4:50 PM. WonderHowTo. This how-to video will show you how to knit cables without the aid of a cable needle. This method is actually faster and easier than traditional cabling. Watch this video knitting tutorial and learn how to knit cables without cable knitting needles Step 2: For your first Tunisian crochet round, begin working in the indicated Tunisian stitch and pick up as many loops onto your doubled ended Tunisian hook as fit or as you feel comfortable without distorting the project and stretching the loops. You are picking these loops up with the front hook. Step 3: With a second ball of yarn, begin. This item: Latch Hook Crochet Needle. $3.45. In Stock. Sold by Beauty STYLE and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Synthetic Hair Braids FreeTress Water Wave Bulk 22 (6-Pack, 1B) $42.00 ($42.00/Count) Only 8 left in stock - order soon

Learning how to crochet requires little more than a few simple stitches and some practice. Soon, you'll have the skills you need to make a soft, bright baby blanket, a toy ball, or a granny square. If you are new to crocheting, it helps to remember that both hook size and yarn weight refer to thickness.A hook's thickness is indicated with a letter (most U.S. sizes), a number (most metric or. May 18, 2020 - Explore Charlotte Busch's board Crochet and Knitting Needle Holders, followed by 130 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about knitting, crochet, knitting needle holder Step 7: Slip the loop from the crochet hook onto the righthand knitting needle. Step 8 : Continue knitting according to your pattern. When you knit the next stitch, keep the bobble in front of the work so you can snug up your stitches and pop that bobble right out like the light, fluffy, mildly buttered and salted wonder that it is Step 2: Very carefully, without pulling too hard, pull out the first crochet stitch on the work. This will reveal a stitch. Slip the stitch onto a knitting needle. I prefer to slip the tip of a knitting needle into the stitch before I remove the crochet chain. This prevents the stitches from unraveling

Note-If you would like to use other sizes of hooks and knitting needles, you must experiment and swatch before you start a project. Materials-1 set of knitting needles Metric size 3.75, US size 5, UK/Canadian size 9 1 crochet hook size F (3.75 mm) Worsted weight yarn of your choice (for practice, it could be scraps Size:9 Pieces Material: Stainlees steel Head color: silver The large eye blunt needles size: 3 x 5.2 cm/2 inch, 3 x 6 cm/ 2.4 inch, 3 x 7 cm/ 2.8 inch. Features: 1)Easy to Handle: Due to extra large long eye, the stitching needles are easy to thread yarn through even without a threader

Crochet four chains as you would for a standard foundation chain. Insert your hook into the first chain (the one right next to your slip knot), yarn over and pull through the chain and the loop on your hook. This slip stitch closes the loop so you can begin to crochet in the round. At this point, it looks more like a blob of yarn than a circle Learn how to knit in the round using a fixed circular needle. Use this technique to knit sweater sleeves, hats, socks, and scarves. There are many way to knit in the round, but this video demonstrates how to knit a hat shaped form with a fixed circular knitting needle Yes! You read the title right. Here's a simple and easy tutorial on how to crochet braid with a BOBBY PIN! It's super duper simple and you can use any type of hair, as long as your able to loop it and tie it into a knot without any problems. So basically, any type of bulk hair would do

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Are you looking for a video tutorial to show you how to crochet a basic beanie hat? Today's guest post by Taylor from Needle Klankers just does that! The Pumpkin Patch Beanie is a gently textured, gender-neutral beanie for adults and teens that includes a complete video tutorial. This project looks great with or without a pom pom Hold crochet hook with dominate hand, needle facing toward you, hold dreadlock with left hand. In a spot with numerous loose hairs poke needle through dreadlock to other side. Grab loose hairs with needle and pull them through the dreadlock (use hands to keep loose hairs on hook if necessary and to hook more hairs). Be sure to curve crochet hook out of dreadlock so it will not pull loose hairs. Jun 28, 2021 - Explore Nancy Kramer's board Crochet Patterns on Pinterest. See more ideas about crochet patterns, crochet, crochet blanket patterns How to Crochet WITHOUT a Crochet HOOK. If you are like me that has no patience in making projects that takes a lot of hours, then you will like how to crochet using your fingers. You will save a lot of time if you prefer to make a big project like a blanket and shawl. This crochet tutorial is for beginner crochet lover, who knows how to

