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The Grafton Monster. There is a monster prowling in Grafton, West Virginia according to some folks. The legend of the Grafton Monster has been around since the 1960's. The Grafton Monster is a manlike beast who resembles Bigfoot or Skunk Ape. According to the book Monsters of West Virginia, the monster stands between seven and nine feet. Grafton monsters appear only in Fallout 76. Behind the scenes. One of the many cryptids in West Virginia folklore, the Grafton monster is a popular myth that started in Grafton, West Virginia, when it was allegedly spotted in 1964 by a man driving his car. Galler The Grafton Monster in West Virginian Folklore. The Grafton Monster is certainly a bizarre creature. The beast's name comes from the town of Grafton, West Virginia. Unlike the Snallygaster, which had its roots in tales told by 18th century German settlers, the first tales of the Grafton Monster didn't emerge until the 1960s The Grafton Monster may still wander lonely among the hills of lower Tygart Valley. (Illustration by Ted Fauster) No. 5: The Grafton Monster. Formerly a railroad boomtown, Grafton, West Virginia, today seems somewhat an anomaly -- a village of big-city architecture locked in a territory of small farms and dense woodlands.Through these woodlands prowls a monster, some say

As Todd said, the new monsters in Fallout 76 are inspired by the folklore monsters of West Virginia. A 7-9 foot tall beast with pale skin and almost no head. The Comic book we see in the Trailer is Titled 'The Beast of Grafton' and this thing is called 'The Grafton Monster,' so this is definitely the inspiration behind it Grafton Monster. The huge, white Grafton Monster has no head, but it doesn't need one to crush you with its giant arms. This is yet another white thing of regional folklore. Others include the Morgan's Ridge Monster above and a variety of devil dogs that roam the countryside. But the Grafton Monster is unique in that it's not.

Appalachian Monsters. The rolling hills and deep forests of Appalachia are home a wide array of natural flora and fauna, and perhaps unsurprisingly, are also a hotbed of monster or cryptid sightings. While Appalachia refers to a large area that covers parts of New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North and. Folklore is very alive in the hills of West Virginia, where stories are often passed down through tight-knit generations. Appalachia seems to provide the perfect environment for mysterious creatures, as numerous areas boast tales of eerie spirits and beings that call these hills home

West Virginia has a deep and rich history of legends and folklore. The mountainous terrain throughout the state leaves plenty of room for cryptids to naturally hide, and with one of the lowest state populations in the United States, monsters seeking to avoid human interaction have reason to make West Virginia their home The Flatwoods monster (also known as the Braxton County Monster or Phantom of Flatwoods), in West Virginia folklore, is an entity reported to have been sighted in the town of Flatwoods in Braxton County, West Virginia, United States, on September 12, 1952, following the appearance of a bright object crossing the night sky.Over fifty years later, investigators concluded that the light was a. The Grafton Monster was the only creature specifically named during Bethesda's E3 showcase, and it takes its title from a former rail industry town, hidden among the agriculture and woodland of.

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The Flatwoods Monster. The Flatwoods monster was supposedly a 12 feet tall alien with two bright red eyes and hooked arms that was spotted by a pair of brothers 1952. Eugene Lemon, a West Virginia. The creatures and myths of West Virginia are out to play in Bethesda's latest Fallout 76 blog post. An ape-like creature, the Grafton Monster, stands as a hulking mass with a massive height to. The 11 Weirdest And Strangest Things That Have Ever Happened In West Virginia. West Virginia is a state rich in history and beauty, but it has also had its share of weird occurrences. Strange things have happened here and some of them have no explanation, rhyme or reason. Others might be put down to good old West Virginia quirkiness

