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Arnav loves khushi more than anyone here. Khushi won't be any cry baby . Arnav was a ideal husband. But what if someone has Strong obsession on arnav and want him full for herself. What if that person madly obsessed. Will arshi overcome that with their love. What if sheetal wasn't actually what she was showing outside Arnav sat on the driver sit and Khushi on the passenger sit. Arnav start the car for the hotel where the meeting held. They entered into the hotel. Sheetal was waiting for Arnav. She dressed up to seduce him. She saw Arnav to enter the hotel. But when she noticed Khushi coming with him, she was very much angry Arnav told Khushi You are pregnant. When they both realized that Khushi was pregnant, they both looked at the doctor told Your wife is one month pregnant. You have to take care of her and your child. She have to eat healthy food and take rest Saying that doctor left them. Arnav and Khushi both looked at each other Section 1. Arnav woke up first, Khushi's name on his lips, his panicked eyes automatically searching for Khushi on the bed. She was asleep, drained by the events of the past few days, curled up in her white blanket with small pink roses spread on it. His eyes softened at the sight of her relaxed face

Ehsaas Tere Pyar Ka - (COMPLETED) 377K 28.6K 80. This story revolves around Arnav and Khushi. Arnav's love towards his sister is so strong that, he take a decision which makes everyone surprised. The journey of Arshi here you just feel. No words required for them. Completed Mature 'Lucky' and 'Abhay' are headed for a meet, which I suspect, will be explosive. Khushi is in awe of Arnav Singh Raizada. but knowing Arnav's bitterness from the past, he may try to belittle her for using family connections to land the job. And then, there is Rohan. Sigh! I really hope Arnav and Khushi meet in the next chapter On the Other hand, Arnav was much pleased with the idea of getting married to Khushi since she was not a girl like Sonia Gupta who would be just a show model after marriage knowing nothing of her husbands choices and demands, Khushi would be someone who knew everything how to maintain a house, love the family and keep the family intact together The jet was now moving fast on the runway and Arnav held Khushi close to him as they took off. Khushi rested her head against his chest and let the loud noise of take off wash out. Some time later, once they were flying smoothly in the air, Khushi moved away slightly. Arnav continued their earlier conversation. then tell me whats wrong bab

Arhi ff Khushi pregnant Disclaimer: This is solely my work, i own the story however do not own the characters. please do not copy and plagiarize my work as i will discontinue and delete all my posts part 1 After everyone in RM found out about Arnav and Khushi's contract marriage they decided to kick Khushi out. They all blame Khushi for Shyam and Anjali's marriage breaking, but they tolerated. Arnav was a daily labourer and Khushi worked as a housemaid to make ends meet. Arnav used to spend all his money in alcohol and Khushi used her meagre amount to run the kitchen in the house. They were three people-Arnav, Khushi and their three month old baby girl. The girl was on her milk so she was not a problem for Khushi Arnav: Come here baby Khushi walked to Arnav in slow steps feeling scared. He pulled her into his lap and put his palm on her stomach. +. Khushi: Arn..aa..vji.. Arnav placed his finger on her lips. +. Arnav: Ssshhhh sweetheart, you would wake up the baby (Khushi looked at him confused) awww don't give me that look curiously, khushi did not feel any panic. she knew arnav ji would not let any harm come to his sister. and she had heard when women were pregnant, they were prone to being fragile yet they were strong in many ways. she had heard amma say the reason perhaps god made women carry the baby in the womb is because women have the strength to bear.

Arshi FF: The Pregnant Girlfriend - Prologue Prologue Arnav and Khushi.. He is the boss.. she is the employee.. In this fashion world, together they rule the industry.. He is rude, arrogant and known as the mighty ASR while she is the sweet and crazy designer...The employee falls for the boss.. the boss who is the most complicated one. Part 5 As soon as khushi leaves from the cabin Arnav sits on his leather chair with this crushing the papers i his hands as he was not expecting khushi to take the signatures of payal on the divorce papers... he was staring at the papers unbelievably... it was totally unthinkable that khushi will directly take the signatures from Payal n throw the papers a his face.. yes she did not throw the.