Insert the needle down into the top of that stitch, between the front strand and back strand, then bring the needle right back up through the top of the next stitch, between the front strand and back strand (see arrow in 2nd photo, needle inserted in 3rd photo). Pull the needle through, leaving a tail (see 4th photo) Here are 17 beginner crochet mistakes you need to avoid. 1. Sticking your hook in the wrong chain when you start a project. You don't count the first chain on your hook so the first chain from your hook is actually the last fully formed chain you made. See the picture below 0:00 / 2:45. Live. •. When you're all done with your line, just break the yarn, pull the end up to the front or right side through the last loop, and use a tapestry or yarn needle to go back into the same hole and weave the end in on the wrong side. Surface crochet can be a major part of a crochet project, or it can be just a tiny. Make a dc in the same stitch. Make 2 dc's in each of the remaining 11 st's. Join to the top of the standing double crochet with a sl st. We are going to replace the sl st join with an invisible join. Once you have made all the required stitches of the round ( Photo 1 ), cut your yarn, leaving about a 4″ (10 cm) tail Foundation chain - Chain a number of stitches. In the example, I've chained 5, but you can do as many as you want: more for a longer oval, fewer for a more circular oval. Round 1 - Sc into the second chain from hook. Sc in every stitch until end. Single crochet twice more in the final stitch (3 stitches total in the final stitch)

Knotted Crochet Hook Handle. It's Knot Art shared this unique crochet hook decorating idea. Felted Crochet Hook Handle. Among Swirling Realities made this felted hook handle using a tutorial from Dyakcraft. Unfortunately, the link for that tutorial no longer seems to work and I can't find another one on the web Keeping even rows while crocheting WITHOUT counting is super easy to do with this simple tip. Find the video below! I'm going to assume when people learn how to crochet, they learn by chaining then making rows to create a blanket or dish cloth or some sort of retangular shape Crochet Hook Size Chart The hook size chart is so helpful when you're trying to find the right size hook for a pattern. I can't believe how many differnent sizes there are and how the letters can be used for multiple sizes, especially with the larger hook sizes

projects. Here are 10 common crochet mistakes and some suggestions on how to fix them or avoid them. 1. Only Crocheting In The Front Loop. When you are new to crocheting it can be easy to make this mistake. Learning where to place your hook in each stitch is VERY important; it is the basis of this craft To start your crochet border, you will insert your crochet hook into one of the blanket stitches, then draw through your yarn. Make two chain stitches to begin your crochet stitches. Then you can tie a knot in your yarn end to secure it before weaving it in. Next you can begin to create any border you would prefer You can crochet the same way, but yield better results because the gauge is bigger. Generally, looser stitches prevent curling from happening along the edges. Pro Tip: Use a hook size larger than the pattern suggests to make the foundation chain. Then proceed with the suggested (smaller) hook size for the rest of the project

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And how do we fix it without a crochet hook or any other special tools? First, secure the dropped stitch as soon as you notice it. Take a safety pin, a locking stitch marker, a paper clip, a toothpick, a twig or anything similar that you have on hand or can find nearby, and insert it into the dropped stitch to keep it from unravelling further down I am having a problem with crocheting a blanket for my king size bed. When I get to the end of a row I add 4 chain stitches, turn and start my next row. I found out that my blanket is getting wider and wider. My question to you is how many chain stitches is required to advance to the next row? I am using a crochet hook for this blanket 5. Bullion Crochet. This is a specialised crochet stitch achieved with a combination of multiple wraps of yarn around a very long hook, forming a distinctive and unique 'roll' stitch. Bullion crochet is usually used for motifs rather than fabric based projects. It results in a thick, uniform, round motif style piece How to work the 2/3 LC Cable without a Cable Needle. Step 1: Bring working yarn to the front and slip next 3 sts to the RN. Don't worry that this will make the working yarn drape across those sts. We'll get rid of that before it's done. Step 2: Bring yarn to the back and k2. Step 3: Holding the LN behind the RN, put your LN through the 3.

Luckily there is a simple way to cable without needle a cable needle. Skill: Intermediate. To cable without using a cable needle, you must switch the position of the stitch on you main needle. Cable Front. Step 1: Slip the first set of stitches from your main needle to your working needle. Example: remove 3 stitches for a C6F or 1 stitch for a C2 It goes without saying the knife hold is the method where you hold your crochet hook like it's a knife. The crochet hook is underneath of your hand, as pictured: Below is a picture of me crocheting with the knife hold: So, there you go two ways (and probably a couple more) to hold your hook 3 double crochet, chain 2 - do this 3 times. Now slip stitch into the top of the chain 3. Use the end of your hook to push through the top of the chain, then grab the yarn and pull back through the stitch, and over the top of the bottom loop. That is round one of a granny square complete Insert your needle in the very edge of the fabric, pull slightly to pull knot inside the fold of the fabric. Create stitches that are roughly 3/4 inch wide (this can vary based on how thick your hook/yarn is. Keep stitches consistent and complete them around the entire edge of the fabric. Insert your crochet hook in the pearl cotton stitch and.

Crochet toys are just about the only crochet project in which you actually want to make nice, tight stitches to form a fabric without obvious holes. To ensure a tight tension, first make sure that you are holding your hook and yarn properly Then, close the hook on the latch. Pull the hook under the cornrow again, and make sure you go slowly to avoid damage. The hair should go through by about 3 inches. Open the loop and pull the ends through it with your fingers. Open the latch and release the hair that was in it Watch a knitting video tutorial of how to fix a dropped knit stitch using knitting needles.. Alternate Step: How to pick up a dropped stitch using a crochet hook.Learning to cable without a cable needle is a great technique for when you are . You can fix it.. Insert the crochet hook into the dropped stitch from front to back.. up to the current round and place it back on the left needle.