In June 1964, the Grafton Sentinel reported twice on the alleged monster. On June 18, 1964, the paper reported that teenagers were on Riverside Drive near the stone quarry hunting for the creature Formerly a railroad boomtown, Grafton, West Virginia, today seems somewhat an anomaly — a village of big-city architecture locked in a territory of small farms and dense woodlands. Through these woodlands prowls a monster, some say. The legend of the Grafton Monster has endured since the 1960s, when sightings were at their peak. The manlike beast is said to be akin to a Bigfoot or Skunk Ape. Flatwoods has its Flatwoods Monster, and there are other tales of mysterious, unsubstantiated entities — or cryptids — in West Virginia, such as Bigfoot and the Grafton Monster As its name suggests, The Grafton Monster is a folklore native to the town of Grafton, West Virginia. In 1965, just one year prior to The Mothman sighting (and possibly before glasses were a thing), a young journalist driving home at night claims to have spotted a headless creature in the woods standing nine feet tall, four feet wide, and with rubbery white skin similar to a deoxygenated seal

Illustrating every reported creature in West Virginia (from folklore, cryptozoology, etc., as well as items linked to the paranormal or various superstitions). These drawings are a few from it. Creatures: (Bigfeet) Apple Devil, Fairfeet, Grafton Monster, Stonemen, Yahoo, Yellow Gape, Woodland Crooner, (Aves) Day Hoot, Departure Bird, Devil Eggs. Grafton Monster. The Yayho. Demon Dogs. The Snallygaster. White Things. Thunderbirds If bloodthirsty werewolves, glowing-eyed devil dogs, bat-winged beasts and strange and creepy critters are your thing, then Monsters of West Virginia is the book for you! From Mothman to Bigfoot, and from the infamous Braxton County Monster to the stuff of. Nowadays, Grafton is better known for its pepperoni rolls (a West Virginia delicacy native to the north-central region) and its monster. According to the first eyewitness accounts that emerged in the 1960s, the Grafton Monster is said to resemble Bigfoot , stand between 2-3 meters (7-9 ft) tall, and have slick, seallike skin Merch: https://tinyurl.com/y7eqse95Discord: https://discord.gg/kUdGSvSTwitter: http://tinyurl.com/yclngxfoInstagram: http://tinyurl.com/ybo5gtk6Twitch.tv: ht..

I enjoyed reading Monsters of West Virginia on a rainy night recently. However, much of the material has been covered elsewhere, and I would have expected a bit more from one of my favorite researchers; Rosemary Ellen Guiley. West Virginia certainly has a strange past with many strange creatures abounding in its lore beyond Mothman's notoriety The convention was New York's first flying saucer convention, the 1967 Congress of Scientific Ufologists, and many talks were given by noted authors. West Virginia was mentioned several times as being an area of UFO's. Also on display was a replica of The Monster which has been in the Point Pleasant area several times Monster mash: A West Virginia historian on the real life folklore behind the beasts of Fallout 76 By Alex Avard 18 October 2018 Mothmen, Megasloths, and the creepy cryptozoology of Fallout 76's. Fusion core - Near a metal shack at the junction in the train tracks on the immediate outskirts of Grafton, inside a fusion core generator. Appearances. Grafton appears only in Fallout 76. Behind the scenes. Grafton is based on the real-world town of Grafton, West Virginia, known in West Virginia folklore as being home to the Grafton monster The Grafton Monster. The true story of the hunt for the headless horror of Riverside Drive. By. Kurt McCoy - August 11, 2017. 21322. Share. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Telegram. ReddIt. Linkedin. WhatsApp. From the book Monsters of West Virginia: Mysterious Creatures in the Mountain State by Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Should you find yourself.

The Grafton Monster . The Grafton Monster is most certainly a bizarre creature, but seems surprisingly harmless and even a bit boring. It was first spotted by a man called Robert Cockrell as it sat quietly and un-moving on a patch of grass next to a road in 1965 Bethesda put a lot of work into creating Fallout 76, and many of the featured creatures are based on real-life West-Virginian myths and legends. Players can expect to run into harrowed Appalachian cryptids like the Mothman, the Beast of Grafton, and the Flatwoods Monster Posts about urban legends written by tashepard. The Grafton Monster. Region of origin: Grafton, West Virginia. One night in mid-June of 1964, reporter Robert Cockrell was driving home when he approached a large white obstruction on the side of the road The Grafton Monster is one of many creatures from West Virginia folklore that roam the wastelands in Fallout 76. one of the many creatures of West Virginia folklore that inhabit Fallout. However, Liz likes to focus on more unique and local characters, such as the Flatwoods Monster, named for the West Virginia town where it was sighted. I believe it was the 1950s when it was seen in the woods there by some people who saw bright yellow eyes, and I guess it had a coppery smell, she says