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  1. Arnav wanted khushi in his arms as he was really missing her but then he thought only 3 more days than khushi will be forever in his arms. Second and third day was the same again.. It was fourth day and lavanya was trying her outfits as tomorrow was her wedding
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  3. Arshi FF : The Lioness (ON HOLD) 15 parts. Ongoing. I'm a new writer So guys if there are any mistakes plz forgive me COPYRIGHT IS SOLELY MINE. His Heart. 27 parts. Ongoing. Short story Arnav Khushi Starting from the day when ARNAV called Khushi biggest mistake of his lif..
  4. The Dilemma - A short story - Chapter 2. Posted on June 4, 2015. Chapter 2. As they approached the doctor's cabin, Khushi saw Arnav's worried look and held his hand. Arnav stopped, looked back at her, touched her hand and gave a slight smile, as if to say, 'I am fine' and continued walking holding her hand. Khushi smiled and was.
  5. Arshi FF | Far Away From You | IPKKND FF | Arnav Khushi FF. Taking of his aviators, Arnav walked into the building ignoring the security guards who saluted him. The receptionist stood up and greeted him with the most beautiful smile she is capable of. Without sparing a look at her, Arnav entered the lobby where many people who were waiting for.
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  7. Early the next morning, the doctors allowed Arnav to go home. They made him sit in a wheelchair due to his physical weakness, and he fell asleep in the car while the driver drove them home. When they got home, they awoke him up so he could go to his room. Khushi gave instructions to HR to buy the medicines. She went to the kitchen to to make a bowl of hot vegetable soup for Arnav, which she.

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Khushi sat in a corner and cried. Arnav kept pacing up and down. The doctor came out and said that they were able to save Anjali but due to the fall, they weren't able to save the baby. Everyone cried till there weren't any more tears left in them. Khushi walked over to Arnav, Arnavji. Khushi crashed into Arnav's chest and sobbed Khushi found Arnav sitting down on the sofa and went and sat right next to him. Arnav turned to look at her with tears glistening in his eyes making Khushi worry. She nodded a no at him while cupping his face in her hands. Arnav suddenly hugged her close trying hard not to feel the pain he was feeling The Business Trip (Arshi FF) Romance. It's been 6 months since Arnav and Khushi have been married and after all their trials and tribulations, they're finally in a happy place. Arnav and Khushi have since moved out of the Raizada home, and Arnav has left ASR industries to start afresh w.. An Arnav-Khushi FanFic. And now, the sangeet had already taken place in Shantivan. It had been a grand affair with many celebrity performers, and Khushi had enjoyed it immensely, glad to see the smile on her sister's face as her dreams came true

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  1. Khushi meets Arnav, who sweeps her away like a prince on a white horse and gives her the happily ever after which she truly deserves. ― canapoem I love the way Jigs had gone forward with the story.Arnav and khushi in that story took my heart with its every single pieces with each chapters and moreover it's story that can make one happy.
  2. Arshi FF : Without You without you: chapter 39 Posted on November 24, 2015 . jiji was looking very healthy and happily pregnant, even op seemed to be more cheerful than usual, there were whispers of a girl friend who was educated and smart, khushi was sure op had said good evening, khushi bhabi! to her when he greeted them last night.
  3. Arranged Marriage 2. April 1, 2019. April 20, 2019. VijiArshi89. Vivah Sampan Hua!!! With priest words, the newlywed couple stood up and moved towards their family. Khushi Kumari Gupta now Singh Raizada had tied down to Arnav Singh Raizada. Done with all the post rituals marriage, Khushi is sat in the middle of the decorated bed waiting.
  4. You are fatty!!! Khushi was 7 months pregnant. Arnav was sleeping, as it is sunday. Khushi was getting ready for morning aarti. When Arnav woke up, he saw his beautiful khushi tucking her saree pleats. He got up from the bed and moved towards her. He hugged her from behind, and dropped a kiss on her shoulder
  5. Hi dad , I have something to say , I er mean we have something to tell you. This is Arnav , oh but you already know that , what i mean is that this here is Arnav err Khushi's Pregnant and we are getting married as soon as possible Arnav thought he would help out as she seemed to be struggling