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What size crochet hook should you use for dreads? For most people, a crochet needle of 0.5mm - 0.75mm is ideal for the installation, maintenance and tightening of your dreadlocks. It is small enough to easily insert into a fully mature dreadlock without creating holes, and also effective for intertwining the loose hairs of synthetic. Yarniss Ergonomic Hook Set With Accessories. This set is a cheaper option of the soft grip crochet hooks to try if you aren't certain if ergonomic hooks are right for you. This set comes with 14 different sizes of crochet hooks, stitch markers, yarn needles, scissors and a hook case for a low price. There are also a few different options to.

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You will need to work away your tails of yarn on the back of your item, NOT the front. To start, you will need to thread your yarn onto your needle. Then you want to run your needle through the posts of 5 - 8 stitches, making sure that you do so on the BACK of your work. In this example I am working from the end of the row inward How to Break Your Water With a Crochet Hook. The process is simple enough, you just need a crochet hook. And a green signal from your doctor telling you that your baby is ready to come out. You won't find a comprehensive guide on the process anywhere. Then again, there isn't any rocket science involved in it at all A single crochet is the height of a chain stitch, so we will be starting the single crochet in chain number 8, skipping the last chain, or in pattern-speak, single crochet in 2nd chain from hook. Chain #9 is the first chain from the hook. Insert your hook on the back (or left) part of the V, as shown by the arrow in the pic below

For such a beautiful looking crochet hook, this Knitters Pride hook packs a punch in performance as well. It is a single ended crochet hook with the hook end made from gold anodized aluminum and the bottom made from a soft feel handle. The length of the hook and handle in total is 13.5cm and the hook size is H (5.0mm) Tip: when the tail gets too short, send the needle in ahead (without the yarn) get it into position, and then thread the yarn into the eye of the needle again, and use the needle to pull that little bit through. That's how I get as much of the tail weaved around as possible. Trim the end 5.00mm/H crochet hook, hook size doesn't really matter all that much, I think I made one with a 5.00mm/H and a 5.50mm/I. yarn needle for weaving in ends. scissors. patience. Abbreviations: ch = chain. DC = double crochet. FPDC = front post double crochet. st = stitch. Pattern (without pictures): create a slip kno

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The Standing Double Crochet tutorial is popular for showing how to join a new color to a project without having to slip stitch and chain - very cool! And it's easy enough to extrapolate it to taller stitches - just wrap the yarn an extra time (or two, or three) at the start. But using this the technique to start a row of half double crochets also works - with one extra step to make it just right Pair the crochet ripple stitch with just about any yarn in your stash from lightweight to super bulky. Choose a smooth yarn for stitch definition that'll show off the pattern or pair it with a slightly textured yarn for an even more interesting look. Supplies used in demonstration video: Red Heart Yarns An Italian Story Ombra; 6 mm Crochet Hoo How do you pick up stitches in knitting? In this tutorial I discuss when and why you need to pick up stitches in knitting, talk about pick-up ratios and what they mean, and show you my method of picking up stitches with a crochet hook This specialty technique only requires one tool: a tunisian crochet hook, which is designed between a classic crochet hook and a straight knitting needle.It's longer in length (measuring between 10 to 14 inches long) than a classic hook and is smooth from the shaft down to its knob on the end to prevent stitches from falling off

Tunisian crochet forward pass is loading the hook with one loop for each chain made. Your hook will begin to look something like knitting here as you progress. One loop around the hook for each beginning chain. Insert your hook into the hump of the 3rd chain, yarn over, and pull up a loop, again STOP and leave it there As you can see in the picture above, the crochet hooks can be organized by size. Due to the indents below the holed platforms crochet hooks will never slide away. Furthermore, the Artisan Collection Twin Organizer has 2 platforms to organize your hooks. The back is made for steel hooks (sizes M - D plus 6 holes for sizes 00 - 14) and the.

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1. This how-to will take you through the steps to create a magic loop in crochet. Magic loops are used at the beginning of a project where you are working in the round, and it creates a neat closed hole in the centre of the first round. To begin, hold the tail of your yarn in the palm of your left hand The loop on the crochet hook should be firm, but loose enough to slide back and forth easily on the hook. Be sure you still have about a 6-inch yarn end. Once you have the yarn wrapped, hold the base of the slip knot with the thumb and index finger of your left hand. Step 2: Bring the yarn over the crochet hook from back to front and hook it. dc - double crochet; sl st - slip stitch (Insert hook, yarn over, pull through stitch, and loop on hook) st(s) - stitch(es) Special Stitches. The rounds of the granny square are made from granny clusters separated by chain spaces. Granny cluster (3 dc cluster): A granny cluster a set of 3 double crochet stitches, all worked into one.