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  1. Exploring American Monsters: West Virginia. Jason Offutt March 28, 2017. West Virginia has always been a rebel. During the American Civil War, fifty counties of the Confederate state Virginia split off to form their own state West Virginia. This was the only state admitted to the Union during the war, and is the only state to have separated.
  2. g Jenny. Bruce Fingerhood. Legend, retold on Americanfolklore.net, has it that Jenny, a poor woman with no family, lived in a shed along the B&O Railroad in Harpers Ferry. She barely had enough money to eat, and the shed stayed cold during the winter months. One day in late autumn Jenny was drinking broth over a fire.
  3. Like many mountain monsters, early sightings date back to the early 1930s and were originally reported by moonshiners (one guess as to why). 8. Grafton Monster of Taylor County, S2E2. The Grafton Monster of West Virginia, also known as the Headless Horror, is a giant 1500-pound monster with 4-foot wide shoulders
  4. Fallout 76 also drew heavily upon West Virginia folklore, which drove players to find out more about the state. In the game, players can encounter the Mothman, the Flatwoods Monster and the Beast of Grafton, among other creepy creatures standing in the way of rebuilding America
  5. g the hills of West of Virginia. For lack of a better term, these sightings were all lumped under the name, The Braxton County Monster.
  6. FO76 West Virginia Real-Life Folklore With Links. Discussion. I put together the real-life folklore surrounding FO76 creatures and included some television episodes, books and links to help explore. Yao Guai was left out because that was a FO4 creation. This idea came to me when I was playing with another player on XBox and he had no idea about.
  7. Rivesville, West Virginia is a small former coal town in Marion County. It is here, not far from the 93 Mine where Morgan's Ridge is located. Beginning in the 1920s, this area was stalked by an unidentified creature that preyed upon sheep, leaving them not only dead but also horribly mutilated. Perhaps the first encounter with the monster.

West Virginia folklore is filled with interesting creatures and beasts. The Beast of Grafton, Bat Boy, Mothman, and The Flatwoods Monster are the perfect addition to any sticker collection. The Beast of Grafton: 3 x 3 Mothman Sticker: 3 x 1.85 Flatwoods Monster Sticker: 2.13 x 3 Bat Boy Sticker: 3 x 2.0 Additionally, the video game Fallout '76 features the Flatwoods Monster prominently. The game takes place in West Virginia and features a lot of Mountain State folklore. The monster is one of the characters you can battle in the video game, he said, adding that Point Pleasant's Mothman and the Grafton Monster are also featured in the. A water monster that inhabits the Monongahela River, the Ogua is larger than a bear and resembles a turtle. Weighing 500 pounds, the Ogua has a 15-foot-long tail. Aside from swimming, it uses its quick legs to capture deer on land. Legend has it that the Ogua first inhabited these waters when the Native Americans lived on the land The Flatwoods Monster. Region of origin: Braxton County, West Virginia. In the late summer of 1952 in Braxton county, there was a rash of monster and UFO sightings, and while specifics varied greatly from account to account, the most documented case among them was the initial encounter in the forests near the village of Flatwoods, where a group of five children and one of their parents went. The Mothman is a creature from recent West Virginia folklore that became somewhat well-known with the release of the film The Mothman Prophecies. folklore-inspired Grafton Monsters are huge.