FF : THE BRIDE [SEAON 2] PART 8 Arnav : Yeah. Khushi is with me. But she is pregnant. ( He nodded as the person from the other side said some words to him ).. Three years later Khushi sat in the passenger seat looking at crowds of people as Arnav manoeuvred his car through the busy Delhi traffic. Khushi couldn't believe that it was three years since they left India for the US after their wedding. Her thoughts flew back to the past. After returning from Indore Arnav Sammy is right , Khushi should atleast talk to Arnav . Khushi's procrastination will break her heart . Khushi loves Arnav , Arnav is happy to know her break up with Rohan . Arnav wants to take a chance in love , may be him proposing khushi might clear misunderstandings . Anjali is Manav's love . Circumstances were not in favor for this couple

Manav updated Arnav about the traces of arsenic in Anjali blood and also about what Khushi had been telling him about Shyam, corroborating what Khushi had told me the other day. Finally, he stood up. 'Arnav, I know you and Anju have a lot to talk about.' he said Arnav held him protectively and was ruffling his hair. Aarav liked him doing that! Khushi looked at the scene and just wished that they always remain this happy. Arnav gently placed Aarav on the bed in the middle with Arshi lying on his sides. Khushi tried to talk to him again but he silenced her saying, 'Please Khushi, not today Hiya go and play Khushi said softly and Arnav looked at her hearing her voice. Hiya ran away and Arnav found himself looking at the woman who left him years back. Khushi he whispered and took small steps to her

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Arnav was working late till 10:00 pm. He was frustrated as Khushi had left about three days ago with Aliza, he had wanted to bring them back that day, but Anjali Di convinced him to let them stay for a while. He remembered when he got up the night the day after his wedding night, he didn't remember anything. But he remembered the tv screen at the Club with pictures of Khushi with Shyam and Vij.. Hilarity and fluff ensues! An Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon one shot (for now!) covering some of my favourite moments from the show placed in an alternate universe! An Arshi fanfic. Its timeframe starts from Arnav and Khushi's second wedding and takes a twist that contrasts with the story of the originl drama

Khushi's POV Well, after a one day of stay at the hospital, we went back to the Raizada mansion and thank god Arnav's parents were in the US for a business meeting. However, as we entered the house Mrs. P noticed my bruises on my face and started questioning me and Arnav. Young Master, Khushi FF : THE BRIDE PART 11 Arnav grits his teeth, as he walked towards her while grabbing her hand Arnav : Kya hai yeh sab ? Khushi smirks as she glanced at Arnav before saying stroking his cheeks by her fnger Khushi : Relax Pati..Seems People having a wrong Impression.and being a dutiful Wife it's my duty to tell the Truth .

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arshi myeduniya stories khushi is pregnant. Life's Truth!!! Alisha called her 'Khushi!!!'. Khushi turned to Alisha who had come close to her in these three months of their internship period in Khushi 'hmmmm'. BATTLING DESIRES -part 41!! arnav slamming her on the wall hard in the process, but not for a second did break the kiss his stubbled chin digging into her womanhood more and more Khushi felt dizzy and numb at the coarseness of his chin stubble which sent electricity across her skin.her legs started to get close squeezing his head to block the Sensation but he widened them apart ArShi FF: The Search for Happiness. Chapter 1. The story begins as Garima's mistake from long ago is revealed by Arnav's grandmother at her stepdaughter Khushi's wedding ceremony. The groom doesn't show up for the ceremony, leaving Khushi waiting at the mandap, confident of his eventual return FF: I love you, I trust you- Part 17. Part 17: The end of Shyam Manohar Jha. or.. Shyam looked at Arnav walk in through the door and his eyes opened wide with shock. Anjali and Nani raised their eyebrows and then tears of happiness filled their eyes. Khushi stared at Shyam and smiled, her arms folded Nani, who knew that they were innocent, kept quiet. And one morning, when we all woke up, Khushi ji was missing. Her clothes were gone, certificates were gone..she was gone. She never returned!. Anjali finished and wiped her tears. And then Arnav and NK gathered proofs against Shyam Arhan said, That's what you told me.

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Khushi suddenly remembered about the people and was abruptly pulled away from her little fantasy world of just her, her daughter, and her husband. She wiped off her wet cheek and headed downstairs. Arnav took the quiet Shaila from her arms and carried her himself occasionally giving her kisses on her cute nose. -D HI Guys.. This is me trying another Arshi FF.. This one is also on IF hope it will b well received.. Here goes.. Mistress or Wife. Part 1. Note: This story picks up after Arnav sees Khushi and Shyam together on the roof. He confronts Shyam, who will give Arnav the impression that Khushi seduced him The next morning, Arnav got up to hear Khushi singing, Mausam hai suhana, Kapra Sukhana Ka Bahana, Lalala, when she saw Arnav getting up and continued as she smirked, What the, What the, What the, Laad Governor Ko Sautana. Arnav got up to say, What the! Khushi laughed as she brought his tablet and a glass of water for him. With that Khushi sat next to him, when sh..

FF- Arshi- TLIE- Part 11 to 20. True Love Is Eternal. Arnav-Khushi. PART 11. They broke from the kiss and Arnav rested his forehead against her's and whispered with heavy breath I love you. I love you too Khushi replied back. She was also breathing heavily. Six days later, Khushi entered in her room with Arnav Ranveer was about to say something sharp but Arnav gestured him no & he replied calmly putting an arm around Khushi's shoulder: This is my wife Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada, whom I love more than my life & this baby girl in my arms here is my two-n-half year old daughter, Adrianne Singh Raizada, my 'little heart'. And the couple standing. He too smiles back saying: Same as they reach, he drives to parking lot to park the car. Khushi unbuckles her seat-belt getting out the car: And it's a nice day out too! exclaimed, opening the back door to get Hiya. Arnav comes around watching his wife pick up the sleeping three-year-old: I can't wait to see the look on her face. She grins too, following behind him as they walk up the. Sang Hoon Tere. Dargah, Lucknow. A boy of age of hardly ten tying the wish lock wishing in his heart 'Please send someone in my life who will be more than my friend, who will like me, love me, care for me, understands me without even me telling anything, support me, listens my silence and unsaid word, will be close to my heart, will be always.

Anjali-Lavanya shared a look, they weren't happy with this information of Khushi been close to Arnav in last 6 yrs and Garima-Nani simply smiled. Khushi felt Arnav returning and looked up his way as her eyes clashed with silver grey eyes, which were mirror to her making her lips lift in cute smile Posts about FF- CROSS CONNECTION written by Crystal Flames. PART- 39 Khushi! Khushi! Don't behave like a child, he said running behind her trying to catch her but Khushi started running around the pool giggling and soon she slipped and landed directly in the pool with a sound of splash while Arnav did a face-palm Arnav threw her out two and a half years ago for some reasons which will be revealed in the story later. Arnav doesn't know that Khushi was pregnant when he throw her out. Arnav Singh Raizada: 27 years old .He is the owner of AR designs and husband of Khushi. Father of Arushi Raichand but doesn't know about it. Loves Khushi and wants her back ARSHI FF: Meant to be... CHAPTER 04: Tu mera humdard hai... WINK CLUB, GURGAON WEST, DELHI, FRIDAY, 11:30 PM Paromita Bose aka Pam and Simran Kaur aka Sim work in G.K. Constructions, were in disco club partying hard to loosen up the stress of work-filled week. Tv Actors Actors & Actresses Arnav Singh Raizada Arnav And Khushi South Indian. Arshi OS:A Symbol of our Love. Arnav paced Back and forth at the lobby in Razada's Mansion ,half worried and half angry .His wife Khushi Gupta has been barely paying any attention towards her health in the few latest weeks and to top it off he never got to know about it because he has been abroad on a business trip until he reached here to.

Arshi ff arnav abandoned pregnant khushi. 10/03/2020 Microsoft 365 family price. Hitachi automotive systems headquarters Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd. manufactures and distributes automotive components. The Company produces cylinder injection engine systems, variable . While the Hitachi of today has expanded well beyond the creation of the. Finally Khushi let go of Arnav's shirt and started looking out the window at the beautiful surroundings. She grabbed Arnav's arm unconsciously and made him look outside with her, having the time of her life. Eventually she fell asleep on Arnav's shoulder, her arms locked around his arm. Arnav watched Khushi with warm eyes as she fell.