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The monsters Elliott studied - Mothman, the Flatwoods Monster and the Grafton Monster - are looked at from a folkloric perspective, with hands-on interviews and observational research collected in the towns of Point Pleasant, Flatwoods and Grafton in West Virginia The Mothman Legend. In 1966,a small town in West Virginia became home to the Mothman legend - one of modern mythology's most powerful and mysteries stories. Who or what this creature is or was can only be guessed, but proof of its existence is beyond any reasonable doubt. Situated on the Ohio River, Point Pleasant, West Virginia is a small town. Devin Elliott, 2nd Year Pop Culture MA Student will present on his recent folklore research trip to the towns of Point Pleasant, Flatwoods, and Grafton, WV. Devin will be discussing his research on the impact of West Virginian monsters, or Cryptids on the overall image of these towns and how these towns chose to either embrace or reject the monsters as icons Monsters of West Virginia: Myspb. by. Rosemary Ellen Guiley. 3.78 · Rating details · 50 ratings · 10 reviews. Features . . . Mothman The Grafton Monster The Wampus Cat White Things Other bizarre creatures, including Bigfoot, lizard people, and out-of-place panthers

Background. Grafton was founded in 1856, and later became known as the birthplace of Mother's Day, on May 10, 1908. The town was a major retail and industrial center for north-central West Virginia, with its economy steadily expanding including the creation of Grafton Dam and the steady expansion of tourist sectors in the wilds around Grafton, initiated to rival and later even surpass the. The Mothman is a prime example of modern American folklore, a monster that hasn't faded from public curiosity since its first appearance in 1966. The bird isn't native to West Virginia, but. And while we may not think of them all the time, they are an integral aspect of West Virginia and its culture. Here are the top 5 urban legends and hauntings in the state: 1. The Ouga River Monster, Monongalia Co. Something may be lurking deep in the waters of the Monongahela River waiting for a lonely student, or deer, to pass by Myths & Legends Appearance. Mothman is a large bipedal creature with dark moth-like wings and glowing red eyes. On Nov. 15, 1966, two young couples from Point Pleasant, Roger and Linda Scarberry, and Steve and Mary Mallette told police they saw a large white creature whose eyes glowed red when the car headlights picked it up The Grafton Monster has a tiny head seemingly covered by its shoulder muscles. Although it poses a significant challenge for players, the Grafton Monster can be defeated easily. Here's how players can find and kill the Grafton Monster in Fallout 76. Fallout 76: Finding and Killing the Grafton Monster

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UFO sightings in West Virginia and paranormal occurrences seem to go hand in hand. I'm not sure it's a reputation the Mountain State is trying to establish but the monster legend is well and truly established there. One of the country's most scenic states, West Virginia's rich UFO history is a goldmine for ufologists The monsters Elliott studies - Mothman, the Flatwoods Monster and the Grafton Monster - are looked at from a folkloric perspective, with hands-on interviews and observational research collected in the towns of Point Pleasant, Flatwoods and Grafton in West Virginia are the core of the project Legendary monsters thrive in North American lore, of that there is no doubt. Narrowing the array down to a Top 5 or Most Popular listing of creatures that make up the landscape of North American mythology and folklore is a difficult task. Depending on the region you find yourself in, you could encounter hundreds of creatures if you. The Frank and Jane Gabor West Virginia Folklife Center, located on the campus of Fairmont State University, has been open to the public since its 2011 remodel. Its original usage was designated as.

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Is Eaton Tunnel #21 Haunted? Some people think it is. This newer tunnel, circa 1963, is along the West Virginia Rail-Trail. It is nearly parallel to the original tunnel called The Lost Tunnel (1853-1963) that began its existence when one-hundred and three miles of railway were chartered in 1851 by the Northwestern Virginia Railroad from the B & O in Grafton to Parkersburg Crawling around with curled wings and explosively deadly sonar, it's clear a bat-inspired this formidable creature. Current residents of West Virginia probably relate to the people fighting off this demon bat in Fallout 76, since bats have become somewhat of a major pest in the area.Many residents have complained about bats getting into their homes (although others enjoy the intruders since. Looking to explore the real-life Mountain State locations in Fallout ® 76?You've come to the right place. Through an exclusive partnership with Bethesda Softworks ®, we've got the inside scoop on all the West Virginia sites.. They've worked with us to create this interactive map to offer insight into the matchup between the fictional sites and real-world West Virginia attractions Wv T-Shirt. Description. West Virginia above the word Pride in the colors of the Bisexual or Bi Pride Flag. Show your support for LGBTQ equality, awareness, & visibility in West Virginia with this fun design. Tags: state-pride, local-pride, lgbtq, lgbt, bi-pride-flag. Available in Plus Size T-Shirt Jun 24, 2021 - Cryptozoology Art - Flatwoods Monster - Monster Poster - Alien Art Print About the Monster Ten feet tall and four feet wide, the Flatwoods Monster isnt of this world. Its body is composed of a shiny, metallic substance not found on Earth and it emits an acidic smoke that billows out from it