Chapter 20. KHUSHI. My small happy world shattered completely. I can't believe that girl whose presence I took for granted is evil. She was begging my husband to marry her. And my Arnav push her back in agony. I HAD TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY!. Arnav!! she shouts his name like a warning. I Love you Part 6 - Permanency After 3 hours, Khushi woke up from her sleep. She looked around and found Arnav sleeping on the couch near the poolside. Khushi rose from the water and moved to the poolside. Arnav woke up when he heard the splashing of water. Khushi Arnav moved to the poolside and cupped her face Arnav had gone to the hospital to collect Khushi's reports. It had been three months since the delivery and she had been constantly unwell, running frequent fever, losing weight. The gynaecologist said there might be some post-delivery complications and so Arnav made sure that Khushi went through an extensive routine checkup Arhi FF: Comeback Arnavji!!! Mature and Dark. Posted on December 25, 2012 by zoyaarshifan2012. PART 1: Don't leave me.. Arnav saw khushi lying on the bed. He knew she very upset with him. After that shyam fiasco got over , everything turned normal , but he could never give time to his khushi. He sighed as he saw her black thick hair.

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Arnav knew that life carried on and Khushi's case was still open with the private investigator that he had hired to track her down. The family knew that Khushi was alive because of the gifts that arrived for the family, a letter always came with the gifts, addressed to Payal telling them that she was doing fine You know I had exams Arnav, Khushi said, and mom didn't want me to take the night flight. Arnav pursed his lips. It's been six months Khushi! Well, you were away the first three months, Khushi pointed out. Arnav had also gone to the US with Manav, for a series of meetings and they had both returned three months ago Khushi : No !! I won't until I speak my words clear. Me and Akki.( She could hardly complete before Arnav pushed khushi against the wall ) Arnav : Stop it !! Not a word I want to hear. if it's not the for the baby growing inside your womb. then I don't hesitate to kick you off this House and my life Arnav drive his car harshly with High speed on loanly road.. with Khushi's thought lingering in his mind.. All their moments.. all thier kisses lingering in his mind.. and then her pregnancy news.. Arnav: dammit.. He stop the car harshly with screeching sound.. his head just aching badly now thinking October 22, 2020. With 11 comment

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Arnav cupped her face 'Khushibaby I got so scared and worried when I came to know you are missingI'm so sorryI'm so sorry for not seeing this coming.My heart stopped to see his house caught on fire.I thought I lost youlost you for forever.and will never be able to see, hold you in my arms.I got so scared Khushi. Arshi's Date to the Derby - Arnav takes Khushi on a date. (Lovely Ed Sheeran song included) Khushi's ASR Avatar - Arnav and Khushi are married and live at their own home. They already have a child and now another baby on the way. During Khushi's pregnancy, she becomes a little like her husband's ASR image

Khushi, a strong willed woman dedicated to fulfill her parents' wishes disregarding her own desire. One day, Arnav's father the rich tycoon, wants Arnav to tie the knot with one of his best friend's daughter named Khushi. Reason being Arnav would carelessly bed any women he could get his hands on Arnav went inside Khushi's room while Lavanya sat outside. Arnav was shocked when he saw Khushi. She was connected to many machines. He walked towards her and kissed her pale forehead. He sat beside her and held onto her hand. She looked as weak as ever, the last time he saw her was fresh in his mind. Flashback starts Arnav placed his hand on Khushi's back, Khushi's hand on his shoulder while the fingers of their free hands entwined with each other they and then they both started swaying in the rhythm with their gaze locked, feet perfect in sync with each other making it look like an age old rhythm to which their heart is so tuned that they can match.

Khushi - Pregnancy jooth nahi hailekin isse aapka koi lena dena nahi Arnav - Tho fir mere ankon mein dek ke bolo ki yehhamare pyar ki waje se nahi hai Khushi - (Looking otherwayscrying with this torture Arnav is giving her) - Nahi ha So ultimately it was only Arnav-Khushi with Hiya, having silent sweet moment as Arnav made Hiya drink her Chocó-milkshake and Khushi fed him sandwich as well as eating herself also sharing her cup of coffee with him, all blushing seeing the naughty looks he was giving to her

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Kavya's ArShi Dreamland. 1. NEEV AHLAWAT: Handsome, smart, caring and very loving person; he is 'Bhai Saheb' of Khushi and Abir, loves his siblings more than anything. He took responsibility of his sister along with his little brother though he looked out his brother also after their parents' damsel at the age of 21 A new FF on Arshi - MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 48) Fan Fiction Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Jashn. A new FF on Arshi - MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 48) On Jun 12, 2016. The moments when Khushi was telling Arnav about her pregnancy. That was AWESOME I face filled with a big smile while reading that part . Arnav ducked, and rolled, his head just inches away. And before the man could fire anymore, Arnav shot both his legs, and he fell to the floor in a heap. The next thing they saw was blood oozing out of the man's head. The remaining one on the floor looked on frightened by the turn of events The series premiered in India on June 6, 2011. The show is a star-crossed love story presenting an interesting contrast of personalities entwined in a relationship swinging between love & hate. Khushi and Arnav have diametrically opposite ideologies. If Khushi believes in means, Arnav believes only in ends

Posts about ARSHI ff written by simisanju25. It might be less if someone thought that Arnav Sen could commit a murder. He felt like killing Shyam once again, even after his death. After a thorough discussion on Khushi 's recent reports & condition with Akash, he reached to the conclusion that he should kill Akash too, along with that dead bustard FF- Arshi- TLIE- Part 21 to Epilogue. True Love Is Eternal. Arnav-Khushi. PART 21. A life is full of obstacles, in few you fail and in few you pass. In obstacles related to married life, you need love and trust, would they be able to pass each and every test arshi CManniversary celebration (must read) Winning my boss -Rotten.tomato. Beautiful disaster -Aniee. Pawn -Appy. Judaas Kiss -Areeba blossom. Footprints on sand -Areeba blossom. The Raizada Chronicles -Areeba blossom. Revenge -Lazyleaves. The beast and the bleeding roses -Aquiline

ARSHI SS :- MY BADASS KHUSHI.. |-CHAPTER-5~I'll never forgive you, Mr. And Mrs. Raizada!-| [SCENE-1/ARSHI ROOM] Arnav See his Wife turning into kalli Maa.. . HE Gulped his Saliva, While Khushi Closed her Eyes to Control her Anger.. Ok, he Wants to talk and confront everything and settle everything in between them, and She Can understand it. Arshi FF: The Pregnant Girlfriend - Chapter 1. Chapter 1. 31st December, New Year's Eve. White lilies embellished the alley of Raizada Mansion.. Every year thousands were bought to adorn the premises of the raizada.. They were the favorites of Mr Raizada.. So what if it cost him half a million Arshi's Dreamland. A man is sitting on the bench looking around the place. he can see many children around the park as it is Sunday. All came with their mothers. Papa came a voice bringing him out of the thoughts. He looked at his two year old son clinging around his legs. Aryan the man lifted him up

This entry was posted in A Twist of Events and tagged Anjali, arhi, arhi ff, Arnav, Arnav and Khushi, Arnav Singh Raizada, arshi, Arshi ff, ASR, ASR and KKG, Barun Sobti, fanfiction, india, IPKKND, Khushi, kkg, KKGSR, Payal Raizada, Payal Singh Raizada, sarun, Shanaya Irani, starplus on April 25, 2014 by arshiforever123. A Twist of events part 2 ARSHI FF : And now she's Free in my arms - Epilogue. June 24, 2015 by barunieeelover, posted in Uncategorized. Epilogue. Frustration curve his brows and pops fishy lips. The cute straight nose exhales alot clutching the anger inside small head. Many things are dancing in that tiny brain of his looting sleeps, disturbing calm nature Saturday, 10 September 2016. Arnav and others came back to RM. Aryan is still crying as he was afraid. Arnav took him to the room directly. Ratna along with Akash present in the hall saw the disturbed faces of her children. By the look at Aryan's face, she could say he is frightened and Arnav's distraught face too said something happened