The game takes place in West Virginia and features a lot of Mountain State folklore. The monster is one of the characters you can battle in the video game, he said, adding that Point. The Grafton Monster's legend begun in the 1960s, near the railroads and in the woods of Grafton, West Virginia. The Grafton Monster is said to be a man like beast and is very similar to Bigfoot. It reportedly stands at around 7-9 feet tall and has pale skin which is said to be slick like that of a seal GRAFTON MONSTER. The enormous, white Grafton Monster has no head, but it doesn't need a single to crush you with its giant arms. This really is yet another white thing of regional folklore. Other individuals include things like the Morgan's Ridge Monster above in addition to a variety of devil dogs that roam the countryside Monsteropolis: Legends Anomalies Monsters . Episode 67: The Grafton Monster . 2020-03-27. Download This week Mark and Seth dive into an infamous West Virginia monster tale featuring the Grafton Monster. Listen as the boys dissect this lesser-known Appalachian legend West Virginia is known for strange happenings and mysterious creatures from the Mothman, the Grafton Monster to Bigfoot and the Flatwoods Monster. However, this is the first time I've heard of a creature with four eyes that terrorizes the woods around Beckly

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Grafton Monster After obtaining a video of a strange and gigantic creature, AIMS travels east to Grafton, W.V., to investigate the Grafton Monster. This tiny town, once an epicenter of early American railroad transit, has been terrorized since the 1960s by a horrifying creature known to the locals as The Headless Horror Grafton Monster. The Grafton Monster was made flesh by West Tek's experiments at their Huntersville facility. Using the FEWS_006458 strain on October 23, 2077, scientists created a stable mutation. Based on the snallygaster strain, researchers tweaked the genome, producing a giant that shattered the containment unit, but was otherwise stable

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As it turned out, a nuclear war contributed to the revival of the legends of West Virginia. It's time to check the operation of the shotgun. Graphisme monster. In the 60-ies of the last century the inhabitants of the town of Grafton has not stopped talking about the terrible monster that became a local Bigfoot As legend has it, the flying Mothman of Point Pleasant scared countless locals in the late 1960s. And when a bridge collapsed, the creature was blamed for the deaths of 46 people. On November 12, 1966, in Clendenin, West Virginia, a group of gravediggers working in a cemetery spotted something strange. They glanced up from their work as. On October 14th 2008 I interviewed Kurt McCoy, the author of WHITE THINGS: WEST VIRGINIA'S WEIRD WHITE MONSTERS. It was a pleasure to interview him as he was new to the game with regards to interviews, but I feel fortunate to have picked up a copy of his interesting book and hopefully, after reading this interview, you too will spend your hard-earned cash on WHITE THINGS This may seem farfetched at best, but try to have an open mind. Based on some of my own experiences, a little research on the topic, and reading several stories here from the Cryptozoology section, I believe a Wendigo-like creature lives in the deep woods of West Virginia

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Jan 28, 2019 - Puckett is raising funds for Bestiary of American Cryptozoology, Mythology, & Paranormal on Kickstarter! Celebrating West Virginia's culture and stories through an illustrated book of folklore, fantasy, and 150+ monsters Fallout 76 also draws on West Virginia folklore. Players will encounter the Mothman, the Flatwoods Monster and the Beast of Grafton, among other creepy creatures standing in the way of rebuilding America. Slaying monsters and rebuilding civilization may, in itself, provide a potential pitfall to the research, however Winged Man. Country. United States. Region. Point Pleasant, West Virginia. In West Virginia folklore, the Mothman is a creature reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area from November 15, 1966 to December 15, 1967. The first newspaper report was published in the Point Pleasant Register, dated November 16, 1966, titled Couples See Man-Sized. The Flatwoods Monster has not hissed at boys in the little village of Flatwoods, West Virginia, since Sept. 12, 1952. People grin about it now—and take Monster souvenir money, from hundreds of.

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Grafton Monster. Another first-time Fallout 76 addition, folklore-inspired Grafton Monsters are huge, golem-like brutes with massive upper bodies and lacking a defined head or face Fallout 76 Mothman: Real-World Folklore Overview. In our next guide, we will go over the Grafton monster that haunts the town of Grafton, West Virginia. We hope this guide answered everything you were wondering about the Mothman and please let us know your thoughts and comments down below Folklore, Spirits, and Urban Legends of WV. Paranormal. I used to live in West Virginia for about twelve years and I heard and read on my own about creatures that skulk about in the Mountain State as well as the spirits that will hopefully find peace. (Photo is my moms) 3. Official Fallout Mothman Museum T-Shirt: These awesome t-shirts, showing off one of MY favorite West Virginia monsters, are official Fallout merchandise, and can be purchased online, or on-site at the actual Mothman Museum.Obviously, Mothman himself, WV's favorite flying humanoid, makes an appearance in the game, but so does the museum dedicated to him If bloodthirsty werewolves, glowing-eyed devil dogs, bat-winged beasts, and strange and creepy critters are your thing, then Monsters of West Virginia is the book for you! From Mothman to Bigfoot, and from the infamous Braxton County Monster to the stuff of terrifying nightmares, Rosemary Ellen Guiley delivers the diabolical goods! --Nick Redfern, Author of The Real Men in Black Features.

The most interesting and widely praised decision in this department is far and away the decision to include cryptids, creatures based primarily on the real world myths, folklore and urban legends of West Virginia. They folded into the Fallout universe pretty nicely, rounding out and beefing up the already considerable enemy roster of Fallout 76 The monsters Elliott studies — Mothman, the Flatwoods Monster and the Grafton Monster — are looked at from a folkloric perspective, with hands-on interviews and observational research.

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Goldenseal, the magazine of West Virginia traditional life, takes its stories from the recollections of West Virginians living throughout the state. Oral history fieldwork and documentary photography result in four issues per year with articles on subjects such as labor history, folklore, music, farming, religion, traditional crafts, food and politics The Flatwoods Monster (also known as the Braxton County Monster, Braxxie (by locals), or Frametown Monster)is a cryptid sighted in the forests of Flatwoods, West Virginia and Frametown, West Virginia, respectively. It is believed to be of extraterrestrial nature. 1 Appearance 2 Sightings 3 Origin Theory 4 Pop Culture 5 The entity was initially reported as being about 10 feet tall and 4 feet. To go along with that, Fallout 76 brings a ton of urban legends and myths from West Virginia to the forefront. This includes the likes of the Grafton Monster, the Snallygaster, and of course, the. Fallout 76 also draws on West Virginia folklore. Players will encounter the Mothman, the Flatwoods Monster and the Beast of Grafton, among other creepy creatures standing in the way of rebuilding.

Exploring American Monsters: Virginia. Jason Offutt January 30, 2017. The commonwealth of Virginia began in 1607 as the Colony of Virginia, the first permanent British settlement in the New World. It was also one of the original thirteen colonies to declare its independence from England. Virginia's General Assembly is the oldest law-making. The Flatwoods monster appears as the final boss of the 1988 NES platformer game Amagon. The Flatwoods monster appears as a wild creature in the 2018 open-world game Fallout 76, one of several creatures in the game based on Appalachian folklore (others including the mothman, snallygaster, and the Grafton monster). This version of the creature. Fallout 76 will feature plenty of West Virginia folklore, including the appearance of several regional monsters. or creatures whose existence is regional lore. The Grafton Monster, featured. Home of the Grafton Monster, one of the many creatures from West Virginia folklore to make an appearance in Fallout 76. The town itself is quite small but might prove difficult to conquer if the. Sep 16, 2018 - Explore Weird Wars's board Monsters on Pinterest. See more ideas about creature concept, creatures, creature design